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Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World in 2014

Cats are amongst the most famous pets in the world. Alone in USA, over 65% people keep cats at home. When it comes for us to choose the best cat breed, certainly we give preference to the loving and cost-friendly cats. But those who love expensive cats know very well the significance of their purity and usefulness. Let us check out the list of top 10 most expensive cat breeds in the world in 2014.

10. Sphynx Cats

This cat is very loving and looks cute. The price of it ranges from USD300 to USD3,000. This cat needs special care and attention of the owner, because ignoring it can lead to its death. It is a hair-less cat.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

9. Bengal Cats

The Bengal is another expensive cat to be kept at home. Its price range is USD400 to USD2500. It is loved and looks attractive due to its exotic appearance. If you think of orange and other bright-colored spots, and jungle-like eyes, then this cat can be found in such looks.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

8. British Shorthair Cats

This cat’s price ranges from USD500 to USD1,500. These are mainly found in America and United Kingdom. British Shorthair cats are famous for cat shows, and carry a stable character.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

7. Russian Blue Cats

Russian Blue cats are priced very high. Their price ranges from USD400 to USD3000. These are very loving and caring, and love to play with children. The cats are featured with striking green eyes, and grow more vivid with the passage of time.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

6. Persian Cats

These cats are found in America, UK and other developed countries. The people love to keep them as pet because they are very loving and beautiful looking cats. Their price range is USD500 – USD5,500.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

5. Allerca Hypoallergenic Cats

Allerca Hypoallergenic cats come in different sizes and weights. These cats are said to be having distinctive lifestyle, and genetic patterns. Their price range is about USD6,000.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

4. Savannah Cats

The Savannah cats are totally domestic cats. These are highly loved in America, and are compared to dogs for their loyalty. These are intelligent cats, with price range of USD1,500 – USD50,000.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

3. Ashera Cats

Ashera is a hybrid cat of Africa. It is a totally domestic cat, known for its intelligence, affection, and loyalty. These cats have proven by DNA tests to be much similar to Savannah cats. Their price range is USD600 to USD10,000.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

2. Peterbald Cats

The Peterbald cost USD1,200 to USD5,000. This is fairly a new breed of cat, originated in Russia in 1994. They love to live in temperate climate, and are hairless cats. These carry features like piercing blue, almond-shaped eyes, and are born with webbed feet.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

1. Scottish Fold Cats

The approximate price of the Scottish Fold cat is USD500-USD3,000. These are curious nature cats, but love their companions and owners. They are found with straight back, legs, out, paws on the belly. These cats are found in USA, UK, Canada, and parts of Asia. It is important to bear in mind that these cats need your attention and full care. So, if you want to keep them home, make sure you can get them enough spare time and you should also know much of their food.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

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