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Top 10 Most Beautiful Things in the World

Our world is full of exceptional things. Nature has gifted us with manmade statues, monuments, cities, underwater creatures and birds, as well as deep forest with tall trees and marvelous plants. The beauty can be seen everywhere on earth. Here are listed the top 10 most beautiful things in the world.

Most Beautiful Things in the World

10. Citroen DS

Designed by an Italian designer Flaminio Bertoni, it is a luxury car and one of prettiest vehicles ever made. It is known for its advanced technology and streamlined construction. The car is displayed in the museum Haynes Motors of Somerset. Citroen DS was the third appealing car in the “Car of the Century” competition in 1999.

Citroen DS

9. Mona Lisa

The charismatic painting of Mona Lisa by Leaonardo Da Vinci has mesmerized many of us. It is the finest painting in the world. this is admired for being unique and wonderful. The painting changed its place during the history but now is present in the museum of Louvre, Paris. It is being protected in a bullet proof glass to avoid any further accidents.

Mona Lisa

8. Taj Mahal

The beautiful Taj Mahal cannot be ignored. This marvelous building was founded by Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz. It is a magnificent tourist attraction in India. Covered in white marble, Taj Mahal glows with life and looks absolutely spectacular.

Taj Mahal

7. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is another great and beautiful tourist attraction. Its full name is the Fontana di Trevi or Trevi fountain. This appealing monument is present in Rome. It is 25 meters high and 20 meters wide. The fountain has unique architecture.

Trevi Fountain

6. The Mandarin Fish

With a combination of red, blue, orange and red, the Mandarin Fish is truly remarkable. This small fish is bright and has vibrant colors. It is rarely found, and feeds on Harpcaticoida and can be kept as domestic pets at home. Mainly it is present in the East China Sea and Northern Australia.

The Mandarin Fish

5. The Heart of the Kingdom Ruby

The Heart of the Kingdom Ruby is an expensive jewelry item. It is heart-shaped ruby costing about USD14 million. Designed by the House of Garrand, this jewel is known for its unique and great look. It is surrounded by 150 diamonds and weighs about 40.63 carat.

The Heart of the Kingdom Ruby

4. The Regent Diamond

The Regent Diamond is 410 carat diamond, and is one of the prettiest diamonds in the world. Its shape is square and has been light in color. It is also known as the Pitt Diamond and was first bought by the British Prime Minister William Pitt. Its value is £48,000,000.

The Regent Diamond

3. Alpamayo Mountain

The Alpamayo Mountain is a pyramid shape, making it look unique and attractive. Part of the Cordillera mountain range this mountain is 5947m high with its snow caped cone peak. Alpamayo Mountain is one of prettiest mountains and great tourist attractions in the world.

Alpamayo Mountain

2. Blue Jacaranda

The Blue Jacaranda also known as Blue Trumpet Tree. It is known to have purple flowers on it. This mainly blossoms in Mexico and Zimbabwe, and is a sign of spring. It is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It grows in multiple colors and sizes.

Blue Jacaranda

1. The Resplendent Quetzal

The Resplendent Quetzal is found in Central America. It is a gorgeous bird of America, known to have vibrant colors. This is highly captivating, and can grow up to 3ft during the mating season. Male birds are more colorful and attractive than the females.

The Resplendent Quetzal

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