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Top 10 Romantic Korean Movies

The kpop industry of Korea is truly playing a revolutionary role in the world of entertainment. There are a lot movies from South Korea which have contributed towards making the people familiar with the richness and romantic culture of this land. Just like any Hollywood or Bollywood movie, the Korean movies are highly appreciable and wonderful. Here is the list of top 10 romantic Korean movies.

10. Failan (2001):

Romantic Korean Movies

Failan is a truly amazing and interesting love story of a girl, who comes to Korea to live with her relatives. She has gotten married to a stranger, Kang-jae, who with the passage of time shows off his deep affection to Failan, his wife. And that becomes the time for their love story to take a start. This 2001 movie got various awards and appreciations.

9. Art Museum by the Zoo (1998):

Romantic Korean Movies

Art Museum by the Zoo was a 1998 movie of a female director Lee Jeong-hyang. This has had been a really interesting and inspiring movies for the love birds. The romance and laugh cliches shown off in this movie were beautiful and it got a lot of appreciations as well.

8. 200 Pounds of Beauty (2006):

Romantic Korean Movies

200 Pounds of Beauty was released in 2006. This romantic Korean movie is quite heart-touching and full of emotional scenes. It basically questions that what the actual standards of beauty should be and how to lesson the viewers with one’s beauty. The theme of the movie is awesome and teaches us a lot of things, so as the acting of the whole on-screen team was wonderful.

7. Baby and Me (2008):

Romantic Korean Movies

Baby and Me was another outstanding romantic Korean movie, full of entertainment and fun. It is basically the story of an adorable baby and a man. The cure and cuddly picturization of the movie is something enough to keep our eyes intact.

6. Oasis (2002):

Romantic Korean Movies

Lee Chang-dong’s Oasis is, no doubt, a complete pack of entertainment. This is actually a story of an ex-convict who falls in deep affection with a young lady. This lady, unfortunately is suffering from cerebral palsy. The heartwarming emotional scenes of the movie make me a big fan of it. Throughout the movie, we could see a lot of prejudicing moments of the society and how two hearts suffer from it.

5. The Classic (2003):

Romantic Korean Movies

The Classic was released in 2003. This movie is a duet of different love stories, which appear to happen in parallel times. The writer and director had put their maximum efforts in making this movie look amazing and to give it a perfect romantic touch the movie was pictured perfectly.

4. Il Mare (2000):

Romantic Korean Movies

Il Mare was an outstanding Korean romantic movie, and so much remarkable that even the Hollywood made a remake of it (The Lake House). Fortunately, that could not beat the impressiveness and effective story being depicted in this Korean love story. I am addict to love stories and Il Mare is truly a fantastic movie for me.

3. Daisy (2011):

Romantic Korean Movies

For those who have true passion and charm towards romantic Korean movies shouldn’t miss to watch Mare. This movie was a project of Hong Kong and South Korea’s production units. They whole team worked really hard to bring the graph of this movie’s effective story high and high. Daisy is a sophisticated romantic triangle, in which the ups and downs teach the love birds a lot of things to face for completing their love and giving it a happy ending.

2. Christmas in August (1998):

Romantic Korean Movies

Director Hur Jin-ho put all his efforts in making such a wonderful and interesting movie. This was released in 1998 and is truly a quintessential piece of Korean romance. The characters, music, cinematography everything is aweome and this is why Christmas in August won too many awards.

1. My Sassy Girl (2001):

Romantic Korean Movies

My Sassy Girl—a movie of 2001 deserves to be at number one in the list of top 10 romantic Korean movies, because it is a perfect love story, an amazing comedy of modernized era. The director of the movie is Kwak Jae-yong and its story has been inspired from one of the famous online websites. It describes the relationship of a boy and girl who don’t know how to make the things proper in their lives. Their true love and deep affection keep them stick with each other in all ups and downs.


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