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Top 10 Reasons of Pimples in Summer

With the passage of time, the human beings have started living busy and hectic lives. The hustle and bustle of daily routine has made it impossible for us to take good care of our skin and health. The problems of pimples and acne have become common in not only the women but also the men. The teenage boys and girls are especially hunted in the issues of pimples and wrinkles. The solutions to get rid of pimples have now been on your way if you get to know the reasons of pimples. Let’s check out top 10 reasons for pimples in summer.

10. Excessive Oily Foods:

Reasons of Pimples

The regular use of oily foods in summer will be reason to develop pimples in summer. Avoid using pakoras, oily chicken and junk foods which are good for nothing.

9. Hectic and Stressful Life:

Reasons of Pimples

Sometimes it is your daily routine and hectic life which is the reason behind pimples’ arrival. We all should take good care of our skin and make sure that we have scheduled our things in a proper way. No need to take stress or burdenize our minds to cope up with the workload.

8. Lesser Moisturizing:

Reasons of Pimples

The regular use of moisturizing lotions and creams is beneficial for both women and men. Those who forget to apply moisturizers onto their face, hands and arms everyday have greater chances to suffer from pimples. Make sure you make your routine and moisturize your skin regularly even when there are summers.

7. Hormonal Changes:

Reasons of Pimples

The irregular hormones in the women during menstruation become the reason of pimples and wrinkles. It usually doesn’t remain for long, so you have not to worry too much. Just make sure your diet is healthy and nutritious enough so that your hormonal changes don’t get serious during the periods.

6. Much Exposure to Sun:

Reasons of Pimples

Too much exposure to sunrays in summer is not at all a good idea. If your profession is of field-work or marketing and you have to wander here and there the whole day, then bring an umbrella to save yourself and your skin from the direct sun exposure.

5. Heredity:

Reasons of Pimples

The genetic problems are transmitted from parents to the children and pimples’ arrival is sometimes due to such genetic issues. It is, in medical terms, called the problems of heredity. The condition is same as when a mom is fatty then her children will also be healthy. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have the solution of avoiding pimples, no matter if it is a heredity problem or not.

4. Too Much Traveling:

Reasons of Pimples

Too much traveling is not a good habit. In case it’s a part of your profession then still you should avoid much traveling during the hot summer days. Plan your traveling time and go outside the city only twice a week.

3. Excessive Makeup Usage:

Reasons of Pimples

I don’t think I need to quote here any of the points that how much harmful excessive makeup is for your skin. Especially when there are summers, then you have to avoid different kinds of foundations, eye-shades and other makeup products which can cause pimples onto your skin.

2. Improper Diets:

Reasons of Pimples

Many of us usually don’t care of how much liquid we have taken in during the summer days. The truth is that we should keep a check and balance. Try to intake as much water and liquids as you can so that your skincare problems are gone. Also you have to make sure that your improper dieting habits are no more with you during summertime because it will cause dehydration.

1. Lesser Sleep:

Reasons of Pimples

Take a peaceful sleep every night. The women and men who are habitual of taking lesser sleeps get higher chances of pimples and wrinkles. No matter it is summer or winter, proper sleep is always a must for our health and beauty.

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