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Top 17 Richest Actors in the World 2017

“Who are the richest actors in the world?” This is a popular question that many people always ask. Because there are a lot of people always dream to be a professional actors or actresses as well while this job offers a lot of opportunities for all people from everywhere. That’s why there are many actors or actresses who are rich in their real life and they can make a lot of money from their jobs and acting careers.

With the passage of time, money has become the necessity of every individual. It is not only to earn sufficient money but also to get millions of dollars along with fame. This is what the celebrities make possible for themselves. Whether we see the actors of Bollywood or Hollywood, they always seem to be too much busy in earning more and more, and this ultimately leads them to become richer than ever. Let us see the list of top 17 richest actors in the world 2017 as below to answer the above popular question.

Johnny Depp - A richest actor in the world.
Johnny Depp - One of top 17 richest actors in the world.
Last updated: 08-Jan-2017.

Here are the top 17 richest actors in the world 2017:

1. Jerry Seinfeld - Net worth: USD820 million

Jerry Seinfeld – Richest actor in the world

Jerome Allen “Jerry” Seinfeld was born April 29, 1954. He is an American comedian, actor and writer. After updated news from Magazine Foxnews to our list, now Jerry Seinfeld is the richest actor in the world who has fortune around USD820 million rank over Shahrukh Khan from Bollywood. Jerry Seinfeld is at the top of our list. He has not only been a movie actor but also a famous television celeb. Jerry made great contribution to television series in the history.

Jerry Seinfeld - richest actor in the world
Jerry Seinfeld - Richest actor in the world

Jerry Seinfeld (American Comedian) - Net worth: USD820 million. Age: 61

2. Shah Rukh Khan - Net worth: USD600 million

Shah Rukh Khan - Bollywood Actor
This actor is called as the Baadshah of Bollywood “The King of Bollywood”. He has a net worth that is about USD600 million today. So he is not only a richest Bollywood actor and also a richest actor in the world (updated: now he is number 2). He plays in more than 75 Hindi films and other International films. Although he is believed to be the richest man in the world, he still concern about the humanity. He joins the UNESCO’s program to help other poor children from around the world.

Shah Rukh Khan is regarded as the ‘King of Bollywood’. He is one of the richest actors in the world. He has appeared in more than 50 movies. He has long been famous for his comedy, romance, and action. Shah Rukh has bagged various awards throughout his career.
Shah Rukh Khan (Bollywood Actor) - Net worth: USD600 million. Age: 49

3. Tom Cruise - Net worth: USD480 million

Tom Cruise - Hollywood Actor
He is a very famous actor and multi-millionaire film producer. He involved in many films and movies, including Top Gun, Rain Man, Tropic Thunder, Few Good Men, and some other great movies. He also owns a real estate that is called as the Beverly Hills Mansion in California.

A richest actor in Hollywood
Tom Cruise - a richest actor in Hollywood

Tom Cruise is the celeb known for his action and great stunt. He is really the king of Hollywood action. Tom is a handsome and gorgeous dude. He has starred in some of the highest grossing movies. He is a multi-talented celeb. Not only Tom is famous as a action hero but also he is an incredible comedian.
Tom Cruise (Hollywood Actor) - Net worth: USD480 million. Age: 53

4. Tyler Perry - Net worth: USD400 million

Tyler Perry - American Actor, Producer & Director

Tyler Perry is an American actor, producer, director, author, and songwriter, specializing in the gospel genre. Perry wrote and produced many stage plays during the 1990s and early 2000s. Tyler Perry is not just an actor, but a fabulous author, director, producer, screenwriter and songwriter. It is of no wonder that he is a prominent entertainer of the era. He is an exclusive partner of Oprah Winfrey. Tyler has always been a favorite of his fans due to his outstanding acting skills.
Tyler Perry (American Actor, Producer & Director) - Net worth: USD400 million. Age: 45

5. Johnny Depp - Net worth: USD400 million

Johnny Depp - American Actor
Johnny Depp - American Actor & Producer
This actor is very famous for his film series, Pirates of the Caribbean. This film is one of the most successful movie franchises today. He has a production company that is called as Infinitum Nihil. This company produces a lot of popular movies these days.

