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Top 10 Most Beautiful Diamonds in the World

Diamonds have become a necessity of women these days. We tend to look stylish and world-class, for which the use of diamond rings or other jewelry items is useful. The females remain conscious about the selection of right kind of jewelry. If you can afford to get her something nice and costly, then there are a lot of precious diamonds and jewelry items to choose from. Below are mentioned top 10 most beautiful diamonds in the world.

10. Princie Diamond

The Princie Diamond weighs about 34.65 carat or 6.93 g. It has been well-transformed into a beautiful cushion-cut. The color of the diamond is pink and this was first discovered three centuries ago. This is one of the largest and most expensive diamonds. It is a precious thing after the two Iranian Crown jewels which are 175 and 60 carat each.

9. Graff Pink

The Graff Pink is a 24.78 carat rare pink diamond. This beautiful diamond was first discovered by an American celebrity jeweler named Harry Winston. This diamond has been mounted on a ring, and looks extremely great. The diamond was sold in an auction on November 16, 2010, by Sotheby, worth $46 million. The diamond was purchased by the diamond dealer Laurence Graff.

8. Moussaieff Red Diamond

This is another beautiful and very nice diamond. Its previous name is the Red Shield Diamond. It weighs 5.11 carat or 1.022 g with a Trillian cut. This is one of the prettiest red diamonds in the world that was discovered by a famer in 1990. The red diamonds are rarely found, so this one was purchased by William Goldberg Diamond corp. who sold it to an Israeli Jewelry designer, Shlomo Moussaieff. The estimated value of this diamond is $20 million.

7. Cullinan Heritage

The Cullinan Heritage is a wonderful and precious diamond of 507 carat. The Honk Kong jeweler from Chow Tai Fook Jewelry purchased it for $35.3 million in 2010. The diamond’s size is that of a chicken egg. This has been regarded as one of the world’s high quality rough diamonds with extreme attraction. It is said that this was produced/discovered by Petra’s Cullinan Mines in South Africa.

6. Wittelsbach Diamond

The Wittelsbach is 31.06 carat fancy deep-blue diamond. It is famous for its flawless clarity and attraction. The diamond is owned by Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds and it has been cut into three pieces, weighing lesser than 4 carat. With VS 2 clarity, this diamond had been a part of Austrian and Bavarian Jewel Crowns.

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5. Centenary Diamond

The Centenary Diamond was first discovered on July 17, 1986, in the Premier Mine. It weighs about 273.85 carats or 54.77 g, and it is one of the largest diamonds ever produced. This is widely known for its clarity. The original weight of this diamond was 599 carats or 120 g upon its discovery.

4. Steinmetz Pink Diamond

The Steinmetz Pink weighs 59.60 carat or 11.9g and has a Fancy Vivid Pink color. This is an appealing vivid pink diamond. The team had taken about two years to give it a beautiful look. The fine product was revealed to world in May 2003. The diamond was discovered in one of South African mines.

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3. Le Bijou du Roi

Le Bijou du Roi is also known as the ‘Hope Diamond’. By look, it feels that this has been given a fine shape after many years’ work. Another name of this diamond is the Taverneir Blue, and this was discovered in the Kollur mine. The first owner of the diamond is said to be Daniel Eliason who purchased it in 1812. It weighs about 45.52 carat or 9.10 g.

2. Star of Africa

The Star of Africa weighs about 3,106.75 carat or 6211.35 g. this is one of the largest gems of high quality, and has come from the Premier mine near Pretoria, South Africa. The diamond was cut and polished for clarity at the research lab in England. Today, it has been cut into seven major stones and 95 small pieces, and is being owned by the British crown.

1. The Archduke Joseph

The approximate worth of this diamond is $25 million. This is one of the most expensive colorless diamonds. It weighs about 76.02-carat. Every carat has been sold at auctions. The diamond was discovered in the Golconda mines in India, and it has cushion-like shape. It was named after Austria’s Archduke Joseph August, the great-grandson of a Roman emperor and a French king.

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