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Most Popular Black Country Male Singers in 2017

Country music is a popular musical genre all over the world. it is not a white-dominated genre, because there are many black country male singers as well. Artists like Charlie Pride have long ranked high. Here we have shared the list of top 10 most popular black country male singers in 2017. Please check it out our new updated for 2017.

Most Popular Black Country Male Singers

10. Cleve Francis

Cleve Francis is popular and one of highly rated American singers and songwriters. He is from Jennings, Louisiana. Before venturing into country music, Cleve Francis was a cardiologist. He has done works with Playback and Liberty music labels and has released chart-topping singles during his career.

Cleve Francis

9. Aaron Neville

Aaron Neville is a multitalented country singer from Louisiana, United States. He is also an expert of pop, jazz, and contemporary styles of music. Since his childhood, he was fond of music. His music labels are Curb, Par-Lo, A&M, Burgundy, EMI, and Chordant), and Aaron also released four top hits and four platinum certified albums.

Aaron Neville

8. Cowboy Troy

Born Troy Lee Coleman III on December 18, 1970, Cowboy Troy is a popular country music singer of America. He has long enjoyed success as a rapper and hip-hop artist. He rose to limelight in 2005 with his first major label solo album, Loco Motive, produced by Warner Music Group and RAYBAW records music labels.

Cowboy Troy

7. Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker’s full name is Darius Carlos Rucker. He is an award-winning American singer, belonging to South Carolina. He gained fame in 1989 in the Hootie and the Blowfish band. He was a rhythm guitarist and lead singer. He has released many albums during his career, and many of his singles are favorite of people the world over.

Darius Rucker

6. Charlie Pride

In 2015, Charlie Pride became an established songwriter and singer. He is a very talented and hard working person. He signed by RCA Records after Elvis Presley. Many years, Charlie’s singles topped countless lists. He is also from USA but is of African descent.

Charlie Pride

5. Carl Ray

Carl Ray is an inspiration songwriter and country singer from Texas, United States. He is a dynamic individual of the era. His best self-published album is I Love Country Music. Carl is a man of great talent and skills.

Carl Ray

4. Scott Eversoll

Scott Eversoll is a well-known country music singer from Phoenix, Arizona. He is one of the top notch musicians of all time. He got his big break for his stellar performance in Marine Corps. Scott has worked as an international singer, representing his country in a lot of shows. He has been a marvelous person.

Scott Eversoll

3. Milton Patton

Milton Patton is a young black country singer from Forest City, Arkansas. He was encouraged by colleagues to become a singer, so he moved from Forest City to pursue a musical career and has never looked back since then. Milton is internationally recognized male.

Milton Patton

2. Dwight Quick

Dwight Quick is a talented songwriter and singer from Nashville, North Carolina, United States. He has his distinctive singing style. He is one of the music legends. Some of his singles have been featured in billboard charts worldwide.

Dwight Quick

1. Trini Triggs

Born on August 5, 1965 in Louisiana, United States, Trini Triggs is another well known American country singer. He has received many awards during his career. He released a self-titled album produced by Antony Smith and Chuck Howard of MCG/Curb records. Since then, Trini has been featured in countless singles and albums.

Trini Triggs

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