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Top 10 Craziest Gifts on Amazon

For those who have a unique sense of humor, there are a variety of crazy things that you can purchase through the internet. A lot of them are simply fun, however depending on who you are shopping for, some could be offensive if they do not appreciate the same humor as you. Here are the top 10 craziest gifts on Amazon for you to enjoy and perhaps share with someone you feel needs a good chuckle.

10. Crazy Rumors Perk Coffee Lip Balm Gift Set

Crazy Rumors Perk Coffee Lip Balm Gift Set
This could be the ideal gift for a coffee lover who simply cannot get enough of the stuff. It is a gift set of four unique coffee flavored lip balms. It is a coffee break without the burn and one that you do not have to worry about spilling in your lap as you travel. Flavors include Amaretto, Coffee Bean, French Vanilla, and Mocha. All lip balms are created with organic ingredients and essential oils to heal chapped lips while giving wearers a taste of their favorite morning drink.

9. Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set

Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set
This gift set features a cat lady in her robe and six of her furry friends. The cat lady also has a comical wide-eyed look on her face as if wondering how she became the cat lady. Cat ladies are typically considered interesting people and this action figure brings it to life in a truly fun way. Do you know someone who loves her cats and you feel should know how special she is?

8. Westminster Silly Straws

Westminster Silly Straws
Is it a straw or is it glasses? Perhaps it is both. Either way, it is a great entertainment piece for adults and children alike. Kids cannot resist the urge to drink their drinks watching it swirl through hoops around their eyes and into their mouth. Adults could also enjoy this delightful way to enjoy their favorite beverages especially if they want to get a laugh from others.

7. Fred “Borrow My Pen” Subversive Pen Set

Fred “Borrow My Pen” Subversive Pen Set
If you know someone who is forever loaning out or losing their pens, perhaps you should consider getting this gift set for them. The sayings that are on it are comical, but perhaps not something your friend would want to share with the world. There is a pen for a sexual addiction clinic, one for unwanted hair removal, as well as a proctology clinic and a taxidermist. These pens are meant to write well while providing the owner with a laugh or two.

6. Loftus Fart Pen

Loftus Fart Pen
If you like giving pens and laughs, you could also give a truly fun gag gift that farts in five unique sound effect styles. It uses batteries and the batteries are replaceable so that the fun never has to end. The pen works and writes in blue ink. To activate the sounds, you simply have to push the bottom section of the “finger”. Who can resist laughing at one of the body’s most funny sounding and embarrassing actions?

5. Crazy Cat Lady Game

Crazy Cat Lady Game
This is the game for all true cat lovers. To play this board game you simply try to get at many cats as you can while running errands. Along the way, you may gain cats and lose cats. At the end of the game, the winner is determined by who has the most cats. It is a guaranteed fun family night game that is easy to play and loads of fun are included.

4. Ravensburger Labyrinth

Ravensburger Labyrinth
This game teaches cause and effect. It teaches kids and adults to take turns and plan ahead. To play the game, you shift walls of a labyrinth to create a clear path toward various treasures. The walls constantly move and you must watch out for traps along the way. It is recommended for players 8 years and over.

3. Bacon Shaped Themed Bandages

Bacon Shaped Themed Bandages
What do you get when you combine breakfast foods with boo boos? Bacon-y Band-Aids of course. This unique tin contains fifteen bandages and a free prize for those willing to wear breakfast on their fingers. Kids will find humor in it and most likely adults will want to eat breakfast a little more often.

2. Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball
This has always been a popular toy for your kids and adults and it is one of the craziest gifts on Amazon. You ask a question and the Magic 8 Ball will have an answer for you. It can answer questions about anything and some people believe that it is usually accurate. Do you feel that it can hold the answers to your future? Buy it for a kid or an adult you know. It is guaranteed that they will love it.

1. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
Putty is always fun to play with for adults and kids alike. You can bend it, tear it, bounce it, squeeze it, and do a variety of other things with it. The cool thing about this putty is that it is also magnetic. It has a mind of its own according to the manufacturer and it does have the ability to relax and free the mind of anyone who touches it.

Do you love any of these craziest gifts?

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