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Who Are Top 10 Richest Bollywood Stars in 2017

Today, Bollywood seems to be unstoppable when it comes to the progress that it is making, with more than 100 movies under the umbrella of Bollywood being released every year. Despite the increasing competition in the Hindi-language movie industry, there seems to be a crème de la crème of Bollywood actors that continue to rule not only the industry but the hearts of millions of fans. Consequently, many of these famous actors have managed build quite the fortune because of their unparalleled success. Thus, this list of the top 10 richest Bollywood stars 2014 provides an insight into the worth of each of these actors. So who is a richest Bollywood actor in 2017?

Top 10 Richest Bollywood Stars 2014

List of Who Are Top 10 Richest Bollywood Stars in 2017:

10. Sanjay Dutt – Net Worth: USD25 million

Sanjay Dutt is perhaps among the most remarkable Bollywood actors considering the fact that he has quite skilly played the roles of a romantic hero as well as a villain in numerous movies. With age, his career has only become more polished and his fame continues to increase, especially after his villainous role in Agneepath. Thus, he currently charges 5 to 7 crore Indian rupees for every movie he stars in.

Sanjay Dutt
Born: July 29, 1959 (age 54), Mumbai, India.

9. Ranbir Kapoor – Net Worth: USD30 million

Ranbin Kapoor, who comes from the renowned Kapoor family of Bollywood, has earned much-deserved fame despite having an initially slow start in his career. Ranbir Kapoor merely charged 50 lakh Indian rupees for starring in Sawariya, his first movie, but ever since his movie Barfi broke just about every record in 2012, he has now been charging 8 to 10 crore Indian rupees for every movie.
–> Ranbir Kapoor is one of top 10 most successful Bollywood actors in 2014.

Ranbir Kapoor
Born: September 28, 1982 (age 31), Mumbai, India.

8. Hrithik Roshan – Net Worth: USD32 million

Hrithik Roshan has shown tremendous potential, not only in terms of acting but also when it comes to dancing, from the very first movie that he starred in. He has quite a unique personality and style, along with versatility that is seen in his acting. After starring in Agneepath, a box office hit, he charges up to 25 crore Indian rupees for every film and up to 1.5 crore for an ad.

Hrithik Roshan
Born: January 10, 1974 (age 39), Mumbai, India.

7. Shahid Kapoor – Net Worth: USD35 million

Shahid Kapoor showed promising acting and dancing skills from the very beginning when he entered Bollywood, and in a short time managed to garner a fan following consisting of both men and women. Despite the failure of Mausam, a movie he produced, his demand has not waned since he continues to charge 7 to 12 crore Indian rupees for starring in a movie, while also earns up to = 1 crore from endorsements.

Shahid Kapoor
Born: February 25, 1981 (age 32), Delhi, India.

6. Akshay Kumar – Net Worth: USD70 million

After proving himself as a topnotch action star for quite a few years, Akshay Kumar has made many people laugh in recent year after starring in several comedy movies. A Taekwondo black belt, Akshay Kumar is known for doing his own stunts as well, and thus he charges anywhere between 18 and 30 crore Indian rupees for the movies he stars in, while up to another 2 crores from commercials.

Akshay Kumar
Born: September 9, 1967 (age 46), Amritsar, India.

5. Aamir Khan – Net Worth: USD185 million

Aamir Khan is the third most popular Khan in Bollywood and is perhaps the richest among all of the Bollywood actors, having made his way to the top because of his versatility. Despite being selective about the movies he stars in and having produced quite a few himself, he still charges more than 30 crore Indian rupees per movie and also earns about 4 crore from his endorsements.

Aamir Khan - Richest Bollywood Stars 2014
Born: March 14, 1965 (age 48), Mumbai, India.

4. Salman Khan – Net Worth: USD200 million

As time has passed, Salman Khan has made his way among the most diverse and versatile Bollywood actors, having starred in a countless number of roles in numerous hit movies. Known not only for his acting skills but also his physique, he is currently among the top Khans of the Bollywood, so he charges almost 50 crore Indian rupees for every movie he stars in and recently even charged up to 100 crore Indian rupees as well.

Salman Khan
Born: December 27, 1965 (age 47), Indore, India.

3. John Abraham – Net Worth: USD245 million

The reason behind John Abraham’s fame in Bollywood is not his acting skills but also his muscular physique that his male fans try to imitate and his female fans swoon. He has played a diverse range of roles from comical, such as in Dostana, to more serious ones, such as in New York. The actor/producer now earns 7 crore Indian rupees per movie along up to 0.5 crore Indian rupees from endorsements.

John Abraham
Born: December 17, 1972 (age 41), Mumbai, India.

2. Amitabh Bachchan – Net Worth: USD400 million

Amitabh Bachchan has probably touched almost every height of acting, fame, money and success in his 40-year acting career and has earned the title of Bollywood’s Big B. He now charges a reasonable 4 to 5 crore (1 crore = USD214,431) Indian rupees per movie and considering the sheer number of movies he has starred in, he has made his way among the richest Bollywood actors.

Amitabh Bachchan
Born: October 11, 1942 (age 71), Allahabad, India.

1. Shahrukh Khan – Net Worth: USD600 million

Shahrukh Khan may not be only at the top of the list, but being the King of Bollywood, he is certainly among the richest Bollywood actors and also a richest actor in the world. In fact, not only he is one of the richest but is also one of the most favorite and popular Bollywood actors, having garnered an international fan following too. Therefore, he earns up to 20 crore Indian rupees per movie and up to 3 crore Indian rupees for every endorsement. He has net worth about USD600 million.

Shahrukh Khan
Born: November 2, 1965 (age 48), New Delhi, India.

All of the above Bollywood actors made it to where they are today with the help of their acting skills and with a lot of hard work, so it should not be surprising that they are a part of this list of the top 10 richest Bollywood stars 2014.

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