Johnny Depp - one of richest actors in the world
Johnny Depp is one of the most talked about actors. He portrayed a drunken pirate, and various other great characters. His movies gross high, and Johnny makes handsome amount from every successful project. He has bagged various awards during his career.
Johnny Depp (American Actor & Producer) - Net worth: USD400 million. Age: 52

6. Amitabh Bachchan – Net Worth: USD400 million

Amitabh Bachchan has probably touched almost every height of acting, fame, money and success in his 40-year acting career and has earned the title of Bollywood’s Big B. He now charges a reasonable 4 to 5 crore (1 crore = USD214,431) Indian rupees per movie and considering the sheer number of movies he has starred in, he has made his way among the richest Bollywood actors.

Amitabh Bachchan

7. Bill Cosby - Net Worth: USD400 million

Bill Cosby has won various awards and is one of the richest actors in the world. He is a proud comedian of the era. The Bill Cosby Show has been one of the most successful American shows. He won 7 Grammy awards for his comedy albums.
Bill Cosby - Net worth: USD400 million. Age: 73

8. Jack Nicholson - Net Worth: USD390 million

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicolson is a handsome and one of the most amazing actors. He has been recognized to portray both psychopathic and comedic characters over the course of his career, from Jack Torrance to The Joker to Dr. Buddy. He is known for his great face expressions and outstanding style of dialogue delivery.
Jack Nicholson - Net worth: USD390 million. Age: 78

9. Clint Eastwood - Net Worth: USD375 million

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood has ruled the genre of spaghetti westerns since the 50s. he has always been famous for his raspy voice and incredible personality. He is one of the richest actors in the world. He is a legend of Hollywood.
Clint Eastwood - Net worth: USD375 million. Age: 85

10. Tom Hanks - Net worth: USD350 million

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks - American Actor, Producer & Director
Tom Hanks is a famous screenwriter, actor, producer and director. His career is very interesting for most of his fans. Tom Hanks received a lot of awards for his role in Angels and Demons. He is also famous for other films, including Apollo 13, Da Vinci Code, Catch Me If You Can, Cast Away, You’ve Got Mail, and some other movies.

American richest actor
Tom Hanks - American richest actor
Tom Hanks is one of the richest actors in the world. He has done various movies including Apollo 13, Cast Away, Catch Me If You Can, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, The Da Vinci Code, and the Toy Story. It is of no wonder that this celeb is successful. He has been the winner of two Oscars.
Tom Hanks (American Actor, Producer & Director) - Net worth: USD350 million. Age: 59

11. Keanu Reeves - Net worth: USD350 million

Keanu Reeves - Canadian Actor
Keanu Reeves - Canadian Actor
He has a net worth that is about USD350 million. He is well-known for his role in the Matrix. This film was very popular at that time. Keanu Reeves made his wealth from the Matrix Trilogy. There are many people who love watching this movie until today.
Keanu Reeves (Canadian Actor) - Net worth: USD350 million. Age: 50

12. Adam Sandler - Net Worth: USD300 million

Adam Sandler - a richest American actor
Adam Sandler is one of the most remarkable actors of all time. His The Water Boy and The Wedding Singer, produced by Happy Madison Production, turned him into a millionaire in no time. Adam is not only a top notch actor but also a remarkable producer and director. Happy Madison Productions invested USD80 million to produce Grown Ups 2, and grossed around USD250 million.
Adam Sandler (American Actor & Comedian) - Net worth: USD300 million. Age: 48

13. Sylvester Stallone - Net worth: USD275 million

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone - Hollywood Actor
Sylvester Stallone is popular because of his films, Rambo and Rocky. He has a net worth that is about USD275 million. He also works as film producer in some films, including the Expendables franchise. He has a mansion in the Beverly Hills, California.
Sylvester Stallone (Hollywood Actor) - Net worth: USD275 million. Age: 69

14. John Abraham – Net Worth: USD245 million

The reason behind John Abraham’s fame in Bollywood is not his acting skills but also his muscular physique that his male fans try to imitate and his female fans swoon. He has played a diverse range of roles from comical, such as in Dostana, to more serious ones, such as in New York. The actor/producer now earns 7 crore Indian rupees per movie along up to 0.5 crore Indian rupees from endorsements.

