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Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women in 2015

The beautiful Chinese women are known the world over due to their smooth physic, beautiful eyes, attractive smiles and silky skins. The lifestyle of these ladies is said to be healthy enough, adding a plus to their level of beauty and personality. So let us check out the list of top 10 most beautiful Chinese women in 2015.

10. Xu Jinglei:

Xu is 40 years old film director and famous actress of Chin. She is very influential and owns special iconic beauty to keep the eyes of her fans intact during her movies and award shows. Xu Jinglei had won Beijing Film Academy Award in 1997.

9. Zhang Yuqi:

Zhang Yugi is also known with the name of Kitty. This beautiful cat-looking woman of Chian debuted in 2007 as an actress in a Hong Kong movie. She is attractive and bold and owns immense acting skills. Zhang is too talented and young, with only 27 years old.

8. Jin Ye:

Jin Ye is a 26 years old bold and beautiful fashion model. She belongs to Hebei, China and it is due to her extremely beautiful personality and charming physic which made this lady a famous pageant in the world. She had participated in Miss China Competitions as well but couldn’t win any of them. Then finally a day came when Jin won Miss Universe 2013 award in Moscow.

7. Liu Yifei:

Liu is a famous singer and female celebrity of China. She is also known with her nickname Crystal Liu. She was only 11 years old when she entered into the entertainment industry. She got too much fame not only in China but also around the globe and is still one of the most dominating and beautiful Chinese women.

6. Fan Bingbing:

Fan Bingbing is a well known 32 years old singer and television actress of China. She belongs to Qingdao and is known for her sexy and beautiful outlook. Her boy structure and height add a plus to her level of popularity. Fan is slim and smart and is a highly energetic woman.

5. Gao Yuanyuan:

Gao Yuanyuan entered into the entertainment world at the age of 17 but now she is 38 years old. Her beautiful and deep eyes, her personality, boy posture and a cute smile are just the enough factors for making this lady known the world over. She has so far done a lot of movies and television commercials in China.

4. Zhang Jingchu:

This highly fascinating beauty of China has captivated the eyes of millions of television viewers. She is one of the most beautiful Chinese women and of course a well known fashion model as well. Zhang has had been the brand ambassador of various cosmetic products and skincare items.

3. Zhou Xun:

Zhou is 40 years old, but still this Quzhou based actress is enough attractive to captivate the people. She is an excellent performer and a stylish and sexy woman of China.

2. Zhao Wei:

Zhao is also known with the name of Vicky/Vicki. She is a famous pop singer and celebrity of China. Zhao owns amazingly beautiful personality to keep her fans intact. She is a successful television actress who debuted with Princess Peri. She has so far won various awards including Eagle TV Award and International Film Festival Award etc.

1. Chi-ling Lin:

Chi-ling was born in Taipei. She is a successful and highly adorable female model and actress. She has won various awards due to her amazing performance. Also she owns extremely beautiful body and attractive personality.

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