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Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Women in 2017

Japanese women are hot, adorable and innocent looking. Their radiating beauties and personalities have grasped the attention of the people from all parts of the world. They live successful and healthy lives, thus become attractive and hot. Let us see which are the top 10 most beautiful Japanese women in 2017.

Most Beautiful Japanese Women

Japan has been a country with enormous beautiful actresses and martial artist. Whether we talk about this country’s economic strength or the fame of entertainment world, it always comes to our notice that Japan’s people have maintained their global repute to much extent. Let us check out the list of top 10 most beautiful Japanese women as below.

1. Masami Nagasawa:

Masami Nagasawa is a well known Japanese actress and musician. Her love for music brought her to the entertainment industry a few years back. This 26 years old hot beauty has done more than 18 local and international movies and is still on her way to success.

Masami Nagasawa is a top notch beauty of Japan. She is a famous actress, and popular model. Her notable roles have been in the movies like Moteki, Touch, and Godzilla: Final Wars. Some of her finest tv series are Dragon Zakura, Galileo: Episode Zero, and Butterfly Stroke in Ganges River.

2. Yukie Nakama:

Yuki Nakama is not only a celebrity but also a famous singer of Japan. She is basically from Urasoe and is 34 years old. She has been in industry since a long and has now become a perfectionist of her field. Yukie is a wonderful and gorgeous woman.

Yukie Nakama is another famous and beautiful woman of Japan. She is not only an actress, but also a famous singer and former idol. Yukie was born on October 30, 1979. She is a globally recognized lady with supreme attraction.

3. Kurara Chibana:

Kurara Chibana is a 32 years old Japanese beauty. She was born in Japan and her love and affection for fashion appeared at the early years of her life. When got young, Kurara got her big break and participated in Miss Universe Japan show during 2006 and that became the time of her successful career. She is hot and bold.

Kurara Chibana is a popular fashion model. She was born on March 27, 1982 in Japan. Kurara has been the first runner up of the Miss Universe 2006 competition.

4. Nozomi Sasaki:

Naomi Sasaki is a well known and highly appreciated fashion model of Japan. She is a hard working and dedicated woman. Even when we know that Nozomi is only 26 years old, she has been lucky to receive a lot of appreciations and countless success stories that we cannot even enlist all of them here.

Nozomi Sasaki is a highly glamorous japans beauty. She is the former model and television presenter from Akita. She was born on February 8, 1988 in Japan. She is a brilliant lady with extreme level of success.

5. Mao Inoue:

This 27-years old Japanese woman is an accomplished model and singer. Mao has given us a lot of successful albums. She was U-15 idol of 1999 and her success graph is realy very high, so as her beauty graph.

Mao Inoue is an award-winning actress of Japan. She was born on January 9, 1987 in Japan. She is a tall-height and gorgeous lady with attractive eyes. She completed her education from the Meiji University in 2009.

6. Keiko Kitagawa:

Keiko Kitagawa is a multitalented woman of Japan. This 28 years old beauty diva is a well known actress, singer and fashion model. For many years Keiko remained the cover page face of Seventeen Magazine Japan but now she has retired from her modeling career.

Keiko Kitagawa is a well known actress and fashion model of Japan. She is a beautiful and talented lady, who graduated from the Meiji University in 2009. She was born on August 22, 1986 in Japan. Keiko is an extremely hot and attractive superstar of the era.

7. Reon Kadena:

Reon Kadena is yet another wonderful and beautiful Japanese woman. She, for the first time, appeared in Kuso and is a well known television anchor plus model. She owns deep oceanic eyes to make the fans crazy.

Reon Kadena is also known with the name Minamo Kusano. This beautiful Japanese actress has played notable roles in the movies and shows such as Make You Happy, My Reflection, Dream Planet and many more. About her modeling career, I must say that Reon has been a darling of fashion world for many years.

8. Rie Miyazawa:

Rie Miyazawa is an inspirational model of the era. She is super sexy and known for her hot and superb pictures and poses. She is an actress and a wonderful bikini model of 2014.

Rie Miyazawa is over 40, but trust me the glamour and charm of this lady is still maintained. She is a successful fashion and swimsuit model, and actress of Japan. Her performance in The Face of Jizo, Tony Takitani, Hana etc. has been outstanding.

9. Miyako Miyazaki:

Miyuki Miyazaki is a highly admirable woman of Japan. This 36 years old lady has a history of becoming pageant of Kumamoto, Japan. She has won the titles of Miss Universe Japan as well and is now doing acting in various Japanese movies. Miyako is a beautiful and charming lady.

Miyako Miyazaki is another Japanese lady. She has been the winner of the Miss Universe Japan. She started her modeling career at the age of 17. Miyako is a sexy cover girl of various magazines and spokesperson of several fashion brands.

10. Maria Ozawa:

Maria Ozawa is known in Japan for her well versed and attractive adult videos. This 28 years old hot woman is the true bombshell of Japan and one of the highly appreciated actresses of the era.

Maria Ozawa is a talented and extremely gorgeous lady of Japan. She is also known with the name of Miyabi. Maria is indeed the bombshell of the era. She is one of the most renowned actresses, and is an AV Idol.

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