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Top 18 Hottest Women in the World 2016

A professional woman is known for her personality, beauty and of course the talent. It is estimated that women work harder than the men to keep up the graph of their popularity high, but in this male dominating society they are still putted behind the race in one way or the other. To much extent, today’s woman has been able to maintain her value, charm and repute and it won’t be wrong to say that even some of the celebrities, female players and fashion models are much more successful than the men. It is not that a celebrity, fashion model or female player is known only for her performance, but also what makes her recognizable is her personality, beauty and of course the hot appeal. I must say there are various hot and sexy women in the world who have been able to increase the level of their fame with their hot outlook as well as talent.

Hottest Women in the World.
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Katy Perry - one of the hottest women in the world.

Here is a List of Top 18 Most Sexiest and Hottest Women in the World:

So please enjoy with us to find out who is a sexiest and hottest woman in the World for this year 2016.

Last updated: 06-Jan-2016.

1. Eva Mendes:

hot female Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is now 40 years old, but what a hot and sexy appeal she still has. I must say every woman in the world should try to be as graceful as Eva is even when we get old. The secret behind her grace is the exercise and yoga which keep Eva’s body fit and slim. This golden haired woman is not only a sexy and hot female but also a super talented and highly skilled performer. Sometimes the people even cannot imagine if Eva has touched 40, because she still looks superbly hot and amazingly cool to make the fans crazy about her.

Girl In Progress Official Trailer #1 (2012) Eva Mendes Movie HD

2. Julianne Hough:


Julianne Hough is a wonderful and gorgeous dancer and a famous singer. She is known for her remarkable beauty and sexy personality which become the secrets behind her success as a dancer. Julianne, more than her look or hot appeal, is known as a successful dancer who has appeared both on small screen and large screen in America.

Julianne Hough and Derek Hough Perform Dancing

3. Clair Bidez:

Clair Bidez 2

Clair Bidez 3

Clair Bidez she is one of the top 10 hottest women in the world and she is yet another famous athlete player. She is basically from United States of America, but due to her professional purposes she, every now and then, has to travel to different nations of the world. Clair is a young beauty of America and an extremely talented player of the era. Clair’ hot and sexy pictures in swimming suits, bikini and other nud-e photographs are the live prove of her amazing personality. But more than her beauty, Clair focuses on her performance as an athlete and tries to make world records and win gold medals in bulk.

You can find out more her profile at wikipedia: Clair Bidez.

4. Gracie Gold:

Gracie Gold-02

Gracie Gold-04

Gracie Gold is a wonderful sparkling women and a famous skater of the world. This American beauty has been in a relationship with Max Aaron. But it is not only Max who is occupied with the spell of her hotness but also are her male fans. Gracie is as beautiful and innocent as her name is. Some people say that she is sparkling like the gold. This young and graceful woman has been able to make some admirable world records in her field.

5. Natalie Portman:

Natalie Portman - sexy and stylish

Natalie, another sexy and stylish woman of the era, is a famous Hollywood actress as well. She has so far given us various successful movies and in every movie Natalie simply looks graceful and sexy enough to keep the men and youngsters crazy about her. Natalie is one of those rarest women of Hollywood who never stop themselves from doing experiment with their haircuts, styles and outlook. Natalie’ success graph is increasing with the passage of everyday and the directors and producers of Hollywood caste her in their movies with proud.

Natalie Portman winning Best Actress

6. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, an American diva, was born in July 1969. She is one of the most versatile and talented actresses of Hollywood. She is also an author, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. Jennifer is one of the highest paid females of entertainment industry ever.

Hottest Women in the World

7. Shakira

Shakira is a remarkable beauty of the era. Do you remember the South Africa’s ” waka waka” song? Well, Shakira got global fame from this song. She is currently one of the most popular musicians. This Columbian beauty is known for her amazing singing and songwriting skills. Due to her dedication, she got a prominent place in Hollywood. Her single ”Waka Waka” was a big success and rocked the 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup.

