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Most Beautiful Indonesian Women

Natural beauty is a gift from God. Indonesia is one blessed Asian country with pretty and cute girls with unique physical features. In fact, Indonesian girls have received a higher echelon in social class due to their well-mannered and charismatic personalities. Many of them are actresses, models, and singers. They have promising careers beside their natural beauty. Their roles in the society have been influenced by modernization, technology advancement, globalization and improved education. One unique thing about Indonesian women is that they are quite different from western women. They pay a lot of attention on their appearance. They know how to take good care of themselves, and this is why they are capable of retaining their natural beauty. Want to know the most beautiful Indonesian women? Read the following list.

5. Olla Ramlan

Olla was born on 15th February 1980. She is a professional singer, actress and a model. She has played several key roles in soap operas and above all, she is well known for being an ambassador of Yahoo. Ramlan has also emerged triumphant in most TV roles. Olla has one of the most striking looks. Her beauty is beyond compare and has occupied most front pages of magazines and editorials. She has been successful in her career and has shaped the entertainment industry to a great extent.

4. Ayu Pratiwi

Ayu was born on 23rd May 1987. She is 173 centimeters tall. She is a professional actress who has played huge roles in movies such as Apocalypse’s Close Back of 2003 and several soap operas. She is a model and an actress. She possesses an excellent balance of physical features that give her exemplary beauty. She has a perfect look that places her at the top of beauty magazines. She is one best supporting actress who is well mannered. Ayu has played key roles in movies such as Emak Ingin Naik Haji. Ayu won the Citra Award for Best Supporting Actress.

3. Luna Maya

Luna was born on 26th August 1983. She is a well-known actress model and a singer. Maya has all the beautiful features an all-rounded woman should have. She featured in films such as Jakarta Undercover and Cinta Silver. In the year 2006, she won the Citra Award for Best Leading Actress. She holds a pivotal role in the Indonesian entertainment industry. Luna has inspired most upcoming actors. This beauty icon has transformed the acting industry. She is hot and sexy and features in the most beautiful Indonesian women list.

2. Ines Putri

Ines Putri was born on September 5th, 1989. Her height is 5 feet and half inches. She has the most beautiful figure that has formed the baseline of her success in the acting role. Besides, Ines Putri is a professional golfer. She spent most of her childhood days golfing around Bali islands. This beauty pageant was crowned Miss Indonesia in 2012 and became the first Balinese to win the competition. She has black hair with dark eyes. Ines Putri is talented and blessed with natural beauty, and this makes her the successful in every acting role she takes. Her beauty is undeniable, and you will bear with me. Find her photo gallery and browse to confirm it.

1. Whulandary Herman

Whulandary Herman was born on 26th June 1989. She has a height of 5feet, 9 inches. Whulandry is a statuesque, well-perfectly structured woman with all excellent features. She has dark brown eyes and black hair that make her naturally beautiful. Whulandry is a multi-skilled woman who besides her unique beauty features have helped sharpen the skills of young emerging girls. Herman is a professional beauty pageant and a holder of Miss Universe in 2013. Additionally, she is also a titleholder of Puteri Miss Universe Indonesia 2013. Whulan has the most captivating looks with a likable personality. Her beauty talks and exceptional runway walk makes her effortlessly fashion-forward and modern. She appears at the top of the most beautiful Indonesian women list.

Miss Universe Indonesia 2013

Conclusion: Indonesian women are attractive with their natural beauty. They possess everything needed for a truly beautiful woman. If you’ve ever been to Indonesia, then you will bear me witness that these angels are the true images of the future beauty. Remember they are not only beautiful but also talented in their careers. They have taken the face of Indonesia to greater heights. Visit their profiles and explore the unique features and personalities they have.

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