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Top 10 Hottest Bollywood Actors in 2017

Bollywood is a world of fashion, fame and money. Every youngster wants to be either a famous Bollywood actor or actress, but not all of them are lucky enough. It requires a lot of attention, dedication and highest level of performance for a Bollywood actor/actress to become the superstar. There are a lot of actors in this industry who are known for their amazing acting skills and outstanding performance. Not only this but also these super heroes are known for their hot looks and fashion oriented outfits as well. So here you are with the top 10 hottest Bollywood actors in 2017.

Hottest Bollywood Actor
Aamir Khan – A Hottest Bollywood Actor

1. Salman Khan – A Hottest Bollywood Actor:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

Salman Khan is ranked high in the list of top 10 hottest Bollywood actors in 2017 because he truly deserves it. Salman Khan is a mature and versatile actor of India. His appearance and personality have had always been charming enough to make the fans crazy. We all are waiting when will this super hot actor will get married or might be he doesn’t. Who knows except Salman himself. He is also one of the richest actors in the world.

2. Aamir Khan:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

Aamir Khan cannot be named as a young actor, he is in fact very mature but still extremely hot by look. Aamir Khan is another wonderful and hot Khan of Bollywood. I must say he is second to Shah Rukh in being a perfectionist in his acting.

3. Farhan Akhtar:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

Farhan Akhtar is not only an actor but also a director, producer and author. Farhan was previously working behind the screen, so it is not too long since when he came to the front of screen and played various leading roles. Farhan’s personality is also amazing and attractive enough to keep his fans intact.

4. Arjun Rampal:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

Arjun Rampal is not too much famous, but whatever he does leaves a good impact on the hearts of his male and female fans. Here we are talking about the hot men of Bollywood this is why Arjun deserves to be in the list because he is truly a hot actor and amazing supermodel of India.

5. Ranbir Kapoor:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

Ranbir Kapoor is the cool and sparkling son of Kapoor Family India. He has gotten the acting skills from his forefathers. Previously Ranbir used to look like a child, but since a year or two, his personality has been matured and now he has become an extremely hot man of India.

6. John Abraham:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

John Abraham is basically not a Hindu by religion but who cares when this super hot actor is revolutionizing the world of fashion and entertainment. John is not only a good actor but also an amazing fashion model and brand ambassador of various for men products.

7. Shahid Kapoor:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

Shahid Kapoor is an admirable young actor of Indian Film Industry. He is currently doing five to ten movies a year, and with the passage of time Shahid’s acting skills have been polished. He owns a super cool personality and does really well in his movies, thus made us enlist his name here.

8. Akshay Kumar:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

We know Akshay with the name of Khilarri of Bollywood. He is basically an action hero, but truly a versatile one. I can say this with confidence that Akshay is always able to play any kind of role, no matter it is action or comedy. Akshay never follows the fashions of men too much but still whatever he wears, looks superbly hot onto him.

9. Shah Rukh Khan:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

It is not since a long when we saw Shah Rukh in an amazingly hot and super cool look. Truly he worked really hard to keep his body in shape and getting an attractive figure. Shah Rukh is the King Khan of Bollywood and is the heartthrob of millions and billions of people around the globe. He is also a second richest actor in the world.

10. Hritik Roshan:

Hottest Bollywood Actors

Hritik Roshan got the extreme level of fame and popularity from his debut Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, a film directed and produced by his father. Nowadays, Hritik is not doing so many movies but whatever he does, always enhances the level of his popularity among the fans. Hritik’s six-pack muscles have always been the factor behind his success.