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Top 10 Hottest Bollywood Actors in 2015

Bollywood is a world of fashion, fame and money. Every youngster wants to be either a famous Bollywood actor or actress, but not all of them are lucky enough. It requires a lot of attention, dedication and highest level of performance for a Bollywood actor/actress to become the superstar. There are a lot of actors in this industry who are known for their amazing acting skills and outstanding performance. Not only this but also these super heroes are known for their hot looks and fashion oriented outfits as well. So here you are with the top 10 hottest Bollywood actors in 2015.

10. Hritik Roshan:

Hritik Roshan got the extreme level of fame and popularity from his debut Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, a film directed and produced by his father. Nowadays, Hritik is not doing so many movies but whatever he does, always enhances the level of his popularity among the fans. Hritik’s six-pack muscles have always been the factor behind his success.

9. Shah Rukh Khan:

It is not since a long when we saw Shah Rukh in an amazingly hot and super cool look. Truly he worked really hard to keep his body in shape and getting an attractive figure. Shah Rukh is the King Khan of Bollywood and is the heartthrob of millions and billions of people around the globe. He is also a second richest actor in the world.

8. Aamir Khan:

Aamir Khan cannot be named as a young actor, he is in fact very mature but still extremely hot by look. Aamir Khan is another wonderful and hot Khan of Bollywood. I must say he is second to Shah Rukh in being a perfectionist in his acting.

7. Shahid Kapoor:

Shahid Kapoor is an admirable young actor of Indian Film Industry. He is currently doing five to ten movies a year, and with the passage of time Shahid’s acting skills have been polished. He owns a super cool personality and does really well in his movies, thus made us enlist his name here.

6. John Abraham:

John Abraham is basically not a Hindu by religion but who cares when this super hot actor is revolutionizing the world of fashion and entertainment. John is not only a good actor but also an amazing fashion model and brand ambassador of various for men products.

5. Ranbir Kapoor:

Ranbir Kapoor is the cool and sparkling son of Kapoor Family India. He has gotten the acting skills from his forefathers. Previously Ranbir used to look like a child, but since a year or two, his personality has been matured and now he has become an extremely hot man of India.

4. Arjun Rampal:

Arjun Rampal is not too much famous, but whatever he does leaves a good impact on the hearts of his male and female fans. Here we are talking about the hot men of Bollywood this is why Arjun deserves to be in the list because he is truly a hot actor and amazing supermodel of India.

3. Farhan Akhtar:

Farhan Akhtar is not only an actor but also a director, producer and author. Farhan was previously working behind the screen, so it is not too long since when he came to the front of screen and played various leading roles. Farhan’s personality is also amazing and attractive enough to keep his fans intact.

2. Akshay Kumar:

We know Akshay with the name of Khilarri of Bollywood. He is basically an action hero, but truly a versatile one. I can say this with confidence that Akshay is always able to play any kind of role, no matter it is action or comedy. Akshay never follows the fashions of men too much but still whatever he wears, looks superbly hot onto him.

1. Salman Khan:

Salman Khan is ranked high in the list of top 10 hottest Bollywood actors in 2014 because he truly deserves it. Salman Khan is a mature and versatile actor of India. His appearance and personality have had always been charming enough to make the fans crazy. We all are waiting when will this super hot actor will get married or might be he doesn’t. Who knows except Salman himself.


  1. No salmon khan is not good looking I think shahrukh khan is better

    • chup baith be harami

      • Jyada jos mei h re madhar chod ludwa phad dnge tera bap ka n tri ma ko chod dnge smjha so salman khandani madhr chod h khali dehati jaisa nacho srk uska baap h salmanwa mauga uska lund choosega re bhosdi wala

        • Riste mai to hum tumahare baap lagte hai....

          oye. SHAHRUKH ki rakhel ki aulaad chup baith tera baap ADHA SALMAN BHI HAI….OOMID KARTA

      • Riste mai to hum tumahare baap lagte hai....


    • why all ugly actors are there in top 5 while hrithik-the best looking actor is no 10..lols..the worst ever joke..

    • himat singh salman ka fan........

      tera dimag kharab ho gya hai shayd………… salman khan, salman khan, bjarangi bhaijaan, dabangg hero, tiger hero, veer hero, the real hero……… salman khaan………uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………..

      himmat singh chauhan

  2. shahrukh is no.1

  3. Salman is the best heero baki sb zeero ok frnds
    Salman khan best actor
    Jai hoooooo

  4. No guys really hritik roshan is da hottest then john abraham pls resuffle

  5. No way, there is no comparison of shahrukh with salman in look n hotness …. salman is far ahead in this aspect.

  6. Salman khan is the hottest male in Bollywood
    He is glamorous stylish always ahead then others
    Forever maintained

  7. hahaha there is no one like HRITHIK ROSHAN he is so so so handsome and have so good physique. and salman there no one so ugly like salman he has no body he has a big ballon i think there is no comparison between SALMAN KHAN and HRITHIK ROSHAN

  8. salman HRITHIK k samnay tandoor ka dhowa lag raha hai hahaha there is no one like HRITHIK ROSHAN

  9. i like salman khan because his presnolity is xclent and he is most handsome in bollywood acter an the most important sallu always help the poor people so i like him

  10. chandan singh rajput

    John Abraham best actor in bollywood doston john bolte size dekh kar baat kiya kar. ye mere rules hai enhe koi nahi tor sakta main bhi nahi..

  11. chandan singh rajput

    John is my heart

  12. Aamir Khan remains my all time best

  13. no 1 best except my bro yes bro salman bhai is hotter btter super and duper khan in bollywood

  14. again I m telling that my bro and every1 bro salman bhai is a real sher khan of bollywood2014 nt king khan

  15. One n only salman bhai……..

  16. shahid kapoor is the best and cute man looking ever sona sona

  17. salman khan is one of the hand sum man in word baaki to uske samne chindi chor hai

  18. Shahrukh khan is a very good actor in bollywood not compare any actor shahrukh khan

  19. varun and John are the best
    Varun dhawan not in this list but it come soon in this list on first number

  20. Ranbir kapoor is the hottest and then hritik and shahid


  22. frnds i think salman khan is d best and still so sexy…actor in bollywood.. bcz salman ne ye jo hero h.. sabko kuch na kuch tips diye h..ritik ko body k tips..or salman handsome me international levell pr 3-4 no.. pr rha h frnd..aj b naye hero k samnne unki hi age ka lagta h..or sun jada smart. nd hit ka name salman khan…by d way …ye to to logo k isliy unki najar me sexy ya smart lagte h..wo apne lover ki jhalak un actr me dikhayi deti..wrna sahi mudde pr baat ki jaye over all..salman khan is d best, sexy , smart
    in bollywood…

  23. If we talk about being a hot in 2014 to 2015 there is only 3 actors who are truly hot in style, attractive looks , and bod.
    I think all of you know who their are:
    1: John Abraham
    2: Hritik Roshan
    3:Sharuh Khan

  24. Ajith kumar is no#1

  25. salman is no.1 handsome man in the world

  26. Mai bhai jaan yani salman ke liye itna kahna caunga ki
    मुझे कुछ भी नहीं कहना बस इतनी गुजारिश है….
    बस उतनी बार मिल जाओ तुम जितना याद आते हो …

  27. Hritik roshan my best acctor

  28. Salman khan jesa is duniya me koi nahi hai sharukh bhi salman ki wjh se aaj badmash bna kyoji yeh movie phle Salman ko mili thi lekin Salman ne ish sharukh ko dedi kyoki vo prem dilwala rah gaya na I love Salman khan

  29. i think salman khan is in right number

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