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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Cup Holders for Bikers in 2015

It is said hitting the road can happen any time. you always need to adapt serious measures to stay secure while driving on the road. Cup holders for motorcycles actually look pretty cool on a bike, and these have become a necessity nowadays. Check the list of top 10 best motorcycle cup holders for bikers in 2015.

10. Stainless Steel Motorcycle Cup Holder

This comes in one size and features adjustable clamp, foam cup insert, and hex key wrench.

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9. Motorcycle Leather Cup Can Bottle Holder

It is made of quality leather and has adjustable straps and concho decoration.

8. Graphite Design Motorcycle Cup Holder

This is an item by Xelement. This has easy-to-adjust clamp and foam cup insert. It comes in multiple sizes.

7. Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Handlebar Mount

If you need convenient access to your beverage during the ride, then this is a wonderful item for you. This is easy to attach and comes in multiple foam liners. This accommodates you to much extent.

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6. HR Grip Biker Mount Holder

This is a product by HR and is ready to purchase through the link below. This has cushioned, retractable side arms for holding your iPhone like devices with great ease.

5. Kruzer Kaddy Stainless Steel Cup Holder

If you are looking for convenient access to the drinks during riding, this is the right kind of item for you.

4. Quick Release Drink Holder for Motorcycles

The quick release holder is ideal for motorcycles.

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3. Can Bottle Cup Holder with Concho & Fringe

This is made of high quality leather. This is one of the best motorcycle cup holders for bikers.

2. Kruzer Kaddy Leather Wrap Switch Mount

This is easy to fit onto switch housing mount, and can be detached easily from chrome-plated steel bracket. This has been brought forward in 2 insulated liners and accommodates many size containers. Order instantly.

1. Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Switch Mount

This is simple to attach and comes with great quality. This is ideal for all hardware and accommodates more than 20 ounce bottle.

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Do you love these cup holders for your bike?

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  1. My favorite motorcycle cup holder has actually been the one available at drink2go! It stays on my handlebars, fits multiple beverage containers and isn’t too big and bulky.


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