The Voice - Season 6

8. Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba‘s name needs no introduction. Am I right? Yes definitely she is a highly admirable actresses of Hollywood and a hottie of the era. Jessica’s beauty and her friendly nature add a plus to her level of success and professionalism.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

9. Katy Perry:

hot pop-star - Katy Perry

Katy Perry 1

Katy Perry 3

Katy Perry is a hot pop-star and a talented and hard working lady. She is also called Hot California Girl, thanks to her God gifted skills and personality which have made us entitle her a hot beauty of USA. Katy is a well-presentable lady and I can say this with confidence that her name as a hot lady can be taken for many more years.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

10. Hilary Knight - Most Hottest Women in the World:

Hilary Knight - ice-hockey player

hottest women in the world

Hilary Knight is not only the sexiest and hottest women in the world but she is also a well known and amazing ice-hockey player as well. She is not only a perfectionist of her profession but also is a hot and sexy diva of the year. Hilary rarely wears some hot outfits and swimming costumes before the camera, so you will find it difficult to search some hot pictures of Hilary on the Internet. But it is her physic and body which have made us enlist Hilary here as the top hot woman of the world in 2016.

Thrive Rings True: Hilary Knight

11. Anna Fenninger:

Anna Fenninger

Austrian athlete - Anna Fenninge

hottest athlete woman

Anna is a popular Austrian athlete. She owns a cute and amazing smile and a wonderful figure. Her hot beauty adds a plus to her level of professional success. The spell of Anna’ beauty spreads all over the world and the television channels, every now and then, conduct her interviews. Who knows when will this hot female get married but the fans’ expectations are very high so we can presume that Anna will focus more on her profession but not on personal relationships for a few more years.

Hottest Women in the World

Anna Fenninger is a popular sports woman who has won the Australian World Cup Alpine Ski. She is a gold  medalist of Olympic games. She is a highly attractive female who has also been the European Ambassador to represent the CCF in Namibia. She is known for her beautiful smile.

Welcome to Austria - 01.10.2013 - Hottest Girl - Anna Fenninger

12. Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard is a glamorous female. She has all the qualities that are needed to become a beautiful lady. Alana is a fashion model and one of the sexiest girls. She has so far bagged a number of awards from national and international beauty competitions.

Hottest Women in the World

13. Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster was born in Panama and grew up in Brazil. She can be regarded as one of the finest Brazilian beauties. She has been a performer of Fast and Furious where she drew the attention of many fans. Due to her impressive look, she is a universally sexy diva.

Hottest Women in the World

14. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is a popular recording artist and actress. She is a well versed television presenter with highly impressive and hot personality. Nicole was born in America. Due to her captivating look, she has also gotten the attention of the fans. She is slim and smart.

15. Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks, regardless of being a mature lady, is still very attractive and charming. She is one of the most gorgeous actresses and fashion models. She has been featured in various movies, and got a good place in the hearts of fans.

Hottest Women in the World

16. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is one of the few females who got some big roles in media industry. This eye-catching lady has worked in numerous Hollywood movies, and has also modeled for various big fashion brands.

17. Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko is a remarkable Ukrainian beauty. She is best known as a successful tv presenter and hot model. Towards her television programs, Olga has always caught the attention of the audience. She has also worked as brand ambassador for many beauty products.

Hottest Women in the World


Olga Kurylenko - diva of Ukraine

Olga Kurylenko is a hot beauty diva of Ukraine. She is a famous model and television celebrity. Olga is also a well versed Victorian beauty of the world and is a quite graceful lady. Olga is now a brand ambassador of various beauty products and internationally recognized cosmetics.

Vampire Academy Official Trailer #2 (2014) - Olga Kurylenko

18. Sarah Hendrickson

Hottest Women in the World

Sarah Hendricksonis an American woman. She was born in 1994. Besides her beauty, she is a successful sports lady who has been participating in ski jumper. She won the competition in 2013, representing the Visa team. She is highly admired for her beauty and charming look.

Sarah Hendrickson is only 19 years old, and has been blessed with a hot body, amazing personality and beautiful appeal. She is a successful ski jumper of America and it seems that she still has a long way of fame to go on. When you surf the internet and put on Sarah’s name into the search engine, I am sure you will have the chance to view a lot of hot and sexy pictures of this lady. Why not, she owns a stylish and amazing body so she deserves to let the world know how gorgeous and hot she actually is.

Wind Tunnel Training w/ Ski Jumper Sarah Hendrickson 2013

I know I’ve missed some important names here. Can you give your suggestions?


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