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Top 10 Most Fascinating Destinations in the World

For all of us who yearn to travel, it is not difficult to find some lovely destinations. We can start the journey from our own country. There can be various beautiful places to view in our own countries. But if your plan is to go abroad, and you are confused about the selection of some lovely spots to visit, then here comes the list of top 10 most fascinating destinations in the world.

10. Bhutan

Bhutan is a fantastic cultural country with lots of attractions for the tourists. It is the home to the world’s highest unclimbed peak, Gangkhar Puensum. Entry to Bhutan is only possible when you book a trip with a tourism agency. This land has no short of beautiful mountains, natural lands, forests, and other interesting spots. For having a brand new cultural experience, Bhutan is a must see place. It had no roads, no electricity, no vehicles and telephones until 1960. But now the country has well developed.

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9. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one of the biggest cities of China. It is a wonderful place to stay and enjoy at. I must say that Hong Kong is full of “Zen moments,” for example the beautiful gardens and Tai Chi classes. This is a safe to visit city of China. For those with little traveling experience can make this city their winter destination.

8. Alaska

Alaska is another lovely and must visit spot. Glacier Bay National Park of Alaska is a famous tourist point. This land welcomes the visitors from all parts of the world, about 30% of them come here alone, and many are newlyweds. Natural wonders such as glacier-carved fjords, snow-capped mountains and icebergs are what Alaska is famous for.

7. California, USA

California is one of the major cities of America. It has diversity of culture and is known to be a developed city. Those who are looking for jobs abroad, should contact the HRs and companies of California, because this city will give you a lot of chances to grow professionally. There are certain places in California which give relaxations to the visitors, and are ideal for newly married couples.

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6. Bali, Indonesia

Temple at Bedugul of Bali is a famous tourist point. This city of Indonesia has very relaxing and charming environment for the tourists. It is a spiritual place with yoga, spas, organic eateries and beach points. The combined friendly environment and magnificent visual culture of Balis is what makes it a must visit tourist point. As a Hindu island, Bali is a nice place for spiritual retreat.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the top notch solo travel points of Asia. This is a safe, stable, conservative Muslim country. It has the hallmarks of exotic locale for solo traveling lovers. But at the same time, Malaysia is an advanced land with so many technological and scientific monuments to view and get amazed with. It has wild jungles of Borneo and the space-age high-rises of Kuala Lumpur within one state.

4. Cusco, Peru

Cusco is the famous capital of the ancient Inca Empire. It serves as an attractive tourist point. Cusco is a place steeped in culture, and is famous for its indigenous population. It has rich traditional and cultural values. For many years, Cusco remained a stone’s throw away place of the Incas: Machu Picchu. It the home of several archaeological sites.

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3. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a city of beautiful monuments, museums, and other attractions of Spain. It has so many tourist points that you won’t be short of choices. The best places to visit are Cervantes Death House, Campo del Moro Park, Army Museum, Church of San Jeronimo, Prado Museum, Atocha Station and others. Madrid is basically a city with rich historical values and lots of museum. So, it is ideal for the history students and researchers.

2. Australia

Australia, as a whole, is a safe to visit country with various hotspots. Besides so many other lovely spots, Melbourne is a cool city to visit. Australia has beautiful beaches, bustling city life, marvelous shopping centers, and restaurants that serve delicious international and national cuisines. Australia is an ideal country for solo travelers.

1. Thailand

Thailand is another fun-filled tourist attraction. It is best known for its friendly hospitality, and the travelers have various chances to enjoy quality time. Thailand has a lot to offer to the tourists, such as the party-central Bangkok, beautiful beach points, and tropical jungle etc. This is really going to be a fantastic place for the newlyweds and family trips.

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