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Top 10 most Beautiful Eyes in the World

Having a beautiful pair of eyes is not less than a blessing for anyone. There have had been various contests of most beautiful faces, beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, beautiful bodies and so on. The winners of such contests definitely possess some sparkling skills and characteristics which make them recognized. When it comes to say that which are the top 10 most beautiful eyes in the world, then the list is given below.

10. Evanglina Lilly:

Evangelina Lilly owns spelled eyes to make the men crazy. But it is not her eyes which are known in the world but also her cure and well shaped face and hot figure as well.

9. Megan Fox:

The deep oceanic eyes of Megan Fox are really beautiful and impressive. Megan owns a charming personality, and is doubtlessly a hard working and successful Hollywood diva.

8. Giada De Laurentiis:

She is a famous Italian television celebrity. The most interesting and popular show of Giada De Laurentiis is her Italian cooking show in which she teaches a lot of tasty and yummy recipes to the viewers.

7. Rachel Bilson:

The sparkling and attractive eyes of this beauty are dark brown in color and superbly deep by look. At first glimpse, Rachel’s eyes look like falling in the deep seas of peace.

6. Penelope Cruiz:

It is not only her acting but also her beauty and personality which made this black-haired and deep-eyed lady a famous woman in the world. Penelope owns charming and shiny eyes and of course a beautiful face as well.

5. Sharbat Gula:

The deep green eyes of Sharbat Gula are something enough to keep us occupied for hours and hours. This National Geographic girl is a courageous female of the world.

4. Cameron Diaz:

What to say about the beauty and hot appeal of Cameron Diaz. She is, doubtlessly, a wonder woman with charming shiny blue eyes. Cameron is a successful and popular Hollywood actress and has so far won different awards as well due to her amazing acting skills.

3. Olivia Wilde:

At first glimpse the eyes of Olivia looks like two sparkling and extremely shiny eggs with dark spots. It would sound like a joke but that’s the truth, whatsoever it might mean to you but it is true that Olivia has deep and gorgeous eyes, sized beautifully large.

2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

After her marriage, Aishwarya got busy in her households, but still this famous Bollywood actress is every now and then seen in different movies. She has been the Miss India and won different awards in her acting career. Aishwarya is a world famous beauty and what make her fame increased are her two beautiful and sparkling eyes.

1. Kate Bosworth:

Kate Bosworth has the most beautiful and attractive pair of eyes in the world. She is a cool and appealing model and of course the spell of her big sky-blue eyes. But more than this, she has been a famous American actress.

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  1. World’s most beautiful eyes are the Joaquim Piçarra.

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