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Top 10 Most Beautiful Swiss Women in 2015

Switzerland is also called Swiss Confederation. It is a land of beautiful valley, high mountains, lavish green areas, and peaceful environment. At the same time, Switzerland has given the world with various incredible females. Some of the talented women belong to movies while others have been associated with television and fashion industries. Explore this list of top 10 most beautiful Swiss women in 2015.

Most Beautiful Swiss Women

10. Sonja Kinski

Sonja Kinski is one of the hottest women in the world. She is an incredible and top notch Swiss actress and fashion model. Sonja has given us various hit movies and appeared in a number of television series during her career.

Sonja Kinski

9. Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker is a young and exceptional female from Switzerland. She began career as a model at the age of 17. Michelle has been famous for her modeling contracts and runways of big brands. She also worked with numerous magazines.

Michelle Hunziker

8. Lauriane Gilliéron

Lauriane Gilliéron is another top notch and wonderful Swiss women. She rose to fame as an actress of television. It took her no time to become one of the most successful actresses of all time. Lauriane is best known for her incredible Swiss movies.

Lauriane Gilliéron

7. Kat Graham

Kat Graham is another hottie from Switzerland. She is an actress, writer, and fashion model. Kate began career at the delicate age of 14. She did commercials of several local companies and then appeared in movies and television programs.

Kat Graham

6. Julie Ordon

Julie Ordon is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is a cool and impressive female of Switzerland. Julie has bagged various awards and honors, thanks to her charming personality and endless skills.

Julie Ordon

5. Sophia Milos

Sophia Milos is truly an asset of Swiss entertainment industry. She has been a television presenter and movie actress. Sophia is known for her impressive and unique fashion sense, and graceful personality.

Sophia Milos

4. Irene Jacob

Irene Jacob is a highly impressive and adorable Swiss female. She is both an actress and model. Irene worked with numerous magazines for men and women, and has been on the cover of them. Also, this lady appeared in various Swiss movies.

Irene Jacob

3. Melanie Winiger

Melanie Wiginer is one of the prettiest women of Switzerland of all time. She is a graceful and hard working female. She started career from television commercials in her childhood. After completing her studies, Melanie began as an actress of silver screen.

Melanie Winiger

2. Sandra Hess

Sandra Hess is a gorgeous, successful, and talented female from Switzerland. She has been famous for her top notch performance in television series and movies. She contracted as a model with many big companies the world over.

Sandra Hess

1. Marem Hassler

Marem Hassler comes at the top of our list. She is a beautiful and extremely talented Swiss female. She has been known for her dedication and amazing acting skills. She is not only an actress but also a fashion model and television producer.

Marem Hassler

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