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Top 10 Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

Watching television has always been an interesting part of one’s life. We love to watch the shows, programs, and dramas which bring us maximum entertainment. The reality TV shows have made their special place in the hearts of the viewers. From a long, the trend to present and watch reality shows has been increased. There have had been various such shows, but which ones are the best? If you want to know the answer of this question then let us check out the top 10 most popular reality TV shows ever.

10. The Bachelor

The Bachelor is an American reality tv dating show. It was debuted in 2002 on ABC. The show was directed and produced by Mike Fleiss. The show’s theme was romance and dating. For all seasons, its host had been the famous news anchor Chris Harrison.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

9. Project Runway

Project Runway was aired on Lifetime Television. This show was created by Eli Holzman. The theme of this show was to get the contestants involved in designing the clothes. The best design, at the end of the week, got appreciations and those with poor designs were eliminated.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

8. Jon & Kate Plus Eight

This show took a start as a small-scale program, but soon became a mega-show. It was aired during April, 2007 and remained till September, 2011. It was, no doubt, one of the best-ranked programs which received appreciations by over 9.5 million viewers worldwide.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

7. The Hills

The Hills was aired on MTV from May, 2006 till July, 2010. This reality show consisted of six seasons. Its theme was to focus on the lifestyle of young ladies of California. The show’s focus was much on Lauren Conrad, who appeared in its predecessor.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

6. Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is another American reality television series. It was aired on MTV from 2009 to 2012. The theme of the show was to reveal the lifestyle of eight housemates spending their summer at the Jersey Shore, America. This was one of the best ranked shows of MTV. It got too much appreciation worldwide.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

5. The Osbournes

The Osbournes has featured the domestic lifestyle of undomesticated star and his family. The cameramen were allowed to enter their house and capture their day-to-day actions and activities. The show was aired on MTV on March 5, 2002, and lasted till March 21, 2005.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

4. American Idol

American Idol is a famous singing show of America. Following its success, various other countries also made similar singing shows. But the original American Idol was aired on Fox on June, 2002. Its theme was based on the British series Pop Idol. The show got much success worldwide and remained hot for all its seasons.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

3. Real Housewives of Orange County

This show is also known as ‘The Hills for Your Mom’. The program focused on Bravo, set in Orange County, California. This was one of its kind to reveal the lives of housewives. How they shop, gossip, and live their lives is what the concept of this show was.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

2. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

Jessica Simpson wedded Nick Lachey. She was challenged by the zoological classification of canned tuna. This reality tv show is a presentation of MTV, and was aired on the same channel. It was broadcasted in August 2003 and had 41 episodes in total. Its last season started from January, 2005, and lasted till March, 2005.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

1. Survivor

Survivor is the best and very stunning reality show. It was recreated by various countries. The concept of the show was to leave the contestants in a distant and isolated island. They used to compete each other for getting for and prizes, and the cash prize for the winner was USD1 million. This show’s format was created in 1992 by British television producer Charlie Parsons, and it started in 1997.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

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