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Top 10 Safest Countries in the World

Being in a safe and protected country has had always been a dream of every individual. The increased rate of restlessness, terrorism and other internal problems are the major factors which have become a threat for all of us. In such a situation we all seek for peace and harmony and a place where there is no issue accompanied with the human lives. The following top 10 safest countries in the world can really ensure us highest level of protection, privacy and safety, in addition to other standardized facilities.

Safest Countries in the World

10. Singapore:

Singapore is not only a developed and well versed country but also one of the safest lands to live in. The fascinating beauty of nature and modernized life of the human beings have been the reason to grasp the attention of tourists towards this place. Singapore government keeps a proper check and balance on the laws’ implementation in the country.

9. Canada:

Canada is moving on side by side in the way of progress and development with the countries like America and Europe. Canada has a high population, but still the rules and regulations are very strict. Street crimes and the rate of accidents are close to nil in this country, which ultimately make it a peaceful land.

8. Austria:

In terms of its peace, restful environment and better living facilities, Austria is not behind the race. It won’t be wrong to say that this nation’s healthcare, education and living facilities are top notch and the government pays too much attention to keep up the spirit of its people.

7. Finland:

Finland is a small yet beautiful valley. The vibrating beauty of this land, gorgeous beaches, gardens and spectacular environment are something enough to make our mind to reside here for long. Finland’s strict laws and rules have been the reason to make this place a perfect place for the local residents and tourists.

6. Japan:

Japan is a financially and economically strong nation. Its electronic gadgets and equipments are well known in all parts of the world in terms of their reliability and perfect specifications. But more than this, Japan is a peaceful land, free of terrorism or criminal threats.

5. Sweden:

Sweden is a calm and peaceful country, famous for its top notch natural beauty and spectacular mountains. This land is free of any political or terrorism issues. According to an estimate, the rate of terrorism in Sweden is only 10 % which the government tends to decrease up to 1 % in the near future.

4. New Zealand:

New Zealand is a highly deliberated and descent place to live in. This country is far away from the external issues or problems, and the people only focus on their own lives. Here the roads and streets are always under supervision of traffic wardens and corps so that the protection of the people can be made sure.

3. Switzerland:

Switzerland has had always been a favorite place for the tourists especially for the newly married couples to come and live in. The roads and town have been well constructed and well furnished so that the people find no problem to wander here and there. Switzerland is an economically strong nation, and most of its economy is dependent upon the income gotten from the international tourists.

2. Denmark:

Denmark has top class transport, healthcare and education facilities for its residents. Here the crimes and gang-cases are next to zero, which means the government pays keen attention for making the lifestyle of the people harmonic and peaceful to much extent.

1. Norway:

Norway is a highly ranked and top notch place in terms of its peace and strict governmental policies. This country’s rules are people-friendly, which means he who follows and respects the rules, gets maximum benefits. But those who don’t respect the government policies are seriously punished without any discrimination.

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  1. Many confusions

  2. Even Japan was on a list of having crime gangs and here it’s on the list of. Being safest

  3. Sweden was one of the top countries of crime against women and here it comes under being peaceful.

  4. On this page top-10-safest-countries-world-
    Canada: Street crimes and the rate of accidents are close to nil in this country, which ultimately make it a peaceful land.

    and top-10-countries-highest-crime-rate-2014-
    Canada: The residents of this country are having problems of murders, robbery, rape and smuggling. According to an estimate, over 1 million innocent people become the victims of these crimes and the government seems to have been failed overcoming the issues.

    Both seems contradictory 🙂

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