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Top 10 Tips to Master Essay Writing Skills in a Month: The List You’d Like to Print Out

Whatever task is to be accomplished, if it is new, you need to apply efforts, improve skills, spend time, and try out several options before you know how to do it properly. The same rule works for writing skills. How to master essay writing ones if you used to avoid previously written assignments or didn’t manage to create something really essential?

Starting from this very moment count 30 days and mark them red in your organizer. By that time you will have to work harder than usually: along with regular assignments and tasks that must be handed in during your studying hours, now you will have to divide your free time too spending its great part on improving writing skills.

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What is the recipe for your success? Well, as the title says, there are ten steps to be taken. There is no way to omit one or substitute it with something you consider to be more vital.

Each one is a must for you:

  1. Have a solid understanding of style, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. Read quality books.
  3. Read what other students write.
  4. Think over your own vocabulary.
  5. Imitate writers you like.
  6. Practice more to have a better performance.
  7. Think what can nourish the content.
  8. Write as in samples.
  9. Ask for editing.
  10. Devote yourself.

Let’s have a closer look at what is hidden behind each of the above-mentioned points borrowed from a company which provides students with a wide range of professional paper writing services online.

Tip #1

So, pay attention to three basic things: style, punctuation, and grammar. Start with the comma, pronouns, and article usage. Learn the basics of the subject and verb agreement and proper sentence structures. Refuse from the frequent use of passive constructions as with essays voice is very important.

Tip #2

If for any reason you didn’t do that before, it’s high time to start doing it right away. Even the most successful writers read and learn much new from other authors. Treat a high-quality story like a pack of instructions and not just some reading material. Every new book is a hitchhiker that shows you how to build sentences in particular and text in the whole.

Tip #3

Let other students’ essays distract you. Well, maybe they aren’t that amazing as works by Stephen King or John Boyne BUT they are also essential on your way of building your style. While reading and analyzing you learn both how to write and what mistakes to avoid. Don’t read essays on your subject only, choose a variety of topics. The more diverse they are, the more skillful you’ll become.

Tip #4

Build your own vocabulary as it will assist in expressing what you really mean instead of letting a reader guess. How to improve one’s vocabulary? Subscribe to a word-a-day email, refer to a dictionary every time you come across a new word, use a thesaurus, learn suffixes, prefixes, and roots, start your own vocabulary book.

Tip #5

Don’t be afraid to imitate others’ styles. It is not the same as plagiarism. Just pick what you like the most and try to copy the scheme or style in your own written creation. Be sure that with time you will certainly develop your own style. But till then…

Tip #6

You have to practice more if you really want to perform better. Skills are something that is acquired thanks to repetition on a constant basis. Make writing a few paragraphs a day your routine, tough at the very beginning but enjoyable when a great amount of words wants to come out of your pen.

Tip #7

What can nourish your content? A really tasty essay engages the audience, so you need to practice empathy, make advice more practical, apply persuasion principles, share some tasty facts, borrow expert quotes, add new ideas and inspire.

Tip #8

Ask for expert samples. There are many of them online. Some are offered free of charge while others are for money. Any of them will be a good model of a structure and content. Expert essay writers are ready to share some techniques that no school teacher has ever told you about.

Tip #9

Look for someone to correct your mistakes. It may sound weird or unpleasant; however, it is necessary if you really want to master your writing skills: peer edit will confirm the worthiness of your essay and give tips on how to go on the same way or what should better be changed.

Tip #10

Devoting yourself to what you are doing means succeeding. Don’t write a draft just because someone says you have to. Do it because you can and want to. If you are really interested in what you are doing, ready to do proper research, create several drafts, ask for help, and look for inspiration, you are devoted and your essay becomes exceptional and one-of-a-kind.

One month for one goal – 30 days and nights —10 steps — a long-awaited result. We do hope that you realize it is not enough. Your first month of skills mastering is just a drop in the ocean of what must be done. Nevertheless, they say that the first steps are the toughest. So, we hope our tips will help you to succeed, and, who knows, maybe in some years some student will read your works as a sample and dream to become as skillful and successful.