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Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds in the World in 2014

From tigers to dogs, we love keeping animals at home. the parrots, cats, and other animals/birds are loved by us. For me, none of the pets is as cute as cats are. There must be various big and small sized cats in your neighborhood. Am I right? Have you ever tried to know their breed? If not, then let me tell you that there are certainly some cats which are large, while the others are known for being charming and beautiful. Let us explore the list of top 10 largest cat breeds in the world in 2014.

10. Clouded Leopard Cats

Clouded leopard cats are very big and look wild. These are native to South of the Himalayas, and found in the areas around Nepal, Bhutan and parts of Northeastern India. The cats are approximately 1.2 feet high, and weigh around 50kg.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

9. Snow Leopard Cats

Snow leopards are also known as Uncia uncia. These cats are not only large in size, but also look very beautiful. Their approximate weight is 75kg. The height of these cats is of different inches. These are native to Central Asia, Northwestern China, and Tibet.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

8. Panthera Leo Cats

The Panthera leo cats weigh over 272 kg. These are ideal to keep at home. The cats are excessively found in the forests and living areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. They cannot live in deserts are areas with extreme rain, because these cats love tropical climate.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

7. Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll cats are among the biggest cat breeds in the world. It takes a kitten around 3-4 years for growing to its mature size. These cats were first identified in 1960 by Ann Baker. Their sizes and weights range from several pounds to over 120kg. These wild cat are not quite good to keep at home.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

6. Maine Coon Cats

The Maine coon cats are highly impressive cats. These are usually found in Africa, America, and parts of Asia. The cats are bigger in size, and their approximate weight is 140 kg. These are among the cats with big hairs. It is a domestic cat breed, which means you can keep them at home.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

5. Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest cats look similar to Siberian cats. These are found in the forests of Norway. The cats were first identified by Vikings around 1000 AD. Their approximate weight is 150 kg, and even the kittens are giant enough to defeat a mature cat of another breed.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

4. Jaguar Cats

Jaguar cats weigh around 136kg. These live in Southern Arizona, New Mexico, Northern Argentina, and Northeastern Brazil. These cats are not only bigger in size and have long heights, but also they are wild, so you shouldn’t think of keeping them at home. But you can see them in zoos, of course.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

3. Siberian Cats

Siberian cats live in forests. They are native to Russia, Siberia, and America. These cats love cold climates, and are able to protect themselves from the severe weather conditions. The approximate weight of Siberian cats is over 170 kg.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

2. Cougar Cats

These cats weigh around 175 kg. They can grow to the height of up to 3 feet. These cats usually live in Southern Argentina, Chile, and Southeastern Alaska.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

1. Savannah Cats

The savannah cats are, I believe, the biggest cats in the world. These are native to Africa. The savannah cats are wild cats, and have pleasant colors. The weight of each cat is around 180 kg. These cats have the capacity of growing to hundreds of inches, and are very loving and friendly to human being.

Largest Cat Breeds in the World

Which cat breed if your favorite? Let us know!