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Top 10 Richest Countries in the World in 2014

Usually many of the people search for the richest countries in the world. But do you know what it counts towards the richness of a country? I am sure you don’t know so let me little explain. Usually the total number of rich people residing in a country count towards its economical strength, how powerful its financial situation is and how well it’s GDP is what we count for naming a country to be rich. Here is the list of top 10 richest countries in the world in 2014.

10. Russia - GDP: $24,120

Russia is another super power of the world. It is, in fact, in no way behind USA in dominating different countries and third world states. Russia’s people live standardized lives and enjoy huge annual earnings. Its approximate annual GDP is $24,120.

9. Japan - GDP: $37,100

Japan’s most of the people are billionaires. Its economy is mostly dependent upon the electronic products and gadgets’ export. Japan is the hub of various electronic device makers and multinational brands. Its approximate GDP is $37,100.

8. United Kingdom - GDP: $37,307

United Kingdom is another busy state of the world. It is a rich, well known and of course opportunities-rich land. Here the green pastures, best educational faculties, healthcare facilities and other opportunities make the people come and reside at. This country’s estimated GDP is $37,307.

7. Germany - GDP: $40,007

Germany is one of the most populated and developed countries in the world. Its estimated GDP during 2014 is $40,007. The German people are contributing a lot towards the strengthening of the state and making it economically strong.

6. Canada - GDP: $43,472

Canada is a highly populated and polluted country. It is also a busy nation of the world. The current government is paying keen attention for reducing the global warming and pollution threats in the country and it is expected that near future will bring some good news for Canadians. This country’s estimated GDP is $43,472.

5. Australia - GDP: $43,550

Australia is famous for its natural beauty, spectacular lands and well versed educational institutions. Every year millions of tourists and students travel to Australia for different educational and non-educational purposes. This country’s estimated GDP is $43,550.

4. USA - GDP: $53,143

United States of America, a land of opportunities and wonders, can also be named as the super power of the world. Its estimated GDP is $53,143 which has doubled during 2014 as compared to what it was in 2013.

3. Norway - GDP: $65,461

Norway is a country dependent upon its natural resources and tourism industry. No doubt, Norway is financially strong and the state should be thankful to the God gifted resources available in its heart. This country has an estimated GDP of $65,461.

2. Switzerland - GDP: $54,800

Switzerland is a land of beauties and romance. Here the tourists love to come and spend their time. The natural green areas, mountains, spectacular waterfalls—all make Switzerland a worthwhile country. Its approximate GDP is $54,800 and Switzerland is also named as a leading peaceful land on this planet earth.

1. Qatar - GDP: $91,379 (Richest country in the world)

Qatar is an Arabic nation, and one of the highly populated and well versed lands in the world. Regardless of the fact that Qatar’s atmosphere usually remains hot, the tourists still give it high preference for spending their holidays. Its average GDP is $91,379. Thus we can proudly name it the best country out of all the top 10 richest countries in the world.

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