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Top 10 Most Popular Music Bands in the World

When it comes to music, we all love to listen our favorite musicians and singers. Lyrics, sounding and voice all impact the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of a song. The role of music bands in making a song wonderful and admirable cannot be neglected. There are plenty of music bands who have gotten extreme level of fame around the globe. Among all those bands, here are the top 10 most popular music bands in the world.

10. Aerosmith:

Music Bands Aerosmith is one of the ancient and remarkable American bands. It has had given us so many successes since the time of British Invasions. Until now some of the Aerosmith members have well tried to keep its name alive.

9. One Direction:

Music Bands One Direction is a wonderful British band. The band is grouped by a team of teen boys who are quite cool and energetic to come up with various hit and heart-taking songs. This band performs in various British and international shows and gets lots of appreciation.

8. Blood, Sweat & Tears:

Music Bands Blood, Sweat & Tears a remarkable jazz-rock band. Its ability to keep the listeners occupied till the end of songs is simply unbeatable. This band composes its songs with awesome lyrics as per the desires of the people and fans.

7. The Rolling Stones:

Music Bands The Rolling Stones is yet another wonderful and ancient band of the world. It has gifted us with lots of creative and wondrous songs. Some of its plays and charts are considered all time favorite.

6. The Band:

Music Bands The Band is a highly influential rock and roll band of Canada. Since the day it came into being, its members have traveled to various countries especially England and America to rock the parties and night functions. Thanks to Ronnie Hawkins who had been the real influence of this band.

5. Fun:

Music Bands Fun is yet another wonderful and promising music bands which is highly appreciated to give us various remarkable and quality music albums. Nate Ruess was the founder of this band and following to him, new blood and talented youngsters joined the group who played their role in giving it a new edge of revolution.

4. Maroon 5:

Music Bands Maroon 5 is a famous music band, owned by Adam Levine. The amazing and unique voice of Adam became the reason to make this band everyone’s favorite. It has gifted us with a lot of famous songs and made various hits in the music chart’s list so far.

3. Sly & the Family Stone:

Music Bands Sly & the Family Stone is a highly influential and one of the most successful rock bands of America. It plays pivotal role in keeping our souls live with its awesome music, instrumentations and lyrics. The band has its own singers, songwriters, recording producers and marketer, thus we can say that Sly & the Family Stone is a complete band to work by its own.

2. Jimi Hendrix:

Music Bands Jimi Hendrix is a famous American musician, guitarist and singer. His love and passion for music urged him create his own band. The group of Jimi Hendrix is joined by some other talented boys and all have gotten worldwide fame.

1. The Beatles:

Music Bands The Beatles is at the top of the list of top 10 most popular music bands in the world because this band is truly a revolutionary and most successful so far. It has given us over one billion successful albums and tracks its history back from 1970.