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Top 10 Hottest Female Kpop Idols in 2014

We are already seeing the top 10 sexiest women in the world in 2014. Now in this post we will see the top 10 hottest female Kpop idols in 2014.

It is an era of entertainment, movies and music. When it comes for the people to amaze themselves with music, some of them love pop music, while the others are fans of kpop or romantic music. Kpop is an improved form of music which has turned today’s world into a musical one. Nowadays every one of us has deep love towards different kpop forms. Different kpop bands are, nowadays, present which are as much favorite of the music lovers as can be the music of a movie. Here is the list of top 10 hottest female kpop idols in 2014.

10. Kim Hyo-Yeon:

We know Kim as a South Korean beauty. It is not a long since when Kim joined her first kpop band as a dancer. With the passage of time, she also learnt singing and other performing skills and now has become a talented and famous kpop idol. Her super cool look is a plus to Kim’s level of success.

9. G.N.A:

You can see a lot of interesting and hot pictures of G.N.A on the internet. She is a charming kpop beauty and a perfect artist of international level. G.N.A has had been seen performing in different Cube concerts, and her charming appearance plus her hot look makes this lady a superstar.

8. Nana:

Nana has not only a hot body but also an innocent face and highly impressive singing and dancing skills. This kpop lady is simply flawless in her dance and is enough hot to rock the nights. Nana performs at international level and is a member of different well known bands.

7. Yuri:

It won’t be wrong to call Yuri the heartbeat of various youngsters. She is a permanent member of SNSD/Girls Generation group. Yuri owns a sweet voice and hot personality which become the factors behind her success in the world.

6. Suzy:

Suzy is a lovely kpop idol and owns hot and sexy body. She usually wears short outfits and skirts during her shows. This wonder lady is the founder of world famous kpop band Miss A. Suzy knows well how to experiment creatively with her dance and songs and this is why she always comes to the stage with something original and totally different forms of kpop.

5. Gain:

Gain is another South Korean kpop darling. She is a perfect dancer and singer. Gain’s hot and sexy look is enough to keep her fans intact till the end of her shows. She was born in September, 1987 and from the very early days of her high school, Gain had a love for music which led her become a member of kpop band.

4. Im Yoon:

Im Yoon is known with the name of Yoona around the globe. This hot figured kpop beauty took her start in 2002. Initially Yoona was performing on small scale and appeared many times in SM open casting auditions. But it was her luck which made this beauty diva recognized in a shorter time frame and nowadays she is not only performing in her native country, South Korea but also shows off her skills at international scale.

3. Park Ji-yeon:

Park Ji-yeon is a highly talented and amazing kpop artist of the group T-ara. Park is known for her distinctive and charming dancing forms and special singing styles. She usually does pop songs and remains busy in various musical projects. I must say Park is a sexy and successful kpop beauty of the era.

2. Hyorin:

Hyorin is a simply prestigious stage performance and a talented female member of the group Sister. This hot kpop female is always in the headlines due to her envious body showing habits. Her voice is incredible so as her dance.

1. Park Bom:

It seems that South Korea is the only nation to gift us with so many amazing and incredible kpop performers. Park Bom also belongs to South Korea. This amazing singer and dancer is a member of group 2NE1. Park is an internationally recognized and highest paid kpop celebrity. She owns sweet voice, solo dancing skills and of course a super hot figure.


  1. Judging by your list I can tell you are a foreigner. Foreign men seems to have real bizarre taste when it comes to asian women.

  2. If you “hottest” as in like “popular”, then you forgot IU. She is considered the most successful female artist of the year. She topped the charts every time she released a song, and her self-composed song which was released in December of last year, Friday, is still in the top 70 on Korea’s most used chart. I mean, most of the charts have at least 5 of her songs in. If you grab anyone on the street in Korean and ask them about IU, they’ll all know her and say they like her songs at least. Even old people know her, and I mean A LOT.
    I don’t wanna include anymore, but if I had to, you should add Hyeri. She got super popular in Korea cuz of her cuteness.

  3. For me park bom is the best even she did plastic surgery still has sweet voice and very good personality…. shes the best… but why dara isnt ont the lists?

  4. park jiyeon <3 forever

  5. First, the girl pictured at #10 is not Kim Hyo-Yeon. Second, It’s Im Yoon Ah at #4. Third, Kwon Yu-Ri should be ranked at #1. Finally, you’re missing Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung, Kim Tae-Yeon, Choi Soo-Young, Seo Joo-Hyun and Lee Soon-Kyu.

  6. Park Bom? Really? She isn’t even human anymore it’s a plastic face! Hyuna looks so much better

  7. Vitoria Ferreira

    I’m sorry but , you forgot HyunA …. She’s The pae wang saek !

  8. sadara park !!!! she’s the Most Beautiful Female Korean Idols she’s a natural beauty

  9. What is up with the description? it’s like u don’t even no them at all… Also, did u mean Kim Hyoyeon the actress or Kim Hyoyeon the actual kpop idol from snsd? cuz if its hyoyeon from snsd then u used the wrong pic. Same thing for Jiyeon….

  10. I am not so much interested in choices of your list of 10 or the order they come in, but would like to correct a few errors in the list.

    1. Though there are three young ladies from Girls’ Generation on the list, you have only identified one of them. Also all 9 members from debut to present are permanent members, not just Yuri.

    2. Speaking of Girls’ Generation, Yoona’s birth/real name is Im Yoon A (sometimes spelled Ah) and not just Im Yoon. This is how she gets her stage name Yoona.

    3. Suzy is not the founder of missA. MissA’s history predates Suzy’s time with JYP Entertainment. That history culminated in what was to become a four member group known as missA, for which Suzy is one of the four debuting member. Although Fei is the eldest of group, there isn’t a designated leader. Suzy is the maknae (youngest) and the visual.

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