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Most Beautiful Egyptian Women

If you know a bit of the history and background of Egyptian women, then you will concur with me that these angels are a godsend. They are more of a mystery. Ancient Egyptian goddesses used natural beauty techniques by cleaning their skin with honey and milk, almond oil and myrrh. Egyptian women have pristine beauty hidden by their religious policies. Initially, women in Egypt could not be allowed to show off their beauty to anyone. However, things have turned around. They are now allowed to air and show their natural ankles and faces. Believe it; Egyptian women are among the most beautiful women you can ever find from around the globe.

I think these beauty goddesses have mastered the splendor all the beauty secrets that cannot be shared elsewhere. They have dazzling hair and nails that perfectly complement their natural fashion clothing. They are immaculately clean and presentable on all aspects. Here are the top 5 most beautiful Egyptian women you need to know.

Tara Emad - Most beautiful egyptian woman

5. Mona Abou Hamze

Mona was born on 2nd October 1968. She is a popular Lebanese TV presenter who is known for hosting several TV talks and shows among them is “the Talk of the Town”. She even won an award for being the best TV presenter i.e. Murex d’Or Award. Mona is exceptionally beautiful regardless of the factors you base on. In the year 2010, she featured in the fourteenth position in the list of top 100 sexiest Arabian women. She is a unique woman who advocates for humanitarian rights. In fact, she wrote her book titled Bila Hakaeb. Abou is a devoted mother and wife. She likes traveling and exploring the wonders of the world. Hamze has every nice feature that men would die for in a woman.

Mona Abou Hamze

4. Haifa Wehbe

Haifa was born on 10th March 1976 in Mahrouna, Lebanon. She is a renowned singer and actress who is famous for playing a key role in the Rouh’s Beauty of 2014. Her beauty is being envied by most women from around the world. Wehbe is among the most successful singers in Lebanon. In fact, she appeared in the list of 50 most successful people in 2006. Haifa has released several successful studio albums. Besides, in 2008, she astoundingly surprised her fans by appearing in the film titled “Sea of Stars”. Haifa is a charming woman who is also staple in Egyptian culture.

Haifa Wehbe

3. Anaya Hayes

Anaya is one notoriously beautiful woman who realized her career and developed great passion at a tender age of six. She is one talented celebrity on stage. Hayes is a dancer and a singer as well. She boasts of her luminously natural beauty that can move her fans and make heads turn. Anaya is a hot and sexy actress and model who has taken front pages of most publications and beauty magazines. Moreover, she has hosted several parties and social events. She is well recognized for her pivotal role in the song Replacement Girl, a Drake, and Trey video song.

Anaya Hayes

2. Meriam George

Meriam is recognized internationally as the top Egyptian beauty icon. She was born in 1987 in Cairo Egypt. She is a beauty pageant and a titleholder of the Miss Egypt, a title she was crowned at a young age of 18 in 2005. Additionally, she represented her country in the Miss Universe contest and Miss Earth pageants consecutively. Nonetheless, she also appeared a semifinalist in the Miss International contests. Meriam has also featured in several television ads and beauty magazines. Her beauty is natural and unrivaled.

Meriam George - Egyptian Queen.

1. Tara Emad

If you thought you’ve seen the most beautiful woman elsewhere, maybe you’ve not seen Tara Emad. This woman has a fresh and innocent face that makes her appear naturally beautiful. In fact, she is the epitome of beauty in Egypt. In the year 2010, she was nominated to take part in the Miss Teen Egypt. This actress is popularly known for The Burn of 2015, the 2016 Fourth Pyramid and The Unknown Sweet Potato Seller of 2016. Her striking looks coupled with her acting talent place her at the frontline in any platform she finds herself in. She is also a talented fashion icon. Furthermore, she has also appeared in several magazines and catwalks.

Tara Emad - A most beautiful egyptian woman.

Conclusion: Egyptian women are considerably among the most beautiful women around the globe. The above are the top 5 sexiest Egyptian women who have occupied various magazines and TV shows.

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