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Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends of 2014

For many of the reasons I can say it with confidence that fashion has become a must part of our lives, in other words if I name it to be like the blood circulating in the veins then that won’t be wrong at all. It is the fashionable dresses and trendy accessories which make our lives colorful and exciting. Isn’t it? Yes definitely and this is why every young and old individual is busy looking at the ways of becoming more prominent and fashion oriented. Let us explore the list of top 10 latest fashion trends of 2014 which are really dominating the world and giving our lives a new prospective turn.

Fashion Trends

10. Long-necked Hairs of Men:

It is now the matter of the past when the women and girls were having long hairs, now the men and young boys are equally crazy about this fashion. This season, I could see a lot of male models at Paris fashion shows walking on the ramp with long golden brown hairs. It seems that long-necked hairs of men are enough stylish and gorgeous to dominate the hearts of the men.


9. High Shine Mini Frocks:

Don’t feel shy to wear these stylish and high shine mini frocks which have just been appeared in the markets. These high shine frocks are absolutely an ideal choice for our young college going girls. The most dominating colors are red, black and golden so have any of them to look like a princess at the upcoming festival.


8. Simple Classic Pouches:

A woman’s personality remains incomplete without a purse, designer handbag or pouch. If you believe that you won’t be able to carry those heavy handbags everywhere then the simple yet gorgeous classic pouches are ideal for you.


7. Street Style Haircut:

Having a charming haircut has been the dream of every man and woman. This year, the street style haircuts are dominating the rest of curly, layered, short and medium haircuts. It seems that street style haircut would soon become everyone’s favorite around the globe as it is quite easy to have and convenient to manage.


6. Long-heeled Simple Black Shoes:

What the specialty of these long-heeled simple black shoes is that they look classically wonderful and appealing. The wearer would never feel irritated with the shoes size or the heels’ length as from every aspect this pair of shoes is simply awesome and comfortable.


5. Mustard Scarf with White Stripes:

I could come across a few of the female fashion models’ pictures who were wearing mustard scarf with white stripes. Believe me it looked really nice and appealing that I have proudly enlisted it here. The scarf is manufactured with silk and pure cotton, so your comfort and style level would always be assured.


4. Silver Sleeveless T-shirts:

I am sure you would not be short of t-shirts in your wardrobe. Isn’t it? Yes definitely but this year the silver sleeveless t-shirts have rocked the worldwide markets. The designers have designed this t-shirt in a super gorgeous way so that both men and women can equally love to wear it.


3. Half-eyes Makeup:

Have you ever thought of shading your half eyes with some colored cosmetic? No? But this is time for you to become trendy and fashion-oriented. No matter whether you like it or not but half-eye makeup is getting popularity due to its uniqueness and stylish appeal.


2. Half-headed Caps:

The half-headed caps are something you must already be familiar with. But until last year, these caps were not much in trend as they are now.


1. Thrilling Umbrella Coats:

If you are surprised of the name then let me tell you why this umbrella coat is named so, this is because it ensures the wearer to set the coat temperature as per his desire. Yes you are absolutely right; the warmth level of this thrilling umbrella coat can be adjusted with an auto-power system. Its built-in heating stuff would help you keep your body warm and active even when there is too much chill outside.


I am quite confident that after knowing these so many wonderful fashion ideas, you would definitely not stop yourself from giving any or all of them a hand.