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For Guest Post with a Link Back

For guest post, please send us the sample of your guest post with the titles that you want to post on top10for and a landing page that you want to link to your site. We reserve all right to reject your request if your site does not fit our guideline or if it doesn’t have original content.

Our guideline:

1. It’s free and anyone can submit to us
2. Only submit any content that you own the copyright
3. Story or article must be at least 8000 unique words. We also offer article writing too if you don’t have time to write it. It will be $100 dollars for 8000 words. Just ask us for more detail.
4. Let us know where we can link back to your source such as your site, twitter, pinterest, facebook page, ect.
5. By submitting your story or photo to us, you grant top10for.com- non-exclusive license to display your story or image on every page or site we own.
6. Your article should be offering quality and informational story to the reader, not a sale page for your company
7. No Self Promotion – Guest Post will be not accepted, If article submitting only for backlinks.

Or you want to be a writer?

If you interest to write for us, please send us your articles. Make sure you only focus on the top 10, 20, 30 or more things to write. So it will be very fun & easy. Make sure your interesting article is at least 1500 words and we do credit your work. We will also give a link back to your social account but not website.

Are you a new writer? You also can post here too!

No problem! Everyone is crossing the same road. So you also have a chance to write for us as well. Please send us a sample of your most interesting articles that you used to write.

Why I need to write for this site?

Yes, if you always have a dream to show out your ideas or any top 10 secret stories to the world, Top10For is a best place for you to getting your work published and speak out to the world. So here is a perfect place to fulfill your dream.

Will I get paid for sharing my unique content on your site?

No, we don’t offer any payment for your work, but of course your work will be seen by 10,000’s of visitors visiting our site everyday.

If you have a photo, article, or story that you want to share with the fans of top10for, please Mail them to us at [ support(at)gono.net ]. We are happy to review and let you know when your photo or story published on our site.