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Most Beautiful Scandinavian Women

Scandinavia is quite famous for its astonishingly beautiful landscape and scenery, but it turns out that the women from the Scandinavian counties are equally or even more beautiful. This should provide readers with more than one reason to take trip through Scandinavia. If they require any more proof, then here is a list with overviews of the top five most beautiful Scandinavian women, who are most definitely out of most of our leagues, but are still worth admiring.

5. Sara Chafak

Elise Dalby is a 25-year, 5′ 8″ tall fashion model who was born on October 25, 1990 in Helsinki, Finland. While her mother is a local Finnish woman, she has an Amazigh Moroccan man, and apparently she inherited the best and most beautiful qualities of both. Prior to entering the spotlight on a much larger stage, she had also taken part in the Miss Helsinki pageant back in 2011 and ended up as the pageant’s 1st runner-up.

Finally in 2012, Sara was crowned as Miss Universe Finland 2012 and went on to participate in the Miss Universe 2012 beauty pageant. While growing up, she would be out camping in Finland’s countryside through the summers. Playing soccer, singing and traveling are among Sara’s interests, while she has studied in the School of Economics at the Estonian Business School.

4. Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal is none other than the Scandinavian model that Leonardo DiCaprio is currently dating, and considering how beautiful she is, he really is one lucky man. In fact, many of the male readers are probably wishing they were him at this point, just to have Nina as their girlfriend.

Even more surprising is the fact that she is just 24 years old while Leo is 41, but then again, age is nothing much a number when it comes to love. While no more proof should be required for Nina’s obvious gorgeousness, she has also served as a model for Adore Me swimwear. Just a look at those photos should make it apparent that she is quite a breathtaking beauty.

3. Anna Nyström

Anna Nyström is a fitness model and quite a popular Instagram star. Anyone who follows her or will be following her on Instagram will notice that a majority of her feed consists of photos in which she can be seen wearing a myriad of outfits and in a variety of workout situations. Considering that she is a fitness model and leads such an active lifestyle, she frequently offers fitness tips as well.

Prior to becoming famous, which was back in June 2013, her Instagram account had only featured regular photos of herself. A wide range of forums and websites related to fitness, such as Trimmed & Toned, have even featured Anna as an inspiration for workouts like squats. As of now, Anna resides in Stockholm, Sweden and often, her pet dog Lea can also be seen in her Instagram photos.

2. Elise Dalby

Elise Dalby is a 20-year, 5’ 11” tall fashion model who was born on December 17, 1995 in Hamar, Norway. Two years, she had been just 18 years old when she was crowned Miss Universe Norway 2014 and that very year; she had also represented her country Miss Universe 2014 beauty pageant. Perhaps her most eye-catching and recognizable attribute, aside from her stunning beauty, is her natural, hip-length hair.

Elise has been described as a friendly, loving, optimistic and sociable young woman. Aside from the fact that she is a model, her Instagram profile also lists her as a chiropodist, cosmetologist, lash stylist and nail technician. Apparently, she spends as much time as she can with her local family and friends, while is also particularly fond of the natural landscapes in Norway.

1. Nikita Klaestrup

Nikita Klaestrup is not only one of the most beautiful Scandinavian women; she is also probably one of the hottest political commentators. At the same time, she also happens to be a fashion model and reality television star. Thus, it is understandable by the media is generally more focused on her more too often sexy looks than the fact that she is quite a young conservative politician.

Just last year in 2015, Nikita had attended the 110 year anniversary of the Young Conservatives, dressed in a rather provocative and revealing, floor-length black dress that showed off plenty of side- and under-boob. It is obvious that the fashion model/politician is not shy of showing some skin, considering that the entire navel and a portion of the chest area of her dress were missing.

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