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10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World

There are a lot of dog breeds. Some are small, even down to tea cup sizes that are small enough to fit inside a purse. However, there are also some very large breed dogs that are almost horse sized. Each has their loyal group of humans who love them. If you like the larger breed dogs, perhaps you would be interested in learning the top 10 largest dog breeds in the world. So What is the largest dog breed in the world?

A largest dog breed in the world.

1. Great Dane

These are the gentle giants and the largest dog breeds in the world. They are loyal to their master and very playful, but they remain gentle enough to be around even small kids. Small kids can often lounge on them without ever upsetting them. Their average weight is typically about 140 pounds, but some may grow as heavy as 200 pounds. On average they are between 28-30 inches tall and overall resemble a small horse. As puppies, they do tend to be a bit clumsy because of their rapidly increasing size. If you can survive the puppy stage though, you have a friend for life.

Great Dane

2. Mastiff

Most people consider the Mastiff to be the biggest dog in the world. They are able to reach up to 220 pounds when fully grown and some may be 30+ inches tall. They are often found lounging on the couch with their owner if their owner is able to sit with them. They do tend to drool a lot and their tails are definitely worth watching out for.


3. Tibetan Mastiff

Though not as large as the other mastiff breeds, this one is nothing to ignore on our list of largest dog breeds. When grown he could stand up to 29 inches and weigh about 140 pounds. Females are slightly smaller, but not by much. They have a broad head and a thick coat which makes them appear larger than they actually are which may make strangers take notice of them. Especially considering this breed is watchful of strangers. These largest dogs are slow growing and some may not reach their maximum size until they are 5 years old. This largest mastiff breed is look like a lion.

Tibetan Mastiff

4. Irish Wolfhound

A great family dog that will certainly keep strangers from entering your yard is what you will find with the Irish Wolfhound. He is the tallest dog breed around coming in at approximately 32 inches tall for the male and 30 inches for the females. They are rather lightweight though since they only weigh about 105 pounds under normal circumstances when full grown.

Irish Wolfhound

5. Leonberger

This beautiful dog is a working class dog who is not commonly known. They are large and gentle. They can sense when people are upset and they are very loyal companions. They bond well with the entire family despite their average weight of up to 170 pounds. Their coats are very soft and they are great cuddle buddies, provided you have a large couch for the family. They can reach up to about 31.5 inches at the shoulder.


6. Scottish Deerhound

This dog is lanky and lithe, bred to bring down stags in the Scottish highlands. Is it any wonder that they are large dogs that can grow to be up to 32 inches tall and perhaps even taller than that in some cases. They may also weigh as much as 110 pounds which does not make them one of the heaviest dog breeds, but they are still noteworthy. They are very well behaved and easily trained, as proven by a dog of this breed winning the top dog title in the Westminster Kennel Club show in 2011.

Scottish Deerhound

7. Newfoundland

This loving companion and working dog has webbed feet and a waterproof coat. They typically are most found in the Canadian province of their namesake. They are excellent swimmers and have worked alongside fishermen for many years. They have also been known to save the life of their owners if there was a danger of drowning. He is eager to please his family, even the smaller children, despite his large stature. This dog may grow up to be 150 pounds and about 28 inches tall when he is full grown.


8. Dogue de Bordeaux

If you have ever seen the movie, “Turner and Hooch” you know very well about this goofy, loyal, slobbery, mess of a dog. He is also called a French Mastiff because he originated from France. The dog was accurately portrayed by the movie, so if you want a friend like Hooch in your home, you should definitely consider this dog. However, he can weigh up to 150 pounds and be as tall as 27 inches.

Dogue de Bordeaux

9. Black Russian Terrier

This is a large breed guard dog with a heart that makes them great protectors of the entire family. A male may stand as tall as 30 inches and weigh up to 132 pounds when fully grown. The female of the breed will not weigh as much, but she will still be about the same height. They were first used by the Soviet Union as guard dogs, but now they are more commonly found in homes where they are able to love their owners and prove their loyalty in a better way.

Black Russian Terrier

10. Saint Bernard

These dogs were first mentioned in regards to being skilled search and rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps. They are often depicted as dogs that carry a barrel of alcohol around their necks. They are beautiful dogs that have a heart that is purely good. If you happen to find a Saint Bernard, you should expect for him to grow to be about 27 inches tall and as much as 180 pounds of pure cuddle buddy.

Saint Bernard

Do you love all of these largest dog breeds? For your idea what is the largest dog breed in the world? Please share your idea below!

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