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Top 10 Most Marvelous Islands in the World

When it comes to enjoy some leisure moments, we usually go to parks, museums, restaurants, or nearby nightclubs. Seeing an island is itself a great way to get entertainment. It is truly very difficult to choose the right island which is both beautiful and awesome, providing wonderful experience to the visitors. But in this article, we have made your selection easier. Choose from the following top 10 most marvelous islands in the world.

10. Tahiti Island

The famous Tahiti Island is part of the French Polynesia. It is the hub of cultural and traditional values of France. It has two parts, a small southern part and a big northern one. This island is very beautiful, and is especially known for its beach points. The weather, here, remains extremely pleasant, and you can have a lot of fun during your stay here.

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Most Marvelous Islands in the World

9. Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands are situated in West Indies, in south east of Mayaguana in the chain of Bahamas islands. Due to various luxurious hotels, restaurants, and relaxing tourist points, these two islands have been great to spend summer holidays. The weather here is never too hot, so you can be assured of fantastic time here. Enjoy activities like fishing, snorkeling and diving etc.

Most Marvelous Islands in the World

8. Koh Lipe, Thailand

The Koh Lipe is one of the smallest islands in the world. You shouldn’t think of its smallness because it is extremely beautiful. The island is situated close to the Andaman Sea. It comprises of three main beaches: Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach, which together form the shape of a boomerang. Here there is lesser human population and lesser number of vehicles. The island is known for its spectacular beach points, parks, and green areas.

Most Marvelous Islands in the World

7. Galapagos Island

The Galapagos Island is situated along the Equator in the Pacific Ocean. It has various endemic species such as giant tortoises, and deep forests that together make this island a worth see place. Galapagos is on the sea level and is on the Equator, the weather here is not of tropical nature. The island remains full with tourists in summers because of having cold and windy environment.

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Most Marvelous Islands in the World

6. Tahiti Island

The Tahiti Island is situated in the Windward group of French Polynesia, in the southern Pacific Island. This is a highly spectacular and gorgeous island that has been formed as the result of the formations of volcanic eruptions. Its environment is tropical, and is ideal for those who love snorkeling and diving. During summers, this shouldn’t be selected for a trip because the weather remains extremely hot and humid. But winters are very cold and ideal for tourists.

Most Marvelous Islands in the World

5. Seychelles Island

The Seychelles Island is situated in the Republic of Seychelles, east of Africa and northeastern side of the Madagascar Island. It is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. This is a highly captivating island that catches the attention of tourists towards its engaging activities like diving, snorkeling, sailing and fishing. This island has various luxurious hotels for easy and enjoyable accommodation.

Most Marvelous Islands in the World

4. Maldives, Sri Lanka

The Maldives Island is situated in the Laccadive Sea, southwest of Sri Lanka. This is one of the best tropical paradises on this earth. This attracts various tourists from all corners of the world. The beaches of this island have crystal clear water. It also has beautiful sandy areas, luxurious honeymoon sweets, and marvelous restaurants. This is an ideal place for the newlyweds. The island has various fish species and over 2500 coral reefs.

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Most Marvelous Islands in the World

3. Fiji Island

The Fiji Island, also known as the Republic of Fiji, is the island of Melanasia, South Pacific Ocean. It has been formed as a result of ice formations on the dry land. The island remains extremely colds, and has been surrounded by white sandy beaches and coral reefs. Here you can enjoy various activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and boating.

Most Marvelous Islands in the World

2. Mnemba Island

The Mnemba Island is known for its white and beautiful beaches. It is situated in the northeast coast of Unguja, and has about 150 fish species. Here you can enjoy activities like scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling. This island’s weather remains very pleasant, so you can plan a trip in the summer season. During winters, it has snowfall.

Most Marvelous Islands in the World

1. Cebu Island

The Cebu Island is a major island of the Cebu province. It is situated in the Philippines, in the eastern side of Negros Island. This is a beautiful island with tropical environment. It is known for its gorgeous limestone plateaus and narrow coastlines. Here you can enjoy activities like windsurfing, diving, kite-boarding, and snorkeling. This island is also great for adventurous tours.

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Most Marvelous Islands in the World

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