John Abraham

15. Leonardo Di Caprio - Net worth: USD215 million

Leonardo Di Caprio - Hollywood Actor
Leonardo Di Caprio - Hollywood Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio is very famous among many people today. He has a net worth about USD215 million. He has a Carbon beach house that is located in Malibu California. This actor became very popular for his amazing film, Titanic. This film was very popular in the world.
Leonardo Di Caprio (Hollywood Actor) - Net worth: USD215 million. Age: 40

16. Will Smith - Net worth: USD215 million

Will Smith
Will Smith - Hollywood Actor
He is another rich actor in the world. Will Smith is a great Hollywood actor with a lot of skills. He has a net worth that is about USD200 million. He became very popular because of his films, including The Independence Day, I Robot, Bad Boys, Men in Black. He receives 3 Grammy Awards for his films.
Will Smith (Hollywood Actor) - Net worth: USD215 million. Age: 46

17. Salman Khan - Net worth: USD200 million

Salman Khan - Bollywood Actor
Salman Khan is one of the leading Bollywood stars. It is not surprising to see this actor in this top richest actor in the world. His net worth is about USD200 million. Salman Khan becomes the most influential people in Bollywood. There are a lot of people who love his films.
Salman Khan (Bollywood Actor) - Net worth: USD200 million. Age: 49

What do you think about these richest celebs? Do you know any other richest actors? Please share us here!


  1. Shah rukh khan is no humanitarian. He is well known in India as a ruthless businessman who would sell his own family for a profit. He sold out his country India after the 26/11 attacks by calling Pakistan a good neighbor just so that his film didn’t get banned in Pakistan. Indians are dumb for blindly adding to his wealth when he is clearly just interested in money. He is stopped EVERYTIME he enters the USA as the intelligence reports claim that he has links to the underworld.

    • Nick you should know that he got UNESCO award for charity…..so, you are a bloody Salman Khan fan may be…………. so don’t abuse him.

    • nick u r WRONG.

      • tnx AK..don’t talk about people when you don’t know about them srk will die for his country am not indian but I love india..♥♥♥♥LIVE LONG SHARUK KHAN

    • indian actors r rich coz they invest in the large multinationals…. if only themoney paid from the movie and endorsement is calculated they wont even be the richest in asia. leave the world

      • U r wrong skin because u didn’t se that every top ten richest actor gets benefit by all their business not only by their film

      • It doesnt matter man, how thye get money… Ads, Shows, concerts etc They get this money because they are worth of it..

        • flippitydipittyhipptyhiphop

          Samuel … They aren’t worth of it..I mean we people make them worth of it. Even the Indian cricket team earns shitloads of money whereas other sport members have nothing as compared to them why? bcoz we give more trp and importance to even a small cricket match than our team representing the world at olympics !

      • So who is stopping chinese, Japanese etc actors from investing the multinationals ?

        The point is to invest money you need to have money in the first place and Bollywood pays a sh1t-ton of money to actors compared to other beggarly Asian cinemas

    • you are right nick shahrukh threw grand party on a same night when unfortunate mumbai train blast happened.

      • Yes, U r right this man is secret agent of Pakistan and connection with Dawood also. This Time let see who will go to see the movie Happy New years. SRK is worst then KRK he is not loving the Indian people specially Non Muslim. But he must not forget that He have a blockbuster in which he is a Non Muslim. Respect other and love your own country SRK. Will Try to ban your Movie Happy New Year Jai Hind.

        • srk is best u like no

        • u dont knw persnl any actor …how thy r…evn media too dnt knw ….so stop commnt …n dnt try to keep ur nose btwn these all actors

        • There are many of bodybuilder’s criminal fans then they see the last nbr of salman they just feel sorry for him but reality is srk is so humble and down to earth and he is respect our country well as they dint and he supports poor family and towns also he’s just awesome #salute for him . And feel sorry for bodybuilder ?

        • Naam badal k comment karna bhot easy hota hai mere dost or utna hi easy kisi ko hurt karna bhi hota hai agar tmko nhi pasnd toh ignore him yaa phir tu south indian fan i mean vo criminal ka fan hai .

        • Dear Zara,

          If he hates from non muslim then y he got married a non muslim lady.
          u r just using this name means zara otherwise u r one of them who hates indian muslims.
          may i ask how do u know that he had some connections with dawood ?
          u need to think twice before blaming anyone.

          anyways good luck.
          don’t be communal be an indian.

    • Ni Pasand to shahrukh hame de do salon isi ki waja se thori bhut izzat karta hun tum logon ki phr woh bhi ni karun ga samjhe….:/

    • Stop dis nonsense !
      Still …………..
      I am an Indian………….but i dont belive in such type of stupid thing………..and really its a our country pleasure ………. !!!
      Obsolutly………..Shahrukh Deserve to more then what…………….you and me………….write here………………because he had no god father in film industry….. but he introduce to cinema as desire the before.

    • Nic.
      You are Wrong be honest to your self.

