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Top 10 Most Famous Theme Parks in the World

In today’s busy lifestyle, it has become a lot difficult for us to spend leisure moments with our beloveds. Everyone seems to be extremely busy in coping up the challenges of the day. As a result, he feds-up of the day-to-day routine and wants some entertainment. We usually go the local parks, restaurants, clubs, and bars for enjoyment. If you’re tired of spending time at those places, then you can now choose a theme park for a lovely day out. Here are the top 10 most famous theme parks in the world. I hope this list will bring your worries of hectic lives miles away. So, lets check out!

10. Port Aventura, Spain

For your water babies, this park has water rides, much better than rides of any Aquatic Park. The best ride Hurakan Condor has recently been placed there and offers amazing fun experience to the tourists. The best thing about Port Aventura is that it has its sister branches in Mexico, Polynesia, China, Mediterranean and the Far West. In total, it has 34 rides, which are placed in its five mini park sections. No doubt, it is the most amazing and must visit park of Spain, with everything full of fun.

Most Famous Theme Parks

9. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

For those who love spa and exercises can avail the various options at Ferrari World. This is situated in Abu Dhabi, and is expanded in an area of 34,120 acres. There are four major theme parks in this land, all with various golf courses for the tourists who love playing golf. This wonderland has two water parks, and twenty honeymoon resorts—which together make it a great place for the tourists. You can come here and enjoy the lovely atmosphere both in winter and summer.

Most Famous Theme Parks

8. Wet’n’Wild Water World, Queensland

The closest accommodation of Wet’n’Wild Water World is Oceana On Broadbeach Apartments Gold Coast. It is situated in Queensland, and is the hub of park lovers. It has separate water rides for men, women, and children. There are a lot food stalls inside the park, making sure that none of the guest remains hungry. The park truly has lots of fun-making rides, each with reasonable ticket costs to maximize your entertainment.

Most Famous Theme Parks

7. Cedar Point, Ohio

Spread in an area of 340 acres, this park has various entertaining things for adults such as petting farm, live shows, peanut playground and challenging park. If you plan to go to Ohio for the vacations, then don’t miss to view this beautiful park with lots of rides, and entertaining things. The highlights of this USA based park are magnum XL, the corkscrew, and mean streak. Here live shows and music concerts are held every weekend.

Most Famous Theme Parks

6. Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most amazing attractions of Florida. It is being visited by millions of people every year. The park is not only famous for its wonderful rides, but also the unique and rare forms of fauna and flora. This is might be the reason that this land is highly chosen by the tourists to spend lovely time at. If you plan to make a trip to Florida for some days, then enlist the name of Magic Kingdom, a wonderful area of Walt Disney World Resort in your hotspot. The closest accommodation is Waldorf Astoria Orlando Hotel.

Most Famous Theme Parks

5. Europa Park, Germany

Europa Park is a great theme park and one of the exotic destinations, situated in Germany. It is 2nd largest park of Europe, and consists of 12 subsections. Each section of the park has its own distinctive rides, food stalls, and water-sports. Here you can also enjoy circus, and music shows held every weekend. But this is not the end, because this theme park’s management arranges several dance shows for the visitors during the weekends. Also you can explore lovely flora and fauna at this park.

Most Famous Theme Parks

4. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean Park of Hong Kong is a must visit tourist point. The park, besides having waterfall, and indoor pools, also has various rides for the visitors. It is spread in an approximate area of 320 acres. Here you can view the lovely fauna and flora, and also can enjoy the ride of elephant along with your children or friends. Overall the ticket per ride costs around USD10-USD20. The closest accommodation of Ocean Park is L’hotel Island South Hong Kong.

Most Famous Theme Parks

3. Six Flags Wild Safari, New Jersey

Six Flags Wild Safari of New Jersey is a must explore place for adventure lovers. If you are the same, then there is no short of amazing rides throughout this safari park, to make fun. A great and famous ride of this ark is “Medusa”, which is first floorless rollercoaster worldwide. One of its biggest and amazing rides is “Kingda Ka”, fastest roller coaster that attains a speed of 120 miles per hour. The length of this ride is around 430 feet.

Most Famous Theme Parks

2. Canada’s Wonderland, Ontario

Splashworks is an exclusively beautiful water-sports area with various wave pools, and rides to make you feel excited at Canada’s Wonderland. If you happen to visit Ontario, don’t miss going to this fun place. Here there are over 50 rides, all remain full with the tourists during evening hours. The length of this park is around 330 acres, and it has been divided into several mini-parks. Another must see attraction is “Mighty Canadian Minebuster” the longest wooden rollercoaster of Canada.

Most Famous Theme Parks

1. Efteling Theme Park, Netherlands

Efteling is the most famous theme park of Netherlands, with approximate length of 120 acres. The park has been divided into four realms: Travel realm, Fairy realm, Rough realm, and Differ realm. You can choose any of these realms based upon your expectations and fun-making ideas. Some of its major highlights are rollercoaster, water rides, haunted houses, magic carpets and flowers spread all over to create an appealing feel.

Most Famous Theme Parks

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