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Top 10 Best Tips to Run a Location Independent Business

Working from home with flexible working schedule and no boss is a dream of many. It is a kind of location independent business which involves your computer and smartphone for managing the things. There are multiple benefits to run such a business. To name a few ones, businessmen don’t need to be a part of community; they can get enough time to spend with children and other family members, and stay miles away from “office politics”.

Here are the top 10 best tips to run a location independent business:

10. Know the Benefits

Run a Location Independent Business

Home-based businesses can;
· Let you handle the everyday tasks from anywhere you like
· Help you become self-learner and hire the virtual staff
· Let your evaluate whether you’re capable to expand your brand’s popularity or not
· Little or no investment needed with a chance to grow the business and get potential clients using social media
· Flexibility of being location independent

9. Tools to Stay Organized & Productive

Run a Location Independent Business

One of the most challenging tasks is to keep your information straight and accessible all the time. With Evernote, you can write notes, bookmark websites, organize your meetings, and manage everything, so your business information remains at your fingertips.

8. Use Apps to Get Facilitated

Run a Location Independent Business

Asana and Trello are two great tech tools to help you manage the old and new orders. Both of these tools come with features like free mobile apps, easy-to-use layout, and confidentiality guaranteed. IFTTT is exceptional to hook up multiple apps and websites, and automates your internet usage.

7. Tools to Help You Keep-up with Leads

Run a Location Independent Business

Profitable businesses always need to keep track of customers, and follow up with them regularly. Streak is a great tech tool in this regard, this wonderful free application works inside Gmail. You can use it to handle sales/CRM purposes, and its iOS app to access everything through your smartphone. With Streak, you can keep track of the individuals moving through your sales funnel. This also helps you schedule emails to be sent automatically after some time.

6. What Insightly does for You

Run a Location Independent Business

I believe that Insightly and Contactually have better features than Streak. Both of these smartphone applications are ideal for iOS and Android users. With Contactually, you receive reminders to stay in touch with the old clients, and ask for any further orders. Insightly lets you manage the files, and helps to save contact information of customers and virtual workers.

5. Lacking an Office for Meetings

Run a Location Independent Business

Sometimes you’ve to meet the clients and workers for in-depth discussion about some important projects. A location independent business has multiple upsides; one is that you don’t have a dedicated office to arrange meetings. Thinking to arrange the professional meeting at a coffee shop can distracting because these are noisy places. With Desktime directory, you can search an excellent co-working space. ShareDesk is another option that lets you search meeting rooms and conversation halls in your city.

4. Premium Business Centers

Run a Location Independent Business

The third tool to ease your work is Premier Business Centers that offers executive suites and offices of your locality. Set your boundaries with the clients and workers to cultivate healthy, and viable professional relationship.

3. Focus More on Work

Run a Location Independent Business

It never matters where you’ve arranged your meeting. What matters is how you deal with your customers and what measures you take to get them the desire services. In this regard, you should try your best to focus more on work, and less on staying idol.

2. Use of Social Networks

Run a Location Independent Business

If you’re running a freelance graphic designing business, you can set IFTTT up to send automatic messages every time RSS feeds of a job boards are updated. This is where you can get new projects and contact the clients to make more money. Besides this, the wise use of other social networks can bring you to the doors of a successful future.

1. Startups-Be Ready to Defeat

Run a Location Independent Business

If you’re a startup and trying to establish yourself, then this is the right time to be ready for working hard so that you can make your distinctive place in today’s competitive environment.

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Let us know if the above tools could help you develop as a successful businessman or not!

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