    • i support u………

    • How many people in the world reach this height??
      SRK is the most intelligent actor I have seen

    • Just shut up who go against SRK

    • Father of SRK is d youngest freedom fighter of India.. So u cant b blame on him directly.. I knw u r jealse of him.. SRK hatters _|_…..

    • I love you Sharukh. And for all the haters out there GET A LIFE not bashing others and bad-mouth about them.

    • chutiya ……saala bakchod srk is d bst

    • Shahrukh khan is best ever he has made india proud many timesjust so he should not be blamed for silly reasons its all politics USA also checked former indian president kalam sir so it doesnt mean that kalm sir is also involved with underworld

    • Actually Salman Khan made some very foolish and irresponsible statements on the 26/11 incident to the Pakistani channel Express TV. The occasion of the interview was his upcoming film (Dabang) His exact words were .”Too much hype has been created around the 26/11 attacks because elite people were targeted. Attacks have happened in trains and small towns too, but no one talked about it so much. Everybody took this up because the Taj and the Oberoi hotels were involved. The attacks happened because our security failed. Everybody knows that the Pakistan government was not behind it and it was a terrorist attack,” Salman told the channel.
      There was a lot of protests and he later apologised as advised by his dad and other well-wishers.

      I am a social scientist researching social media engineering. After researching thousands of social media posts on some of the top popular personalities, I’ve found a clear trend of how easily people will believe anything posted on FB/Twitter, etc. without doing any research or verification. This coupled with short public memory can result in history being completely re-written and public figures/heroes getting manufactured by PR agencies. Oh wait, hasn’t that happened already?

    • You are fake man in the world………. Becase you dont khow about SRK

    • Im from India and i guess you are right..just a few days back..I saw him filming for a movie..and guess what..he is a proper chain smoker…i dont know why but I just coudnt get any good vibes..he seemed so arrogant

    • Srk.means.king.of.a.bollywood.and.you.are.the.suckest.people.in.the.world

    • King of Bollywood

      Don’t under estimate the power of Shahrukh khan…
      We have need some new haters…..bcz old haters are his fans…..

    • Sahruk Dada tum PATHAN me PATHAN baaki sab bekar.

    • Look u nick if u dont like someone u will ignore the man u dont like bt u will say wrong things about the person of whom u r jealous. Ya im fan of king srk

    • hahahah! Why are you getting jealous of him! …try to earn ur 1000rs first…

  2. nick u r right true to the best of my knowledge,actually shahrukh khan making his money from ipl auctions.He is a very jeolous kinded personality,bcoz he has broken relationships with almost all bollywood actors for the sake of his popularity.In the movie OM SHANTI OM he invited salman khan to dance in the title track:so salman khan agreed,but when salman khan invited shahrukh khan in his one of the most successful reality show DUS KA DUM i.e, POWER OF TEN, shahrukh khan refused it.That’s why now a days no one believes in shahrukh khan.Even worlds superstar amitabh bachhan also don’t like shahrukh khan due to his ignoring attitude towards anyone.Rather salman khan running his well known NGO called BEING HUMAN with very well popularity.

    Mr. shahrukh khan i have a suggestion to u…..rather earning moneys spend some money for humanity,it will improve your mentality.

    • Oooooh its look like you r the biggest fan of who killed animals and innocent people either and he take alcohol almost 4 day in a month with his … type of bhabhi malaika arora and the … cought on camera in late nite with katrina kaif and he said he is a virgin dosent matter sunny leone also said the same thing . # drunkerd #gay#great politician undergroud # and no words for him just ……………. .

  3. shahrukh khan , the king of bollywood is much better than any other actors. ……in my opinion srk is kind hearted and good humanitarian…..his personality did not insult others as said by someone………he never wanted to earn just money , he wants the honour, the popularity, the prestige, and the good personality of him…..dat’s why I am a great fan of him……

  4. king khan is best from all other actors.

  5. srk is a very good human. he came to mumbai with just rs 1500 and now he is the 2nd richest actor in the world…kuch to baat hai

  6. All of u are lie. how come Shahrukh Khan is number 2? He should be number 1. Cuz he is n.1 in my heart 4ever.

  7. salman is the best then srk…

  8. Srk is the No.1 father,husband , actor & No.1 richest actor in the bollywood..,but No.2 richest actor in the world..im sure after some time He is No.1 rechest actor in the world. But SRK can not be show off….Its a mouth locker for anti fan of SRK..

