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Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels in 2014-2015 Review

Ever since the addition of the First YouTube Most Subscribed lists back in late April 10, quite a few channels have been switching places among the most subscribed on YouTube. According to YouTube, the most subscribed charts first went up on April 28, 2006. Around that time, the YouTube channel Smosh was at the top of the chart, however, Smosh was eventually passed by several different channels, and a lot has changed since the chart first went up. So, here is a look at the current top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels as of lately.

Find Out The Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

10. DrossRotzank (Approx. 361,851 Subscribers)

DrossRotzank is the YouTube channel of Venezuelan humorist, journalist and writer angel David Revilla. He began to make YouTube videos in 2008, the first of which was somewhat of an “extra” for a few of his articles. Revilla decide to begin uploading videos on DrossRotzank more often after his “Dross Plays I Wanna Be The Guy,” get quite the positive reception.
YouTube Channel: DrossRotzank

9. JennaMarbles (Approx. 374,202 Subscribers)

JennaMarbles is the YouTube channel of the American blogger, comedian, Internet personality and YouTube Celebrity Jenna Mourey. Marbles is actually her dog’s name, which she incorporated into the name of her channel. She has quite a few popular videos, one of which even has approximately more than 32 million views by the name of “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk to.”
YouTube Channel: JennaMarbles

8. Stampylonghead (Approx. 464,512 Subscribers)

StampyLongHead is the YouTube channel of Joseph Garrett. He lives in Britain and uploads funny gaming let’s play videos from his home on his channel. His videos also feature his friends and are usually Minecraft gameplay videos. Along with his current subscribers, the 5-10 million views that he receives every day are proof of how very popular he and his channel have become.
YouTube Channel: Stampylonghead

7. VEGETTA777 (Approx. 614,740 Subscribers)

VEGETTA777 is the YouTube channel of the popular Spanish YouTuber Samuel de Luque, who has become popular for the Battlefield, Garry’s Mod, Saint’s Row, Minecraft, and other gameplay videos that he uploads. Luque and his videos are quite different from those of other YouTubers because of the way he narrates them and because he makes them “muy peliculero” (like a movie).
YouTube Channel: Vegetta777

6. Smosh (Approx. 737,373 Subscribers)

Smosh is the YouTube channel of the famous YouTube duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. A new video is uploaded on the channel every Friday and a behind the scenes video is uploaded every Wednesday. They even upload a “food battle” video every year in which they pit their favorite foods against one another. As of May 2013, they have been on the most subscribed chart.
YouTube Channel: Smosh

5. SkyDoesMinecraft (Approx. 790,142 Subscribers)

SkyDoesMinecraft is the YouTube channel of the significantly popular Minecraft gamer on YouTube, Adam Dahlberg. He garnered a lot of YouTube fame for calling gold “Budder” and he apparently despises Minecraft squids. He was once a member of Team Crafted, a popular Minecraft group. He is still friends with members of the group, though he left it recently for no particular reason.
YouTube Channel: SkyDoesMinecraft

4. HolaSoyGerman (Approx. 934,643 Subscribers)

HolaSoyGerman is the YouTube channel of the extremely popular YouTuber Chilean Alejandro Garmendia, who happens to be Spanish and his videos also happen to be in Spanish. Mostly comedic videos about common issues faced by adults and teenagers are uploaded by him on his channel. Apart from being fourth on this list, his channel also happens to be the fourth most subscribed of all time.
YouTube Channel: HolaSoyGerman

3. VanossGaming (Approx. 983,596 Subscribers)

VanossGaming YouTube channel
VanossGaming is the YouTube channel if the channel of an extremely popular gamer on YouTube, whose real name is not known. He uploads gameplay videos of various games with his own personal commentary included. Most of his videos are comedy commentary gaming videos. At one time he was leading the chart of the most subscribed YouTube channels, although he has now dropped to number three.
YouTube Channel: VanossGaming

2. YouTube Spotlight (Approx. 1,095,254 Subscribers)

YouTube Spotlight is YouTube’s own channel, so it is not surprising that it is number two on the charts. The most important and popular videos on YouTube are categorized and summed up on this channel on an everyday basis. Videos that are particularly trending are selected and highlighted on the channel, which contributes to the widespread of those videos.
YouTube Channel: YouTube Spotlight

1. PewDiePie (Approx. 2,243,754 Subscribers)

PewDiePie, YouTubers feature
PewDiePie is the YouTube channel of the Swedish comedian, “let’s player,” video-gamer and YouTube Celebrity, and is currently topping the chart. He is always playing video games in his videos, while his commentary and facial reactions are recorded through audio and webcam. His horror playthroughs are particularly responsible for his popularity, although he plays games of various genres.
YouTube Channel: PewDiePie


Thus, there were the current top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels that have quite the fan following.