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Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Every country has its certain marvels and beautiful places. Some countries are known for their eye-catching landscapes, others get fame because of their beaches, mountains or ancient buildings. I must say every country has its distinctive and beautiful aspects to make us crazy about it. Here are the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world.

10. Turkey:

Turkey is a beautiful and gorgeous country. It is famous for its cool and amazing weather, the waterfalls and gorgeous mountains. The snowfall in winter makes Turkey one of the most favorite tourist points in the world. You can also make it your destination during the winters or summers, whatever suits you the best.

9. Italy:

Italy is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is known for its inspirational culture and magnificent natural beauty. The buildings of its cities like Venice, Florence and Rome are known the world over for their awesome architecture.

8. Switzerland:

Switzerland is the hub of newly married couples to spend their time at. This country is known for its glaciers, natural waterfalls, lakes, mountains and gorgeous carpeted roads. It is very interesting for us to say that Switzerland is a land of beauties.

7. Spain:

The various cities of Spain like Andalusia etc. have got fame for their dreamy landscape and gorgeous buildings. Spain is doubtlessly a hub of those who want to view the beautifully constructed buildings and carpeted roads.

6. United States of America:

Despite the fact that USA is one of the powerful countries in the world, it is also a beautiful one. USA has various spectacular states which have gotten recognition the world over just due to their one feature or another. It is very difficult for me to say which the specialty of USA is because there are many.

5. France:

France’s city Paris is famous to be the fashion hub in the world. This city and almost all others of France have their specific features. The rich traditional values and delicious cuisines of France are some of those features which made this land famous all over the world.

4. Austria:

Austria is famous for its continental beauty. Here the national parks, theme parks and natural wonders captivate the attention of the tourists from all over the world. Austria is not only a beautiful country but also a developed one.

3. Greece:

The beautiful Greece and its islands are world famous for the blue water, beach points and gorgeous buildings. The people here live peaceful lives and Greece offers its people with a lot of harmony in life.

2. South Africa:

South Africa’s most famous land, Cape Town is known best for its natural forests and amazing landscapes. South Africa has various green lands, forests and natural mountains to grasp your attention.

1. Germany:

Germany is at the top of my list of top 10 most beautiful countries in the world. It is not an underrated country in terms of its beauty, because Germany has so much to captivate your attention. Here the environment is pleasant, job opportunities are available and a lot of other things make this land a beautiful residential place.

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  1. No.2 it is not in South Africa,it is in Pakistan.You put Pakistani beautiful places refer to as other countries.

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