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Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Models in 2015

The females of Japan are adored the world over for their flawless and beautiful skin, slim figure, and amazing talent. Truly Japan has gifted us a lot of divas who have dominated the world’s fashion and entertainment industries years after years. Let us take a look at the top 10 most beautiful Japanese models in 2015.

10. Koyuki

Koyuki is a bold Japanese model and actress. She is an amazing female who first appeared in an international movie opposite Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai. She also starred in Blood: The last vampire. Some of her television shows are Beautiful Life, Engine, Mr. Brain and Love Complex. Koyuki is a highly impressive lady.

9. Hitomi Kuroki

Born in 1960, the real name of Hitomi Kuroki is Shoko Ichiji. She is a successful model and tv celebrity. Hitomi has been a part of shows like The gate of youth, Ring: The final chapter, Good luck and GTO. She also starred in the Japanese version of The Incredibles. She has received various awards.

8. Nanako Matsushima

Nanako is a Japanese actress and adorable model. She has done fantastic work in movie named Ring for which she got international appreciation. Nanako is a gorgeous and attractive female. She played great role in “A story of love”. Some of her TV dramas include Lucky Seven, Sweet Season, Great teacher Onizuka etc.

7. Misaki Ito

Misaki Ito is another wonderful Japanese model turned to actress. Born in the year 1977, she got chance to appear in numerous commercials. She has also been a part of several movies like Last Love in 2007, 9 souls (2003), and Face to face (2002).

6. Yuko Takeuchi

Yuko Takeuchi is an actress, tv celeb, and successful Japanese model. She rose to fame due to her breakthrough tv series called Asuka. She has done commercials as well. Her top drama series are Cheap Flight, Strawberry Night, Flash Forward, A White Shadow, and Dangerous Police Forever. Her superb movie performance has been Hayabusa produced by 20th Century Fox.

5. Kou Shibasaki

Kou is a young and energetic Japanese diva. She is famous both as a model and actress. She is a talented singer as well. Her music debut was the single “Trust my Feelings”. One of her international projects is “Battle Royale” in 2000. Kou appeared in movies like Suspect X in 2008, Shokudo Katatsumuri (2010), and 47 Ronin (2013).

4. Meisa Kuroki

Meisa Kuroki is a young and bold Japanese model, singer, and actress. She began as a model at the age of 16. She began appearing in movies back in 2004. Meisa has also been featured in numerous television commercials, television dramas and stage productions.

3. Norika Fujiwara

Norika Fujiwara is a beauty queen, successful model, and top notch actress of Japan. She is truly an asset of the country. She won the prestigious title of Miss Japan in the year 1992 and has done various television commercials and appeared on television as well.

2. Sayuri Yoshinaga

Sayuri is a popular actress and model. She rose to fame with radio drama Akado Suzunosuke. She did modeling for numerous big brands during her career. She worked with popular film production house in Japan named Nikkatsu and has been awarded Japan Academy Award four times.

1. Yukie Nakama

Born in 1979, Yukie Nakama is one more Japanese model with incredible beauty and grace. She is a former idol and successful actress as well. She has always performed well on television and movies. Her best tv serial has been Trick. Yukie is always known for her magnificent personality.

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