Blake Lively Height, Weight, Body & Bio

Blake Lively Personal Relationships

Blake Lively height is one of the things that people are always searching for on the interwebs about this beautiful and talented actress. She is well known for the role of Serena which she played in Gossip Girl. She has also featured in quite a number of films, including Accepted, The Town and the Green Lantern. Her height is one ...

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Most Beautiful Indonesian Women


Natural beauty is a gift from God. Indonesia is one blessed Asian country with pretty and cute girls with unique physical features. In fact, Indonesian girls have received a higher echelon in social class due to their well-mannered and charismatic personalities. Many of them are actresses, models, and singers. They have promising careers beside their natural beauty. Their roles in ...

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Top 10 Jewelry Pieces that Will Show Mom Your Love


Buying for mom isn’t always an easy task. You will most likely want to find something that shows how much you love your mom and have it be something she will actually want to use. Why not consider getting her a piece of jewelry that stands for something? Here are the top 10 jewelry pieces that will show mom your ...

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Most Beautiful Egyptian Women

Tara Emad - Most beautiful egyptian woman

If you know a bit of the history and background of Egyptian women, then you will concur with me that these angels are a godsend. They are more of a mystery. Ancient Egyptian goddesses used natural beauty techniques by cleaning their skin with honey and milk, almond oil and myrrh. Egyptian women have pristine beauty hidden by their religious policies. ...

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World


Feeling scared from the dogs is natural, especially when they are bigger in size and look powerful as the largest dog breeds. If you ask someone—he will definitely say that he is scared of even street dogs or those he hasn’t kept at home. This is a natural human habit. We are afraid of the bites of the dogs because ...

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Most Handsome Armenian Men


Armenia is one unique country where culture is highly valued. If you’ve ever stepped in Armenia, you must have noted that Armenians love insularity. In fact, Armenian men appreciate their traditions to the extent of overprotecting their women. They are very jealous of their women but overall they are great lovers. Armenian men are among the most handsome men in ...

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Most Handsome Men in The World


Ever come across someone who takes all your attention? Perhaps, some people are exceptionally enthusiastic in this fascinating world. These people are the ones that can turn your knees into jelly whenever you see or meet. They have the power to make the confidence of most gorgeous girls melt away like ice on hot summer sun. Additionally, these people assume ...

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Most Beautiful Somali Women


Somali women play a critical role in the clan structure and entire society. They are still purely cultural and have not mixed with foreigners. This means their beauty is natural. Though Somalia is considered one most unstable country, believe it, they have the most beautiful women in the world. They have the most clearly defined beauty that makes them shine. ...

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Most Beautiful Norwegian Women


Norway is a popular Viking country boasting with legends of beautiful maidens. If you are planning to date a Norwegian girl, then get ready to fall in love with an angel. These women are capable of radiating immense beauty, strength, and reliability. It still appears like a mystery but believe it, maybe it is due to the equal rights thing. ...

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Most Beautiful Black Actresses


Black History Month will be here once again in February 2017. Along with the political and social equality that African Americans eventually received, it also made it possible for them to break into Hollywood. Today, black actresses as popular as their white colleagues and are some of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. 2001 was a game-changing moment when Halle ...

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