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Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Movie Scenes of all the times

There are so many reasons which are countable towards the success of a Hollywood, such as the cinematography, team behind the screen, story, powerful background music, the acting skills of the front-screen individuals and of course the inclusion of a fewer sexy and hot scenes. It seems that a Hollywood movie is never complete without the involvement of hot kissing or bathing scenes. Almost all the movies have had such scenes in one way or the other. Let us see which are the top 10 hottest Hollywood movie scenes of all the times.

10. Carrie’s Shower Scene:

Carrie was a classical horror movie presented in 1976. There were various romantic and surprising scenes for the viewers in the movie, but ths shower scene of the actress was something amazing to keep the viewers intact.

9. Jessica Beil’s hot scene in Podwer Blue:

I cannot stop myself from crediting Jessica for her super hot and sexy scene in Podwer Blue. She showed off her goodies to the world, and the scene got too much popularity. Another scene of the movie was the sexy dance of Jessica, which was also very amazing to make the viewers crazy.

8. The Cut’s hot Meg Ryan:

Meg Ryan didn’t stop herself from doing sexy and hot scenes in her famous 2003 movie, The Cut. The scene included Meg’s hot boobs’ appearance and that was something to make the men unconscious due to her bold appeal.

7. The Hangover’s hot scene of Ken:

Ken Jeong got too much fame due to this scene in her movie The Hangover. The film was released in 2009 and Ken surprisingly showed off her full hot body. In the scene, Ken was found physically assaulting a male.

6. Harvey Keitel’s The Piano:

The Piano (1993) was a movie of Harvey Keitel. The level of his sexy was very high in his scene. He did it confidently and showed off the whole male body from top to end before the camera.

5. Starship Troopers’ shower scene:

The movie Starship Troopers was released in 1997. This shower scene involved the sexy men and women taking bath together. They were also busy in mutual conversation just like we do in clothed form. The scene was, indeed, very sexy and hot and remained the hottest in the history for a long time.

4. Titanic’s Kate Winslet sexy:

Kate Winslet’s debut and the Oscar Award Winning movie, Titanic was released in 1997. To become a top star of the era, Kate had to experiment uniquely with her role, so she did the same and appeared in a whole-body hot scene. Although the scene didn’t involved showing off her breasts and hip by the full, but still was looking super gorgeous.

3. The Gift’s Katie scene:

Katie Holmes’ movie The Gift was brought to us in 2000. Technically speaking, the movie was a thrilling one and interesting as well. But more than this the sexy and hot scene of Katie charmed its fame. She whipped off her clothes completely before the camera and still looked much confidence.

2. Erika’s Under Siege hot scene:

Erika Eleniak appeared in the 1992’s movie Under Siege. During the process the movie moves towards its climax, a moment comes when Erika goes topless and starts dancing on the ship. The scene was amazingly cinematographed, thus became a popular hot scene of 19th century.

1. Trading Places’ hot Jaime Scene:

Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie Trading Places (1983) ripped her clothes off before the audience in a scene of the speech. She does so to prove that her boobs are part of her business and she cannot feel shy or irritated showing them off before the business partners.

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