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Top 10 Most Famous Horror Movies of All Time

Horror has potentially been mixed with romance and suspense in various movies. We always love to watch romantic and action movies, but horror movies are not loved by many of us. Universal Pictures has given plenty of Dracula hits. The competition to release horror movies is very high. Sometimes the directors present animated horror films, but not all 3D horrors can win ...

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Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies of All Time

Most of us mix a romantic movie with a sexy film. But it is absolutely wrong, romance is a totally different phenomenon. Romance means loving each other even when the love birds are separated apart, while the sex is having physical relationship which one not always has with his/her lover. Both Hollywood and Bollywood have been known for their beautiful ...

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Top 10 Most Famous Method Man Movies

Best Movie of Method Man - How High

Clifford Smith, better known as Method Man, is an American actor, hip hop artist, member of the Wu-Tang Clan and record producer. He has sold more than a million copies of his debut album, “Tical,” which had been released in 1994. He has also been awarded with the “Best Rap Performance by a Duo” Grammy Award for his performance with ...

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Top 10 Most Romantic Bollywood Movies in 2014

Most Romantic Bollywood Movies

When it comes to Bollywood, we start thinking of romantic movies, music, and amazing songs. More than Hollywood, Bollywood movies are famous for their emotions and appealing songs. This industry has various actors and actresses who are famous for their hot personalities and their overall success graph is extremely high. Why not, Bollywood is the 2nd biggest entertainment industry in ...

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Top 10 Best and Most Famous Angelina Jolie Movies Ever

Most Famous Angelina Jolie Movies

Angelina Jolie is one of the most eminently seen actresses of Hollywood, she has made her career successful after working a lot. She is, no doubt, a beautiful, successful and well-paying Hollywood diva. We can certify her to be an actress who has managed to make her career exceptional in American film industry. All this has happened due to her ...

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Top 10 Most Awaited Upcoming Superhero Movies in 2014-15

Every one of us loves to watch movies. Especially when there are summer vacations, we’ve lots of time and spare hours to enjoy our favorite films. If you are one of the biggest fans of superhero movies, then the best time to watch such movies is from 8pm to 12am during weekends. I am sure your fun will be doubled ...

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Top 10 Most Romantic Bollywood Movies of All Time

Throughout the year, the charm of Valentine’s Day remains alive in the hearts of the love birds. It is absolutely true that to celebrate this day, we’ve to wait till 14th February, but for lovers every day is a valentine day. You just need to keep your love alive and make the moments special spent with your beloved. Bollywood industry ...

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Top 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time

Valentine’s Day is the time to spend spare hours with our beloveds. But the magic of love is present in the hearts of the love birds the whole year. It seems that their lives are incomplete without one another. Presenting chocolates, flowers, cards and other beautiful gifts every now and then can strengthen your love relationship. You can even bring ...

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Top 10 Best Bollywood Movies of Brother-Sister Relationship

The Bollywood movies touch upon the various dimensions of emotions and relationships. Regardless of the fact that Hollywood is a dominating entertainment industry, it still hasn’t beaten the music and emotional movies of Bollywood. Indian people celebrate Rakhsha Bandhan (a festival in which sisters pray for their brothers and brothers promise to protect their sisters throughout the life). Even this ...

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Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2014 - 2015

Best Korean Movies

Can you tell me how many Korean movies you’ve watched so far? No doubt, many of us love Korean movies in addition to Hollywood and Bollywood films. The movies are a way to entertain us and refresh our minds. It has become essential to watch one movie at least every weekend so that we can spend some spare time in ...

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Top 10 Best and Must Watch Asian Movies in 2014

Watching a movie has always been an interesting part-time activity. Asian movies, as compared to the Hollywood movies contain much more musical attractions, thus are loved equally as Hollywood films. Let us take a look at the list of top 10 best and must watch Asian movies in 2014. 10. Kenshin Kenshin is one of the most anticipated Asian movies ...

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Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies to Watch in 2014

We always remain curious to watch some finest movies. If you’re fed-up of the daily life’s work and want to refresh your mind, then a movie is one of the best entertainment sources. Many of us wait anxiously for the new movies to arrive in the cinemas. Let us take a look at the top 10 best Hollywood movies to ...

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