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Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans Brand in The World

Jeans is a great means to spell your style statement. Men and women of various age groups use jeans. It is possible to look stylish by wearing the right jeans. You can wear jeans on various occasions. Jeans is available in various colors and textures. The quality varies from one brand to another brand. You will want to choose the affordable and comfortable version to fulfill your needs. The following top brands have a remarkable presence in the world and they are very expensive:

Here are the top 10 most expensive jeans brand in the world:

10. APO Jeans

If you would like to target jeans beyond the designer-wear, you will want to go for APO Jeans. The elite class of people would like to go for the best jeans which are the combination of comfort, luxury and style. It is possible to manage super-sexy jeans from the brand. The jeans is available in the price range of $4,000. You can find hand-jeweled jeans in various sizes, shapes and designs. The jeans is personalized so that you will find buttons made up of silver, platinum, gold, and diamond. Celebrities would love to wear APO Jeans at it delivers extraordinary feeling and astounding appeal.

9. Escada

The German-based luxury brand produces high-quality jeans in the price range of $10,000. The luxury brand caters to the needs of fashion-conscious women around the globe. The brand was established in 1978 by Megha Mittal. It exposes sensual femininity and glamour. Highly sophisticated jeans can be ordered from the brand. The jeans is made with the finest fabric and great workmanship. It delivers exceptional fit so that you can make the most of your money. The brand ensures that the jeans is available in more than 1100 stores in over 80 countries. You can find a unique and superior collection in Escada.

8. 7 For All Mankind

‘7 For All Mankind’ is founded by Peter Koral, Michael Glasser, and Jerome Dahan. The company introduced premium denim during fall 2000. It has headquarters in Los Angeles, California. There will be extreme fit and finish with the jeans introduced by the brand. The approximate price tag of the brand is $300. It is an international brand which has hundreds of retail outlets all over the world.

7. Earnest Sewn Custom Fit

It is one of the high-quality luxury brands and has great lifestyle identity. It is one among the top-ranked and most expensive brands in the world. You can find the high-end finish and the jeans is made with fine fabric. It is the best brand adopted by most of the world famous celebrities as it will deliver a great soothing experience. The cost of the jeans will be in the range of $1,000.

6. Dolce & Gabbana

A wide range of features is offered by the Dolce & Gabbana. It is meant to produce authentic and unconventional look. You can choose the brand to present a new form of style. The price of the jeans will be $1,200. The brand is founded by Italian fashion designer and it incorporates region-based styles in an effortless manner. It has customers from all over the world. You can go for it to produce an exclusive range of looks. You can convey your style in a very efficient way.

5. Gucci

The luxury Italian fashion brand offers high-quality jeans. The price range will be of the order of $3,100. The jeans is popular all over the world. The manufacturer follows the modern approach to producing the most compelling collection. You will find innovation, creativity and imagination in the promotion of the jeans. The brand justifies by producing industry leading fashion jeans in an effortless manner. The brand is committed to produce superior quality of fabric without compromising on the style. It is the brand trusted by high-profile celebrities from all over the world. The jeans can be found in various retail outlets spread across the world.

4. Roberto Cavalli

The luxury Italian fashion house sells the most expensive jeans as it produces high quality jeans. The cost of the jeans will be of the order of $1,200. Superior range of fabric is used for the preparation of jeans. The brand was founded by Italian fashion designer. You will get sand-blasted look with these jeans. You will get eye-catching fit by wearing the jeans manufactured by luxury brand, Roberto Cavalli.

3. Levi Strauss & Co.

It is the California-based American clothing giant which produces very expensive jeans of the order of $60,000. The brand was founded in 1853. You can find refined finishes and there will be great finish. The brand delivers class and quality and it is the most renowned brand in the world. Everyone would like to wear the stuff without any issues. The clothing range produced by the brand is incomparable. The exclusivity desired by customers will be delivered by Levi Strauss & Co. You can find progressive and sustainable designs from the brand.

2. Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim

The brand procures highly expensive jeans of the order of $250,000. The Thrashed Denim from Dussault Apparel goes through 13 washes. In between each washing, there will be drying and painting. You will find 16 numbers of 1-carat rubies, 26 rubies, 8 diamonds and 1080 grams of gold (white or rose gold). The jeans can be picked by elite class because of the sheer elegance and grandeur. Highly mesmerizing collection will attract celebrities from all over the world. High-profile people who have massive pockets will choose Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim.

1. Secret Circus

The price range of Secret Circus varies from $500,190 to $1.3 million. It is one of the most expensive jeans in the world. If you are targeting classic jeans, Secret Circus is the best option. You will experience sheer lavishness and great workmanship. The jeans is very expensive because of the presence of diamond pattern in the back pocket.
The above jeans are authentic and they are made with the finest fabrics. The price tag is based on the quality of fabric and its attributes. You can order designer jeans from the comfort of your home so that it will be delivered at your doorsteps.

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