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Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs in 2014

Naming the actors and actresses to be the dominating celebrities is not true at all. There are, in fact, other persons as well who get worldwide fame due to their amazing skills in the profession. For example, a television anchor is also a celebrity if his show rocks the world. In the same way, a chef becomes a celebrity if he becomes the host and judge of a popular cooking show. Let us take a look at the top 10 most famous and richest celebrity chefs in 2014.

11. Guy Fieri – Net Worth: USD8.5 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Guy Fieri belongs to USA, but he has appeared in various European and Canadian cooking shows as well. Guy earns a lot from his shows, and is the author of some amazing cookbooks.

10. Buddy Valastro – Net Worth: USD10 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Buddy Valastro has around USD10 million in his bag. He is another reputed Italian-American celebrity chef. Buddy is not only a chef but also a well known businessman and television personality.

9. Bobby Flay – Net Worth: USD15 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Bobby Flay’s approximate net worth is USD15 million. He is a well known chef, television anchor, and writer of various cooking books. Bobby serves in different multinational restaurants and has gotten too much fame.

8. Giada De Laurentiis – Net Worth: USD20 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Giada De Laurentiis has a net worth os around USD20 million. She belongs to Italy, but moved to USA with his family. Giada is expert in Italian, Chinese and traditional American cuisines.

7. Julia Child – Net Worth: USD38 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Julia Child has well managed her personal and professional life. She belongs to USA, and has an approximate net worth of USD38 million. She is a reputed chef, author, and television personality.

6. Emeril Lagasse – Net Worth: USD50 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Emeril Lagasse was born in America. She has so far appeared in a number of famous cooking shows. She worked both as a host and cook in the famous American cooking shows. Emeril’s net worth is around USD50 million.

5. Rachael Ray – Net Worth: USD60 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Rachael Ray earns huge amount from the television shows and the restaurants he serves at. She is a well known American chef with a net worth of USD60 million.

4. Wolfgang Puck – Net Worth: USD75 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Wolfgang Puck is another great name in the world of cooking and baking. He is a well known celebrity chef of Austria, who earns huge amounts from the reality shows and the restaurant he is serving in on the post of Senior Chef.

3. Gordon Ramsay – Net Worth: USD118 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

Gordon Ramsay comes at the top of our list with an approximate net worth of USD118 million. He is a multi-talented individual, and has worked as a Chef, restaurateur and reality TV star.

2. Jamie Oliver – Net Worth: USD235 Million

Richest Celebrity Chefs

It might seem to be unbelievable yet is true that Jamie Oliver’s net worth is USD235 million. He is a famous chef and media person, who has written some fantastic cooking books as well. The graph of Jamie’s success is very high.

1. Alan Wong – Net Worth: USD1.1 billion

Alan Wong

Allan Wong is a chef and restaurateur with an estimated net worth of USD1.1 billion sits at the top of the list. He was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and half-Hawaiian. But due to the Forbes on January 2015, Allan Wong has net worth around USD1.7 Billion.