  9. U r right ajay kukreja ..SRK is best in all …

  10. Srk means Shahruk Khan , the man who own everything coz of hard work and labour. That’s why he is the bestttt…. actor in India and 2nd richest actor in the world…… we love you SRK…..

  11. I don’t believe this list these guys don’t have good info.. Robert deniro owns a ton of real estate in Ithica New York.. I heard in an interview Denzel made over 45 million in 2013.. And that’s from Denzel himself.. Schwartzneger years and years ago had 200 million in real estate developments.. Mel Gibson was actually worth over 800 million but had to give half to his ex wife.. Nicholson got over 60 million dollars for his role as the joker in batman which was in the early 90s?? And a lot of actors invested in netflix way before it took off.. The woman who was in Seinfeld is an heiress to over 5billion..

  12. Indian actor stars I think make like 700,000 a movie or if they are super popular 1.5 million or even take a percentage of the back end.. And make 5 million a movie or something.. Over years and invest.. I guess it’s possible they’re worth that much.. They prob been in a hundred movies each..

  13. Actually srk has been in 88 if he made 2 mil a movie for the past 30 that’s 60mil.. And done 500 events at 20,000 each another 10 million.. I think it seems like he’s richer than he is what investment has he made to get to 600 million Macintosh? Shell oil?? If he made 5 mil a movie he probably owns part of the studio or production company..

    • SRK obviously can’t make as much money as the hollywood actors U M*R*N!!! there’s this thing called exchange rates I don’t know if u’ve heard of it or not but according to it 1US$ equals 60 indian rupees, so if he makes say 60 crore rupees per movie(thats 600000000 INR) it would still be only 10 million US$ whereas his hollywood counterparts like tom cruise make a lot more than that coz they live in USA. So I don’t think that its wrong to make public appearances or concerts or even investments in large companies for money coz its his money he can do whatever he wants with it(he can even wipe his ass with it). Also ALi I think the main reason that you’re m*d is coz there is an Indian actor above big actors like TC, TH and SS in the list, which is just disgusting, I mean respect the guy for what he is also I personally don’t think your opinion matters coz billions around the world say that he is the best actor in the world so don’t hate him just coz he’s Indian and your SHITTY ACTORS COULDN’T MAKE IT IN THE LIST.

  14. Sab theek hai lekin apne sallu bhai ki baat hi alag hai unke saamne sab bekar (no more argument s)

  15. salman khan is the best in the world

  16. Amir khan is the best actor in the world n he have good behaviour then srk….

  17. they all the best in this dirty life but the main thing how much they will expect or work hard to be best men in the next life espcailly for the muslim actors please think for unlimited life and satisfaction.

  18. sharukh khan is best

  19. sharukh is really great awesome

  20. salman khan is best actor in bollywood body guard

  21. SRK The Best Man In The World &The Most Handsome Man In The World .srk is all love no thing and no love and no life after Shah Rukh Khan

  22. The richest actress is Dina Merrill who is worth over five billion. Julia Louise Dreyfus is also a heiress worth in the billions of dollars.

  23. Shah Rukh Khan is a self-made man. His life is kind of the American Dream, where the common,middle-class boy makes it good. He is the Bollywood dream, a normal boy, who went to school, college, had dreams in his eyes, so went to Bombay and became the superstar that not even he could have dreamed of.

    He is respectful of elders, loves family - most of his films are wholesome family entertainers.

    He is metrosexual - not afraid of showing his emotions. Admits even today that he misses his parents - his father died when he was in his early teens, and his mother just before he became a star. He admits that one of the reasons why he works so hard and is so ambitious to be a big star that he wants his parents to look at him from above and be proud of him.

    He is honest - admits that he hungers for awards,and loves being recognized and praised for his work.

    He adores his family, especially his kids - what woman could resist that? 🙂

    He is married to the same woman for 20 years almost, with no gossip about him. Again, that makes women go all gooey-eyed around him. 🙂

    Oh also, his wife is Hindu, which makes him a very secular man. The family celebrate Eid and Diwali together.

    He is smart, media-savvy, honest about being an entertainer. He has admitted that he doesn’t mind charging x crores to dance at weddings, he is an entertainer after all, and will perform where he’s paid his price. He knows how to use media for his benefit- he has a twitter following of 8.5 million at last count, and he makes it a point to answer every question or replies from his fans.

    He is endearingly charming, respectful to women, endlessly humorous even at his own cost.

    This is all about the person.

