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Top 10 Best Halloween Movies to Watch in 2014

The preparations for Halloween are at their peak. It is about getting spooked, what about those who want more treats rather than special Halloween tricks? Well, for such individuals I would prefer to watch some interesting movies. There are so many movies that will keep you busy during the holiday, and can even give you lots of fun. It never matters if the movie you want to watch has some topic related to kids, or something special for adults, it can certainly give you so much entertainment on Halloween. So, let us double our joys with the following top 10 best Halloween movies to watch in 2014.

10. For Thrill Seekers

You can start the celebrations of Halloween by watching this thrill movie. It is a great presentation of director John Carpenter’s tale of an escaped masked murderer. He creeps around the fictional town of Haddonfield. The movie contains sufficient suspense and excitement element to keep you busy for about 1.5 hours. So, enlist its name in your collection of Halloween night films.

Best Halloween Movies

9. The Craft

This is yet another great movie to watch. It is the story of four girls who dabble in witchcraft and overalls. How they get out of it and what kind of scares they come across is all the story of this film about. The film has some elements of romance which will surely tune you on and make you feel excited.

Best Halloween Movies

8. Moth Diaries

Want to watch a sexy and hot movie? If the answer is yes, then this can be a great movie you must watch. It is the story of a sexy new girl that comes to boarding school. The film is scary and will definitely be a great vampire movie you won’t love to miss. It has a very interesting story.

Best Halloween Movies

7. Carrie

‘Carrie’ is yet another interesting story. The film was released years ago, but still it is considered to be one of the best films to watch on Halloween. It is scary in terms that it has various scenes of telekinesis. The story is also very impressive.

Best Halloween Movies

6. Rosemary’s Baby

The story of this film is about a couple who gets a new apartment next to Satan worshipers. The film is enough to make you move and hide your face because it contains so many shocking scenes. If you had not seen this movie earlier, then don’t miss the chance of getting it during this Halloween.

Best Halloween Movies

5. The Human Centipede: First Sequence

This interesting film has been beautifully picturized and the choreography is simply superb. It is the story of a guy who sees various ups and downs in his life, some of them prove to be highly scary for him.

The Human Centipede - First Sequence

4. American Psycho

This film is the story of a businessman who gets psycho and reacts to different situations violently. The film is as scary as the face of Christian Bale. Lol.. I am sure you won’t miss to watch it. The film won’t let you down in terms of providing you full entertainment.

Best Halloween Movies

3. Antichrist

In this film, a couple loses its child and gets to notice worse things to happen in their life. The film has very interesting story you won’t like to miss. Turn your nerves on during this Halloween and watch this highly entertaining movie.

Best Halloween Movies

2. Candyman

The story of this film is of a woman who doesn’t believe in the existence of ghosts. How the movie scare this woman? What she does to prove herself right? Is she actually right or she is doing something wrong? Well, to get the answer of all these questions you have to watch this film.

Best Halloween Movies

1. The Gift

No no don’t take it a movie to inspire you about choosing a Halloween gift. It is actually the story of a local psychic who is pulled into an investigation of a murder. The primes suspect is Keanu Reeves. Will this guy manage to do a good investigation? If you want to get an answer, check out this film and enjoy yourself.

Best Halloween Movies

Which movie you would love to watch? Let us know!