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Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World in 2014

The fashion has changed our lives to much extent. The craze of human beings for fashionable outfits, shoes and accessories is what makes us feel excited. We love to wear wonderful, gaily and colorful fashion clothes and accessories. We want hairstyles which are trendy and top notch. The role of fashion magazines in making a specific fashion familiar around the globe cannot be ignored. Here are the top 10 most popular fashion magazines in the world in 2014.

10. Look:

The Look is a famous and amazing European fashion magazine. You can find lots of dressing, accessory and shoe ideas in this magazine. It is released once in a month and you can grab your copy to enjoy reading and knowing what is hot in the fashion in different parts of the world.

9. Cosmopolitan:

The Cosmopolitan is a leading UK fashion magazine. It has lots of articles and useful pictures for you to stay updated with the best and most amazing fashion accessories, outfits and trendy cosmetics. You can get to know about different varieties and shades which are currently in trend in Europe.

8. Harper’s Bazaar:

Harper’s Bazaar is another wonderful and one of the most popular fashion magazines in the world. It is released both from USA and UK. It has much information about cosmetic products, outfits and fashion accessories you will love to know about.

7. People Stylewatch:

The People Stylewatch has been a special magazine both for males and females. It is released from America, Canada and Europe. The best thing about this fashion magazine is that it is available at the internet as well.

6. In Style:

In Style is all about best outfits, best celebrities, best cosmetic and other useful things. This fashion magazine lets you know about high profile parties, wedding ceremonies and other interesting happenings in the world.

5. Marie Claire:

Marie Claire provides you load of fashion information and news articles. You can know about your favorite cosmetic brands, celebrities, dressings and what is hot nowadays in fashion via this hotspot fashion magazine.

4. Vogue:

The Vogue is an international level and one of the most popular fashion magazines in the world. Its head office is situated in USA but this magazine is released from Canada and UK as well. It provides us information about entertainment world and fashion industry.

3. Grazia:

The Grazia is a wonderful and top class fashion magazine for outfit, accessory and shoe lovers. This will also give you in-depth articles about cosmetic, healthy, beauty and relationships. I am sure you will love to grab its copy. 

2. Glamour:

Glamour is the big source of entertainment, celebrity and fashion news. What you should dress-up and which accessory or hairstyle will suit you can always be have from this magazine. You can choose a wide range of ideas and give yourself a glamorous look with this fashion magazine.

1. Elle:

Elle comes at the top of the list of top 10 most popular fashion magazines in the world. This magazine provides you a chance to know best makeovers, homemade beauty tips, fashion outfits etc. You can also read celebrity interviews in this magazine and enjoy yourself.


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  2. The majority of this information is either incorrect or too short and major publications are being left out. Most of these magazines are available in many other countries besides the US and Canada. Please put more of an effort into your research next time.

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