    As an actor,when he forgets to act like Shah Rukh Khan, he is truly a brilliant actor. You just have to watch his earlier movies like Darr, Paheli, also My Name is Khan, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Chak De India, Swades, to realize that.

    All of the above put together, makes a dynamic package that has contributed to his overall success. Many of his movies, especially those made by Karan Johan, are marketed to the Indian diaspora worldwide, and achieved success too.

  24. SHAH rukh Khan is one of the best actor in the world.he is a real pathan.

  25. Adam Sandler has a net worth of $ 300 Million, Brad Pitt with $ 240 Million why the heck they are not in the list.

  26. Amitabh Bachchan should be in the top ten. He is worth more than USD 400 million.

  27. Specially I like All actors and actresses.amittab b ..should be the1bcz of senior.
    I respect all of them.

  28. i love you sharuk bhai
    sharuk us world famos acter..are jb google pe he sharuk world famos acter hai to apke sabhi se kush glt mlt kehne se kush nhi jayega sharuk bhai ka…sharuk khan wolrd ka suprstar hai iur rahega okk…

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  30. Last 2 years
    I see
    Salman khan on 200 bilion
    How can it possible

  31. Sorry But Bollywood does not count most people in the US do not even know who this person is, not saying he is not wealthy or a good or bad person.
    Just stating the fact as it rates to famous HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS he would rate number ZERO in the FAME factor.

    • Wes..it doesnt matter what he is in US. There is a whole world outside US..

    • flippitydipittyhipptyhiphop

      If you talk bout the same fame factor in India half of the crazy bollywood fans wouldn’t have even heard the hollywood celebrity names in this list….You see fame factor depends on region and interest in a particular industry

  32. gunjan garg 09811687935

    gunjan i love you priyanka

  33. Srk is the best sing of intelligence in marketing

  34. Salman Bhai is best actor

  35. srk is very clever actor in bollywood.he is don.

  36. chandan singh rajput

    John Abraham best actor in world & my heart

  37. i love you srk………..best of luke hny………

  38. Sharuk khab is the best actor in the world and he deserves every penny he gets he freaking got the UNESCO so I guess that anyone would say anything about him are just jealous.
    If he was an American actor no one would say anything…

  39. Since, this list describes the richest actor and not other categories like best looking actor, best performance, etc, so there is no need of comparing all of them in other categories, also we should accept the fact that each person is free to like anything, or anybody in this world. And the most important thing is that the money these actors earn are their responsibility where to spend, how much to spend, etc. Everybody has money, some have less and some have more, if you take these actors as your ideals than do as they do, don’t matter how much you have..!
    My favourite actor from bollywood is no. 1 Salman khan, no. 2 Sharukh khan and from hollywood no.1 Arnold Schwarzenegger, no. 2 Jackie chan etc. If I try to say what I had taken from them then this post would become very large. So think about it…!

  40. sharukhan is the best go an never give up sharu

  41. SHAH KHAN is the best actor in da world…..

  42. SRK d great .. Most talented actor


  44. srk is the best n kind heartet person n has done many good things in his life… those who doesnt like him for them my midde finger is ready……

  45. SHAHRUKH KHAN is the best actor in the world.

  46. no.2 sucks and india films are boring all they do is singing which is so boring

  47. These actors are really inspirations! For earning so much in doing what they love. I’ve read an article that also talks about highest earning celebrities that uses their money thriftly. They are more of an inspiration for me knowing they don’t spend their money lavishly. 🙂

  48. All the SRK haters…the guy is worth 600MM so i think the plan here would be best to figure out what he did and learn from that so you can make the difference instead.

  49. east or west shahruykh is the best

  50. Shahrukh khan i hate yor behavior but love yr films

  51. Shahrukh Khan are you serious this actor sucks yes he is wealthy and rich But his movie sucks for me and india film is sooo Boring so many Music Dub in the movies which is so fcking sucks!

  52. srk is the king of bollywood

  53. SRK Sucks worst actor for me

  54. those who all are writing against SRK i know that u all are jealous of him. because you all know that he is the best in the world from every point of view. to whom u guys are adoring that is salman, hritik and all tom dick and harry is very far behind from him. for your kind information plz he is one of the most secular star.

  55. sorry!but r u all indians? cuzu keep saying srk

  56. Shahrukh khan is a big name in the world,,,,every body know Srk is best in all field,,,he is a good son,,he is a good husband,,,and father,,,and in acting,
    he is giving 100% percent,,,he teach to people for love,,respect and humanity,,,nocompare,,with muderer drunkers,,actor.

