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Top 10 Foods and Beverages for Your Skin

Are you interested to improve your skin health? You should keep reading this article. There are some essential foods that you should consume regularly. These foods are recommended because they have proper nutrients that are good for your skin. You are able to improve your skin health by consuming these foods regularly. Here is the list of top 10 foods and beverages for your skin.

10. Dark chocolate

This is one of the healthiest foods that you should consume regularly. Dark chocolate contains a lot of nutrients that are good for your skin. It has flavonoids that contain high amount of antioxidants. As all you know, antioxidant is very useful to improve your skin appearance quickly.

9. Tomato

Not all people know that this product is very effective for improving their skin health. There are many benefits that you can get from this product. It contains a lot of vitamin C that is good for your skin. It is recommended that you consume tomato juice every day.

8. Green tea

When you are planning to improve your skin health, you should consider drinking green tea regularly. This ingredient has high amount of polyphenols. These compounds are very effective to make your skin look radiant and beautiful. You can also improve your skin elasticity effectively.

7. Kale

This is another recommended food that you should consume regularly. This product is very well-known for its zeaxanthin and lutein. These nutrients are very effective to absorb the free radicals from the environment quickly. Therefore, they are able to protect your skin from any damages effectively.

6. Rosemary tea

Many doctors recommend the consumption of rosemary tea for all patients who have problems with their skin. This tea contains high amount of antioxidants that can remove all free radicals from your skin quickly. This rosemary tea is also effective to reduce the chance of getting melanoma, a type of skin disorder.

5. Water

If you want to get beautiful and smooth skin, you may want to consider drinking enough water. This ingredient is very effective to improve your body metabolism. Water is also good for removing some toxins from your own body quickly.

4. Coffee

This is another great ingredient that can improve your skin appearance. Coffee is believed to be the best product that can reduce the possibility of getting skin cancer. This function is related with the caffeine as the main ingredient in coffee. However, you shouldn’t drink coffee above the requirement daily intake.

3. Kiwi

This fruit becomes very popular among many people today. There are a lot of people who want to consume kiwi fruit in their own life. This fruit has a lot of vitamin C that is good for your skin. When you get enough vitamin C daily, you are able to get radiant and glowing skin effectively.

2. Red wine

Many people love drinking wine, but they don’t know about some health benefits from this product. If you want to stay healthy and fit, you may want to consume wine regularly. High quality wine is made from the best grapes. These grapes may contain some important hormones, for example resveratrol. This hormone can help you improve your skin appearance significantly.

1. Carrot

If you want to get healthy skin, you may want to consume carrot regularly. This food contains high amount of carotenoid that is good for your skin. Therefore, you should consume carrot in your regular basis.

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