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Top 10 Surprising Benefits of Head lice

Head-lice—every one of us take them to be an irritating and itchy scalps. Isn’t it so? Yes definitely and it is also true that head lice are one of the insects and tiny creatures the women especially hate a lot. To get rid of it, we make use of various shampoos, conditioners, lotions and even homemade products because we don’t want to see them wandering into our heads.


Definitely it would take you a long to think of the benefits of head lice, because commonly they are taken are the disadvantageous creatures. Let me tell you that there are so many benefits and advantages of head lice which can make you forget your disliking and hater for it. Confused? Don’t be as we have given below the top 10 surprising benefits o head lice.

10. Harmless and Lesser Intrusive:

Don’t go with the repute of head lice as they are not that harmful as you imagine them to be. Many of the researchers have proved that having head lice is not that serious case as can be with ticks. So we can say that they are lesser intrusive and dangerous than ticks.

Head lice

9. Least bit Contagious:

All of us, especially the women and girls get worried when they see the head lice arising into their heads. But what this tiny creature does is just bit a little to obtain its food from our head. Its bit is, in fact, said to be least contagious and can not harm you a lot. In some situations, head lice bits even act as protective coverings to save us from severe cold conditions of the environment.

8. Immunized Bodies:

For those who have had been taking tablets and pills to increase their level of immunity should be informed that head lice can help them improve their immune system. Don’t get shocked to know because this is true. They provide you a strong immunization, thus you become able to fights against the bits of even much serious and harmful body lice.

7. Helpful in Fighting with Diseases:

There are so many body abnormalities against which head lice can be of great help. Some healthcare professionals name them to be health friendly because they improve our genetic abnormalities and help curing different diseases like typhus, trench fever and louse-born relapsing fever.

6. Ancestors’ Tracking made Easier:

Head lice are said to be beneficial in tracking our ancestors’ migration. The historians and archeologists have found the presence of head lice in the places where mummified remains are found. Head lice were found in the braided hairs of the humans and animals which were present on this planet earth centuries ago.

5. Helps in Evolution:

It is due to the presence of head lice in different mummified remains that we have now been able to know the historical evolution of the animals. The biologists even believe that in the cling birds of ancient times, the head lice were present in excess. Not only this but also the different giant animals of history even the dinosaurs had the lice present onto their bodies. How we got to know this is by studying the skeletons and bones of the various birds and animals from the history.

4. Useful in Pharmaceutics:

Have you ever thought of using head lice as a medicine or pharmacautical product? No? Then its time for us to take these creatures seriously as now the healthcare practitioners and pharmacuatical industires are extensively using the head lice in the production of different medicines, especially for the treatment of typhus. Not only in the medicines, but also in different vaccine preparations, the must role of head lice can not be ignored.

3. Helpful in Knowing when Humans Clothed first time:

Head lice have been helpful for the scientists to know when the human beings, for the very first time, started clothing. The genetic variations and strains of these creatures have been studied which are somewhat similar to the fabrics and threads present anciently. It also has greatly helped us know the living and life’s habits of the ancestors and how much different their clothes were from what we are wearing today.

2. Improve our Hygiene:

Believe it or not but head lice are definitely helpful in improving our hygiene. Stop taking them as nuisance because these creatures have had been present in the soceties and nations as a hygeinic products where the health issues and environmental problems are severe. Especially their advantageous role in sanitary product manufacturing is what none of us can not ignore.

1. Act as Environment Preservatives:

The environment we live in, is getting polluted day by day and it has now become very difficult for us to survive in this air. But nowadays the scientists are making extensive use of head lice and some insects for producing the environment friendly sprays and other preservatives. The use of such products is great as they can absorb the harmful chemicals from the air, thus making our environment fresh to live in.
Head lice

I am sure now you must have been convinced that head lice are those parasites which give us only a little irritation and itching problems. So one must never forget now that how much beneficial these tiny creatures are from various aspects.