  57. Nick,u are totally wrong. Shahrukh feels proud to be an Indian. He is the best. He is the king of Bollywood not only Bollywood whole world. He is also king or romance on the planet.

  58. Hello,
    Hope robert downey jr. came into this list soon:)

    How many of you here are fan of Iron Man 😉

    • flippitydipittyhipptyhiphop

      obviously everyone is a fan of him. Unfortunately the most famous genius “BILLIONAIRE” 😛 Playboy and philanthropist didn’t make it to the top 10.

  59. hope iron would make it to the list soon

  60. Shah Rukh Khan.

  61. srk is the best

  62. Tm log jo b kah lo srk iz best luv him
    Who talk against him all r jealousers bcz he is king os bollywood

  63. this list far from truth

  64. Srk is best as compared to another actor or khan in belly wood.

  65. Srk king of Bollywood u r only king any what wrong just ignur v love u

  66. sharukh khan is very kind hearted person and the best person in the world.so nobody has right to abuse such a great person who is known for his humanity

  67. sharukh khan
    The King of Bollywood in india
    so cool and so sweet

  68. SRK Has mind how to make mony in india so nuch population it is the biggest point of earning


    I am very gald to soppurt srk is a king of bollywood king of romance king of badshaah and king of actarss of WORLD and he also good father and his religoin is muslim and if he have billons of fan i am one of them and also if he have one fans that fans is me

  70. Srk is the king forever.

  71. who the h*ll is srk stop talking about him he’s no match to hollywood actors

    • Then just go with your ugly face … here we talking about money means thr richest actors … not looking or face cut something else .

  72. very impressive blog i am very happy to know that Tom Cruise is in this list of richest-actors-in-the-world, nice to know that he is the 3rd richest actor

  73. What about jockey chan and rajani kanth sir


    • teri aukaad kya hai gaandu jaake teri maa se pooch tera baap ka lund saale salmaan khan ke karidha hua gaandu hai thu bosdike

  75. Shah Rukh Khan is the best actor in the world. And for u guys, go to Wikipedia and read about his charity work. He was even voted Children Favorite in India because he cares about children education. So shut up and read or know before u criticize.

  76. Srk is suck not the best and indian film are so boring they’re always just singing with pathetic music

  77. Well, I respect all of your opinion. This is a good article though. I really respect and admire all the actors and actresses, about their passion in doing their job. About giving us, moviegoers and television viewers, more than just something good to watch.

  78. Thank you for another fantastic article. all are my favorite artists.

  79. skr it’s my motivation

  80. SRK is the best actor and human being not only in Bollywood but all over the world, so he is the best and i love him a lot i agree there are controversies regarding him but “JISKA NAAM HOTA HAI WAHI BADNAAM HOTA HAI” and i love him not just because he is the great actor but another reason is he came from ground level he slept on footpath worked in circus done everything to survive so he is the role model for me he is the motivation for me and this is not enough because “PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST”

  81. salman khan is the best

  82. This so incorrect Tyler Perry is worth four hundred and twenty million why isn’t he on the list

  83. Srk we love you , Bhot actor hai bollywood mein lekin sharukh khan jaisa koi nhi so please respect him .

  84. pehli baat tu ye jo tm gandi gandi baat kar rahe hu srk ke liye …
    iam the gratest fan of srk so.. plz stop your bakwas band kar DON ke bare me bura kehna mahga pade ga aur us sai bhe jyada mujhse kse ne bhe agar srk ke bare me kuch kaha tu Don,t angry me ..
    mujse bhidne ki to galti mat kareyo
    mujhe apne level ka bilkul mat samjheyo
    tujh jaise mere agai peechai ghoomai
    mujhe bhai bhai keh kr hath pair mera chumai
    [salo agar kise ne ye chura ya tu maro ga kam aur bhigaunga jyada]

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  86. evryone is best in own way …how they treat …nevr blame any one without knowing persnl

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    This article has really peaked my interest. I will bookmark your site

  88. Great 2 Indian Actors in TOp 10 list

  89. srk is fooling people.only thing matters is money for him. If he is so good person, how much he is helping poor people, or any good service to the people..

