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Top 10 Best Dairy Providing Countries in the World in 2014-15

Milk is an essential part of our daily diets. The countries worldwide produce millions tons of milk every year at the dairy farms. Not only milk but also milk-based products like cheese, butter, and yogurt are the way to get much energy. The milk producing animals like buffaloes and cows; goat, sheep and camel are kept at homes or in farms for obtaining milk, which is then sent to cities and all parts of the country. A number of nations are known to produce cattle breeds at their dairy farms. Let us see the top 10 best dairy providing countries in the world in 2014-15.

10. Germany

Germany is a well-developed country to own dairy farms. According to an estimate, around 15,000 farms produce milk every day, and the production capacity is more than 310,000 liters annually. The role of these milk production units in the country’s economy is very important.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

9. Netherlands

Netherlands is another country that has large cattle herds having enough cows. The milk selling capacity of this country is not more than 45 cents/kg. According to an estimate, Netherlands has 12 million cattle including 4 million cows that produce milk on a daily basis. This country has much expertise in dairy business.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

8. United States of America

The statistics show that USA has 200 million cattle. Out of it, around 15% are dairy producing cattle. This country has the capacity of over 12,100 kg milk production on an annual basis. Not only the production, but also the improvement and quality of milk is the focus of USA’s experts.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

7. Russia

The livestock sector of Russia plays a vital role in its economy. The country has many dairy farms and is known for its high-quality milk, cheese and other dairy products. No doubt, Russia’s milk industry has been playing a big role in its economical strength. Several people are even involved in production, improvement, and export of milk at large scale.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

6. Austria

Austria has the motive to come up with outstanding quality of milk. The government has enhanced the milk industry by 20% in a couple of years. Now it not only fulfills the requirements of locals, but also the various milk varieties and products are exported to other nations.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

5. Japan

Japan has shown great percentage of milk growth. The dairy industry plays a vital role in the social sector of this nation. A Japanese cow can supply over 95% more milk in farms as compared to the other animals kept at home like buffaloes, cows, and goats. This is why, the country’s focus is much on dairy farms.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

4. China

China is said to have one of the biggest dairy farms in the world. It exports about 685 of its milk produced on an annual basis. China has over 10 million hectares of rural land, out of it around 3 million is owned by dairy farm businessmen. The quality of milk and dairy products is made sure, and there is absolutely no compromise.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

3. Switzerland

According to an estimate, Switzerland has more than 13 million cows, and the government has registered that milk is an important source of nutrition both for adults and kids. The growing trend of dairy production in Switzerland has led this country produce high quality products and fresh milk. There are various milk producing and dairy companies in Switzerland.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

2. France

France has been producing around 53 million tons of milk annually. According to an estimate, this country not only focuses on quality milk production, but also tries to find the ways of increasing its annual production capacity. This is why, taking care of cattle and livestock is a part of this state.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

1. Canada

Canada is, so far, the most famous and largest milk producing country in the world. It, according to an estimate, produces world’s 14% milk. There are more than 53,000 dairy farms in rural areas of Canada. This country also has units to manufacture cheese, yogurt and powder milk for infants.

Best Dairy Providing Countries

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