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Top 10 Most Popular Salsa Songs of All Time

Listening music is one of the favorite activities of us. It is said that music is the food of soul. It truly brings excitement to our body and keeps us energized. Isn’t it? Yes, it definitely is, and this is why, Bollywood, Hollywood, and the world’s songs are listened and loved for their beautiful lyrics, fantastic sound, and appealing voices. Sensing the true feelings of salsa songs is possible only for the individuals having deep love for salsa music.

Most Popular Salsa SongsMost Popular Salsa Songs
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Let us check out which are the top 10 most popular salsa songs of all time.

10. “Una Historia” by Giberto Santa Rosa and Victor Manuelle

This lovely salsa song is sung by Giberto Santa Rose, and Victor Manuelle. Aside from Marc Anthony, Giberto is a famous salsa artist of the history. And I can say this for sure that this is one of his finest songs ever. Am I right?

Most Popular Salsa Songs

9. “El Amor” by Tito el Bambino

If you enjoy listening salsa songs, then “El Amor” is a great one for you. This lovely and romantic song is sung by Tito el Bambino. It is truly something to create a romantic environment and can be listened on your wedding day. The singer has truly sung it in a beautiful and smooth style. The song starts off with soft guitar strokes and then is opening with Tito el Bambino soothing voice.

Most Popular Salsa Songs

8. “Soy Guajiro” by Willy Chirino

“Soy Guajiro” means “I’m From the Country”. This salsa song is sung by Willy Chirino. It is one of the most famous salsa songs ever. Cuban born singer Willy Chirino has greatly embraced the true lyrics and identity of this song in a beautiful and special style.

Most Popular Salsa Songs

7. “Valio la Pena” by Marc Anthony

If you are a true salsa lover, then there is no reason for you to dislike this lovely song. Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony is a well-known mainstream salsa singer of the era. The song is sung by this great salsa singer. It tells an interesting story of the lifestyle at any Salsa club.

Most Popular Salsa Songs

6. “Lloraras” by Oscar de Leon

Enjoying a salsa song and listening on its sound is all possible with this great song. Its singer is Oscar de Leon and the music is awesome. Once you listen this song, you would definitely love dancing as it is very soft and relaxing.

Most Popular Salsa Songs

5. “Juliana” by Cuco Valoy

Dominican singer Cuco Valo has been a famous salsa performer of all time. Thanks to Cuco for singing such a lovely salsa song. It is famous the world over among the youngsters who want to rock dance floors at nightclubs or bars. This has been one of the most favorite and greatest songs of all time.

Most Popular Salsa Songs
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4. “La Vida es un Carnival” by Celia Cruz

Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz sung “La Vida es un Carniva”. She is one of the greatest singers of 20th Century, and was born in Cuba. She has a history of singing over 500 songs of varying genera; this salsa song is one of them. The translation of the lines is “life is a carnival.”

Most Popular Salsa Songs

3. “No le Pega la Negra” by Grupo Niche

This song initiates with the lovely sound of the drums, followed by increased level of volume and turns into a fast salsa song. It is sung by Grupo Niche, and if you enjoy listening salsa songs, then add this song to your playlist.

Most Popular Salsa Songs

2. “Devorame Otra Vez” by Eddie Santiago

Puerto Rican singer Eddie Santiago has gotten fame for singing romantic songs. “Devorame Otra Vez” is one of his finest songs ever. This song is highly loved by romantic salsa song lovers. It is enough interesting to make you a fan of it, in case, you’ve not listened it so far.

Most Popular Salsa Songs

1. “El Cuatro de Tula” by Buena Vista Social Club

This song has embodied the elements of son salsa, which is actually a particular type of salsa music. It belongs to African elements of 1930’s. This lovely salsa song is sung by Buena Vista Social Club, and is listened the world over by salsa and dance lovers.

Most Popular Salsa Songs

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