    • Jitni help tera sallu karta hai usse zyada sharukh karta hai bas sharukh tere sallu ki tarha show off ni karta or naa hi vo daaru pike gareeb logo ko maarta samj aya kuch

  90. sharukh khan is best actor in world no one cros sharukh khan acting

  91. I like Jerry Seinfeld and most of them..

  92. I like always salman khan and Salman Khan and Salman Khan

  93. VinayPratap Gautam

    Sharukh khan Suar jhaaaatooo h

  94. VinayPratap Gautam

    Sharukh khan Suar jhaaaatooo hai

  95. Sharukhan i love you

  96. I like srk masha’allah

  97. srk is a ****……………………i hate bollywood actors

  98. Shah Rukh Khan ‘I Love You So Mush’
    You and Kajol are my most loved actor in the whole world

  99. Good to see Salman Khan (#10) and Shahrukh Khan (#2) on the list.

    But Let’s not forget the REAL #1!!!!

    Oprah Winfrey!!!!! (who has acted in many movies)

    Oprah’s net worth (2015) $3B (which is Rs. 18900,00,00,000.00 or as they say in India Rs. 18,900 Crores!!!!)

    Sadly puts Salman out of the top 10 list 🙁

  100. I love you srk very much

  101. I love u very much king khan

  102. srk is a jerk yr he is amad person in da word

  103. tom cruise is best

  104. sallu se tm jalty ho srk

  105. Salman is best..
    Dr.Srk is best.. He always live for his country… He is indian.. And indian…. Lv u

  106. Tnx AK..don’t talk about people when you don’t know about them he will die for his country. .am not indian but I love India. .LONG LIVE SRK LOVE YOU 2DAY I LOVE YOU 2MORROW MAKE IT TOGETHER I LOVE YOU 4EVER♥♥♥♥♥♥<3 <3 <3 <3

  107. King of bollywood
    king of heart
    No.1Acter in bollywood industry world richest man one & Only my Dashing &Handsome king Shahrukh khaan…….
    Baqi sb jae tel lene

  108. Amitabh bachan has a net worth of $400 million

  109. i love u SRK,,
    MY HERO,,,

  110. Salman is the being human of Bollywood. Salman is my best.
    Salman ha “veer”, “Tiger ?”, And he is a very kind man ? of Bollywood.
    Salman is my favourite actor ?.

  111. srk is king


  113. king of bollywood, king khan, king of romance, bollywood ka badshah,

    thanks SRK aapne bharat ka name uncha kiya hai

    i am very very thanks you

  114. agreed with indranil maji,,,,,,,,Salman khan is alwayzz besttttt,,,,lv u salman

  115. hppy to c tht INDIAN actor is ranked at 2 which is really a great thing……….SRK,BADSHAH,KING KHAN,&owner of KKR U ROCKK..

  116. we all are one . our india is the best hindu brother sister and muslim brother and sister is the key factor of love and respect for every one on this planet.
    love you all.
    nadeem khan.

  117. Another best post indeed from top10for. All these actors really deserve to be occupied in this list and very good to see that Shahrukh Khan leave behind Tom Cruise. Anyway you have concluded each one very well. Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us.

  118. shahrukh bhai …..wallah wallah

  119. whole world’s knows that SRK is most famous on the earth ,every actors born to compete with the king of bollywood so please you guys can’t fight for each other,i’m from U.S.A.i’m not a SRK fan but i like his attitude in USA we knows only one actor from any other country names Shah Rukh Khan from india he is really god of act……!!

  120. God tum logon ko sadhbuddhi de .

  121. Nunnoya F Bihssenihss

    This list is complete BS. The only accurate piece of this article is that Jerry Seinfeld is #1 on the list. Larry David is most likely #2 or #3, but he is not even mentioned. BS.
    How can you people be spoonfed garbage every single day of your lives and continue to eat it up like it is your last meal?
    Eeediots. I hope none of you are breeding.

  122. Imamul hada kafar

    Mashahallah shahrukh khan is also here he is what this man is all the perfect person on work I like that

  123. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the richest celebrity in the world. his place is missing in this list.

  124. I am a big fan of srk

  125. well srk almost every year he give millions in charity like flood victims, rape victims,cacer victims , disaster victims, charity Shows, chennai victims 4crores , utrakhand flood victims , etc etc etc…








  126. wooooow really its amazing
    BUT where is Amir khan

  127. my favourite actor is tom cruise he ihas good leadership in his all movies

  128. we love u salman bhai love paise see nahi admi se hota hain bhai i love uuu

  129. tom cruise is the best i like one of his movies days of thunder

  130. SRK is the best.

  131. John Abraham is not in this list he have net worth 55millio usd after Salman khan only Akshay Kumar is in this list make sure ok dn give wrong information please it’s my request

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