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Do you want to be a writer?

Are you a freelance writer now? And you are boring to find a good place to write for and there are a lot of competition such as iWriter, textbroker and other writing service websites? And you always headache with the different and hard topic to write for everyday?

Answer: YES!! YES!!! YES!!!!…

If your answer is always YES and you also interest to write for Top10For, please send us an email with some links to your old sample articles. After we have a look to evaluate your article if it is a good quality article, we will create an account for you to login as an Author for our site. It’s easy, right? And fee must be higher than iWriter, guarantee! 😉

Not like other sites, you only focus on the Top 10 things to write for us. It’s fun & easy. Start to write for us now.

Are you a new writer?

No problem! Everyone always has a first time. So you also have a chance to write for us as well. Please send us a sample of your very very old article or any most interesting articles that you used to write for such as articles you used to write at school or university or your own story.
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For Guest Post

For quest post, we only offer with “nofollow” backlink and only put 1 backlink at the below of the article. And we reserve all right to reject your article if it is not follow our template or if it is not an original content.

Why I need to write for Top10For?

Yes, if you always have a dream to show out your idea or any top 10 secret stories to the world, Top10For is a best planet for you to getting your work published. So Top10For is your perfect place to fulfill your dream.

Top10For is getting larger and larger everyday and have a lot visitors every month and it is growing at an exponential pace. Top10For has many Authors who are contributing a lot high quality articles and stories everyday or month and you also can join and share what you want too.

Monetary Benefit:

Who said writing can’t be a career option. If you can hold the interest of the Audience, we will handsomely compensate you for your efforts. And writing for Top10For, you will get a hight monthly income.

So, if you are interested or want to be a freelance writer for Top10for, please send us a mail to get start.

Thank you!