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Top 10 Best Makeup Brands in the World

The selection of most suitable makeup is one of the major concerns of women’s lives. We certainly are never ready to compromise the quality and effectiveness of the makeup items we use. Decorating one’s face and body is the permanent part of humans’ habit. To make sure that we get only what is the best, a lot of skincare and beauty brands are available in the markets. You should, however, select only what suits your skin texture and color tone. Among those so many cosmetic brands and makeup products, here are the top 10 best makeup brands in the world.

Best Makeup Brands

10. Urban Decay

Urban Decay is one of the best and most famous cosmetic and makeup brands, founded in 1996. It has earned 5th Annual Best Cruelty Free Cosmetics Line Award. This brand brings you a lot of makeup items like eye-shades, eyeliners, lip liners, mascaras, setting sprays and many other exciting items. No doubt, Urban Decay has long been known for its highly effective Naked Palettes, and the brand is dominating the world for more than 16 years.

Best Makeup Brands

9. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is another great makeup and skincare brand in the world. When it comes to choose from the wide range of makeup items of this brand, don’t worry at all about the quality. The company is famous for its skin-friendly products, making sure that every product you get is 100% pure and chemicals-free. You can choose from its oil extracts, lotions, face washes and serums etc for yourself and the other females of your family.

Best Makeup Brands

8. Fair and Lovely

Many women believe that Fair and Lovely brings only skin whitening and fairness creams, but that is not actually the truth. This brand is equally famous to present you different makeup items, creams, cleansers and moisturizing lotions. In addition to this, Fair and Lovely’s foundations and widely loved by the women, and its skincare creams are famous among men and women.

Best Makeup Brands

7. RMS Beauty

It is not a long since when RMS started its operation, but this brand has launched various high quality organic skincare moisturizers, lotions and herbal products. The company makes sure to use natural and effective ingredients for preparing its cosmetics and makeup items so that your skin suffer with no side-effect. This is why, RMS Beauty got much fame in very short time.

Best Makeup Brands

6. Sircuit

The skincare products and hair treatment oils of Sircuits have become everyone’s favorite across America, Europe and Asia. This brand promises to bring you effective moisturizers, perfumes, foundations and other makeup products for long-lasting effects. You can also bring home any of its fragrances for day-to-day use.

Best Makeup Brands

5. Avon

Avon is an American brand that distributes its makeup products in more than 150 countries worldwide. In an urge to become a dominating brand, Avon initiated a door-to-door promotional campaign, and the idea got much successful in better returns and high profits to the makers. Jewelry, accessories, makeup items, skincare products and clothing by Avon are never short of variety.

Best Makeup Brands

4. L’Oreal

L’Oreal needs no introduction. This Paris-based cosmetic and makeup brand is one of the largest manufacturer of hair colors, skin care products, make-up items, perfumes and hair care oil. This French company manufactures over 1000 beauty products every year and all of them come with guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Why not, L’Oreal never compromises the quality of its items.

Best Makeup Brands

3. Olay

Olay is one of the most famous and leading cosmetic brands  of America. It is passionate to prepare skin-friendly products only. Olay’s anti-aging skin care products, cleansers, moisturizers and acne treatments, in addition to plenty of makeup items, are always great and known for their quality. The brand’s current slogan “Challenge what’s possible” is perfectly suitable for its repute.

Best Makeup Brands

2. MAC

Make-up Art Cosmetics or MAC is a trustworthy brand of the era. It has presented hundreds of eyeshades, lipsticks, nail polishes, skin whitening creams and other makeup products for its global customers. This brand produces finest​products that come with cruelty free nature. MAC makeup items are always given high preference by the models of New York Fashion Week.

Best Makeup Brands

1. Clinique

Clinique is an expensive yet famous makeup brand. Its products are known to be safest and skin-friendly, bringing no side-effects. All of its products are tested by dermatologists for being great. Clinique brings skincare and makeup items, fragrances and toiletries for its users. The company believes in presenting improved and top notch products that suit all skin and hair types of inhabitants of different countries.

Best Makeup Brands

Do you’ve the makeup range of any of these brands? Let us know with your comments!

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